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  1. I drove to the port. It took one hour to get thru security at the entrance and over to the ship; should have taken thirty max but the signs indicated the Midport Parking Garage was full and to proceed towards the pier following the parking signs. So after 30 minutes of bumper to bumper traffic to the ship, it took you right back to the Midport Parking garage where there was plenty of parking. It was definitely the most inconvenient Florida departure I've had to date.
  2. I'm trying to retrace my steps for you. Gangway off the ship was a ramp, then an escalator down to Custom/Immigration. Don't recall any steps but escalator with bags is challenging to some. Deck Six. Took elevator to 4 to disembark. Self-Disembarkation starts at 6:15 and lasts until 7:00am. You can go directly from your stateroom or they have an early breakfast at Cafe Promenade. PS. Pier 29 in particular is very inconvenient. I almost wished I had sailed out of Miami.
  3. Thanks for the answer. Not really a surprise I guess.
  4. Can anyone who has been on a Disney transatlantic tell me which is more common on formal nights for men, a suit or a tux. I've only been on Celebrity and QM2 crossings. QM2 was definitely a tux group while Celebrity was 50/50 and you felt comfortable either way. Any experience here? Thanks
  5. Has anyone been on Disney (especially a trans-Atlantic) and can tell me whether they had FOD get togethers? Thanks.
  6. The Fair Price Guarantee is a farce. Atlantis offered people already booked on their cruise a SECOND cabin at half price so you could bring friends who would in essence be paying HALF PRICE. Atlantis claims they did not "lower the price", they simply offered their existing customers the chance to acquire another cabin at half off. So all those who booked at full price got nothing. Shady at best.
  7. I've also been on both and love both for different reasons, but for the teens it's not even close--Navigator for sure!
  8. Thank you all for the nice reviews. If I'm reading these correctly, there is only one showtime each night--not one for early seating and one for late? If so, what time is does the show start? Mahalo!
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