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  1. Although I could tolerate such steps, I would never pay thousands of dollars to go on a cruise and realistically be pretty much not fully enjoying myself. That is why I am only interested in a fully vaccinated cruise. But some politicians chose to politicize this and butt their nose into a private business.
  2. I don't believe that vaccinated cruisers are afraid of Covid. They are afraid of an outbreak which would cause quarantine and similar situations to what happened to cruise ships a year ago if there are unvaccinated passengers or crew.
  3. You are correct. There are actually two things that have to happen. A safety announcement has to happen either before departure or immediately after departure. Then a muster with all passengers is required within 24 hours. To kill 2 birds with one stone, cruise lines like Celebrity do both prior to departure. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=4719
  4. I think the trick for us is when we approach Final Payment time, which would be Sept. 24 I believe. If Celebrity still cannot commit to the Revolution before the December 23 cruise then we would have to cancel. I fully understand those that are not interested in the Revolution and are happy the way the ship is, but like you said it is my money and there is a lot of competition for that money so I can be choosey if I so desire. I can fully understand the predicament Celebrity (and virtually all companies) is in, and if I could have one wish, it would be just to know yes or no if
  5. The ship cannot shove off unless all passengers have gone through the drill.
  6. BlackDuck, I concur with your thinking. For me this question about what changes have been made, started in this past November when we booked a Dec 2020 cruise on the Constellation. It was supposed to be Revolutionized this May and those older ships would really benefit from the upgrade. The have done that on the Millennium and Summit and they have remade the rooms for us peasants to use your term. New bedding, new carpeting, new bathrooms and ditched the shower curtain. The rooms feel new. So when this pandemic hit us, Celebrity has put the Constellation Revolution on hold with most peopl
  7. In the case of a real emergency all passengers need to report to their muster stations. So, a drill is something where people find out where their muster station is and how they must get there. I am pretty sure there is some liability to the cruise line if they didn't do it the way they do it now. Do you remember in elementary school having a fire drill and actually leaving the classroom and being told where to stand outside the school?
  8. Thanks, your information seems to parallel what little I have been able to find. It seems that the Millennium class ships that haver been Revolutionized (Millennium, Summit) had a little more done such as the bathroom shower but the S class ships are newer and their bathrooms already a step above the older M class ships. Appreciate you taking the time to inform me.
  9. Was wondering if anyone here might have some knowledge on a question of mine regarding "Revolutionizing" on the Equinox. From pictures that I am able to see it appears that cabins in the Concierge level and higher got new carpeting. Scant pictures that I can find seem to show the same old carpet in Verandah rooms. Is that correct? Looking at the Revolutionization on ships like the Millennium and Summit it does not appear from what I have been able to see that the verandah cabins on Equinox were upgraded at all. Anyone that give me more information about this either confirming o
  10. It would not bother me in the least if they didn't call it a revolution - or call it anything for that matter. But new carpeting, bedding, bathroom ditching the organism laden shower curtain, is much more important to me than Celebrity spending loads of money on various bars and other spots that are typically in far better condition than the staterooms anyway.
  11. Agree with you fully on wanting the refurbishment. I know everyone is entitled to their preference but it is hard for me to believe people prefer a beat up cabin to one with a new bathroom, beds, and carpet. I also agree with you that since some M class ships have been revolutionized and some haven't it still leaves people to choose which they like. The only problem is if one was interested in say doing Panama Canal cruise as part of a bucket list, there is no choice right now away to selecting a revolutionized ship.
  12. Thanks for your input. First, to answer your question we are in Florida. Secondly, I am confused. You say your cruise booked is in October but when I read the info on Cruise with Confidence it seems to only apply to cancelling cruises up until September. We did have a booking for the cruise from Venice to Barcelona and the on to Tampa but cancelled that quite a while back. Have the Christmas Panama Canal Touch but we would back out if we get word that there will be no Revolution done to the Constellation. Highly unlikely that it happens.
  13. Have to agree with you concerning the IVs on the Edge. Tried it once. When trying to describe it to a friend, I described it as an Oceanview room but with wall to wall, floor to ceiling expansive window, with being able to open the window down half way. But, it is not a balcony. Now, I did say that in certain cases, like for instance maybe a cold weather cruise like Norway, Alaska, etc., it might be a good choice as it would provide great views and a balcony on those types of cruises would not be used much anyway. But we do not foresee ever setting foot on the Edge or similar ship. A
  14. Does anyone know if one can get a FCC for a non-refundable deposit from Celebrity? We are booked on the Connie for Dec 23 but would like to switch to another cruise if it will not be Revolutionized before then. Heck it may not even sail then if they into the cold dry dock.
  15. Question to those who may have mentioned transferring their booking from Dec 2020 to Dec 2021. I notice that for the 2021 sailing, Celebrity is not calling it a "Panama Canal Touch" but rather some generic Southern Holiday or whatever. So does anyone know if in 2021 Celebrity will not be penetrating the Canal with the ship but just stay docked in Colon?
  16. You mention two things that are game breakers for me. Sleeping in those old beds and getting into those old showers with curtains not something I am interested when spending good money. That same money easily gets newer, more comfortable cabins on another ship. Just would like a definitive word as to the Revolution on Constellation timing so as to decide which cruise to drop or book.
  17. Vitamin, apparently they have used various shipyards around the world for the Revolutionizations that they have done so far and I cannot quickly find specifically which port or shipyard it might be done. I notice now, that although they no longer show a date (used to say May 2020 for Constellation) it does say "Coming Soon" https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-ships/celebrity-revolution Also this is a relatively recent article discussing refurbishments in general: https://www.maritime-executive.com/editorials/shipbuilding-faces-uncertain-waters
  18. I was also wondering if Celebrity had already ordered/paid for some of the refurbishment? I assume they had clauses put in where they could cancel, but assume some money would still be lost if they cancelled the whole refurbishment. And, like you say much cheaper than building a whole new ship.
  19. We noticed the same thing. We booked in late November. Wish we knew for sure whether the refurbishment would happen and when but I guess the company itself doesn't know that for sure.
  20. Same here. Saw what they did with the Summit and it enticed us to cruise the Constellation. Not interested in old beat up cabins with shower curtains anymore. Celebrity spoiled us with S class and the Edge class.
  21. Someone on an earlier post mentioned that they would use internet access to monitor home surveillance cameras, but I could not find a comment whether SURF would work. So does anyone know if the SURF option would work and allow the viewing of home surveillance camera video? And I suppose even the notifications that are triggered.
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