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  1. My daughter and three girls are sharing a room on a school trip. Their trip is February 2020 on Navigator. One girl paid $24.99 for the Thrill Waterpark Full Day Pass, I went to book it today and they now want $83.99 for the same excursion. Eff everything about that.
  2. It's cheaper before you board. I'd get it now.
  3. It was every picture they took of us plus a little video on a USB stick. So for the 40 minutes with the dolphin there were pics of the each of us as well as some group photos. I'd estimate 50-75 pictures
  4. The cruiser is my first drink of the trip. Then I'll vary. I like the cucumber sunrise at the Alchemy bar
  5. How was Fahrenheit 555? How crowded was the serenity pool?
  6. 3-4 hours is as far as I'd risk it. My logic is that any further and you have to get up so early to get to the port by 11 that you'll be exhausted by 9. I'd rather have a full night's sleep (as much sleep as you can get being excited for a cruise) and have enough energy to stay up late.
  7. I did this excursion last year. You ride on a boat to Blue Lagoon - which is beautiful, BTW. They separate you in groups of 6 people and each group gets to interact with one of the dolphins for about 45 minutes. You pet the dolphin, get hugs, kisses, etc...then they put you on a boogie board for a foot push ride...that was fun. After you're done you can go get lunch - it's nothing outstanding but good enough...and have free time on the island until the ferries start heading back. You can sit by the beach (even though most good shade spots are taken by then), go snorkeling on the snorkel beach which has a great reef, or just explore. The pictures were expensive - about $150 for the whole package.
  8. One elegant night usually on your first sea day.
  9. On another site I found updated info for parking in Charleston now that the Sunshine will be there. Since there will be 1000 more guests on the ship they've adjusted the parking flow
  10. No curfew on the Elation last year. My 16 year old was out till 1-2am with no issues.
  11. I like my cabin being ready when I board. I don't like schlepping my carryon around till 1:30. I like bypassing several hundred people in line to board I like boarding the ship ASAP. I'm paying for that day, I want to maximize that day
  12. I think I spent about $150 for all the pics with a flash drive of them.
  13. Sailed the Ecstasy in 2017, Elation in 2018. I preferred the Ecstasy. Food was better and it has an alchemy bar. Although, the lido restaurant in the Elation is nicer than the Ecstasy's.
  14. My teen daughter had a blast on our cruise at the teen club. It's worth trying to get your daughter to go to the initial meet-and-greet.
  15. "more expensive options" in Carnival's case at the MDR is standard wines that they charge a lot for. For example, a glass of layer cake is about $12. The beauty of Cheers is you can experiment with drinks...if you get one you don't like, you don't have to drink it. Everyone has their favorite mixed drinks, mine is the Cruiser as well as just about anything from the Alchemy bar.
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