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  1. I’m so sorry. It is celebrity millennium. when I made my reservation for kenai fjords she said to check with the cruise line to make sure I can be off be 7 so it made me a bit nervous.
  2. Hi, I'm on the May 22 cruise from Vancouver to Seward. It says the ship arrives at 5 am. I'm doing the Kenai Fjords tour at 8 am. Will I be able to make it? Does anyone know approx what time you can disembark? Can you do a carryon of your own luggage? Thanks Kathi
  3. Thank you so very much!! This helps us plan a lot. I’m sure we will bring some type of mobility device depending on health next spring.
  4. My mother in law and I are going on the Northbound Alaska cruise from Vancouver to Seward. When the cruise ship docks do they dock far away or closer to where excursion buses will be parked? trying to decide if I need a wheelchair or not. I was told they usually dock in the same space at each port. Ports are juneau, icy strait point, Ketchikan, Skagway and Seward. Thanks
  5. I went with the Aqua. Will have to definitely try Blu
  6. These are about the same price and I wondered what the differences are?
  7. The glacier comment has been on my mind also. I want to do the Mendenhall when we're in port so I may skip that. I talked to the Kenai Fords tour people and they said they would store out luggage while we do the tour. Then Im thinking of taking the train or bus to Anchorage and stay overnight. I'd like to see the Native Heritage museum so maybe do that the next day and then fly home. I'm going to wait until the new Northern Lights coupon comes out before I solidify anything. I doubt if I'll ever make it back so I want to do as much as I can
  8. I haven’t booked a flight home yet. Waiting to see all options. Thanks for the suggestions
  9. Hi We end our cruise in Seward on a Friday morning. We will be flying out of Anchorage. We would like to do a Kenai Fjords cruise in Seward and the 26 glacier cruise in Whittier. Has anyone done this? I’m not sure how to do it with luggage after the cruise in Seward. I was thinking we would have to find transportation to Whittier after the Kenai cruise. Stay overnight in Whittier do the 26 glacier cruise then find transportation to Anchorage for a flight out. Any suggestions ? It’s my first trip to Alaska.
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