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  1. Thanks. I called Royal and she stated that she saw the partial refunds and after reviewing further said the rest is still being processed and is expected in 30-40 days. She didn't answer if that was 30-40 days from yesterday or from the day of the partial refund?! I guess I will continue to wait!
  2. My in laws and my family were supposed to be on Freedom April 19. The cruise was canceled. We booked through a big box TA. My cancellation email from TA says cruise cancelled April 2. It says to allow up to 90 days for refund. On 5/6 my mother in law received the taxes and fees and $1104. On 5/23 she received $428. These amounts do not add up to the total. On 5/23 I received $428. Should I be concerned? Doing it like this makes me feel like it was done wrong. My 90 days is the first week of July. If they are not suggesting 90 business days that is! Do I call? This is ridiculous!
  3. Thanks everyone. We will stay put in the AFT balcony. Going to give it a try.
  4. Would you pick an extended AFT spacious balcony on deck 10 (1704) , junior suite on deck 9 mid (9572) or a new junior suite on deck 6 aft (6720) on Freedom of the Seas? The junior suite on deck 6 would be my last choice I feel because you are not as close to the water and people can look down from above.
  5. I bring an aromatherapy diffuser for the bathroom with essential oils. I bought one that has a light. It serves as an air freshener and a night light. I also bring a shower curtain and hang it with the magnetic hooks from the ceiling. This way when sharing a room with our kids we don’t disturb them with our lights at night if we stay up. It also makes getting ready in the mornings faster since I can close it and change behind it. We also bring small portable fans to keep the air moving and white noise.
  6. Are there any internet packages for more then 4 devices? Can you set a daily limit on children's seapass card? If yes, does age matter? Can this only be done onboard at guest services? Would this allow them to buy a soda or mocktail at a bar?
  7. Just to verify, you can reprice the internet packages? I unfortunately just missed a sale. I knew the beverage packages change often but I didn't think the internet packages did.
  8. We are considering moving cabins from our midship balcony to Aft balcony 1704 which is off the back of the ship. This is deck 10. Do you feel more off the back or feel more/hear more?
  9. I know this was awhile ago but I looked at your food review and I was wondering if when you ordered the tenderloin if you could get it medium rare?
  10. I bought one of these and it comes with a ton of restrictions. Certificate may be used only as a form of payment toward a new reservation made directly with Royal Caribbean International. After the gift certificate has been applied to a new reservation, the reservation may be transferred to a travel agency. Certificate value may only be applied toward the cruise fare for Royal Caribbean International sailings quoted in USD and cannot be used toward payment of the required initial deposit. The initial deposit must be paid in USD at the time of booking. All reservations are subject to availability at the time of booking Certificate may not be applied to a reservation within a group or charter program. Certificate may not be used to obtain onboard credit or to settle any shipboard charges. Also you have to email them a copy and wait up to 10 business days for them to apply the credit.
  11. Just came across this when I was searching for size of sofa bed. Some pictures in the post showing sofa bed opened.
  12. We got about 3 inches last night and the last few days it has been in the teens with terrible wind chill! Do you have any children going with you? Is it school vacation in Maine like it is in MA?
  13. Hi from MA! We are on the same cruise! So looking forward to it. Try "cruise deck plans" site (sorry for not putting the websites name, I read on here that you can't promote other sites). There is a video for the room across from yours (1814) with the same angle. However it is labeled as handicap so I don't know how much is different or if just the bathroom is different. Hope it helps! We had a similar situation when we found out the Pullman was above the main bed and not above the couch. Thankfully I was able to switch our room to one with the sofa bed.
  14. We did in February. They had a few boats going out. We booked the Ultimate Eco tour. I can't remember which boat we were on (I can ask my husband later if you'd like to know). They said MagicTime could take 28 people and I believe we had around 20. The tour was fine nothing special but still a nice day. The Regatta boat races were happening the day we were in port. Our captain was very into this and said he was taking us to watch a few races. I personally had no interest and after being there for 30 mins just waiting with no races happening, I did start to get annoyed. We were probably there for 40+ mins which I found wasted our tour time. However this is a unique incident. We made a stop at Creole Rock, Tintamarre and Pinel. Creole rock we snorkeled (I beleive for around 30 mins) the water wasn't very clear and not much to see. At Tintamarre you had to swim to the beach. The water was very choppy and strong current. I was surprised they actually let us off. We did not see any turtles. No crew got in the water at any stop. We had about 30 mins at this stop which included the swimming in and back time. At Pinel it was another quick stop and again swim to shore but this was an easy swim. Very shallow here. We also cruised through the harbor to see the hurricane damage and where all the ships are sunk. I do not remember the food but they gave my kids as many sodas as they wanted. I was interested in Maho Beach to try to see a plane but didn't want that to be my whole day. I was told it is up to the captain that day. We did not stop nor have time for it. Overall the tour was fine but it was just a basic tour. At one point we saw Billy Bones and they seemed to be having fun however MagicTime's boat seemed more comfortable.
  15. So just to clarify, you do not need a special cup for just water at the freestyle machines? Sorry, I just want to make sure I understand. I know the cups have some type of barcode or RFID.
  16. Do the freestyle soda machines have an option for water? If yes, can you use it without a drink package? Where else can you get tap water on board to fill up water bottles? Specifically Freedom of the seas.
  17. Can you clarify what time that would be? I agree with you on this and would like to avoid. Do you mean 15 mins after assigned dining time?
  18. I have 2 cabins booked on the Freedom on the Seas in April. We have cabin 8254 and 8256. They are currently category 1D. When I look at the deck plans there is an asterisk on these cabins that stands for "stateroom has 3rd Pullman bed available". So does this mean that it doesn't have a sofa? Or does it have a sofa that doesn't open to a bed? From some pictures that I have found the Pullman is over the king bed. I am not sure we will like the 3rd bed hanging over the king. Any help would be great. I will be calling Royal when I have time but thought I'd try here also. Thanks!
  19. Great review as always. Does Sakari wear prescription glasses? If yes, did you buy her prescription goggles? My boys, 11 & 9 (10 in January) love to snorkel. We are eventually going to all learn to scuba dive but around us they require you to start at age 10. Anyways, my boys both wear glasses and haven't gotten used to getting contacts in yet. Wondering if prescription goggles would be work it. Our next cruise is in April on the Freedom out of San Juan for a ABC cruise. Can't wait!
  20. Same situation but Woodwind has our tour starting at 11:45 with a 11:30 arrival. Please report back of how the taxi tour went or if you found a tour when you got off the ship. We sail in April.
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