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  1. I had asked the redemption center once and was told if you didn't go from some reason they would be refunded to you account. That has been about 3 years but you should call the redemption center to verify.
  2. I think you have figured it out but though I would add that I had a BW about where you are and loved it. I also had a CP balcony and found it extremely warm with not much breeze.
  3. Don't think it has anything to do with Bible Belt as much as Texas wanting the taxes while in Texas waters. It is a very limited selection until you are in international waters (whether you have a package or paying by the drink) but the difference is that Carnival doesn't offer their beverage package on the first day and Royal does.
  4. Yes at HEB. I love Margarita's but tequila does not like me anymore so it is a good substitute. DH doesn't like wine at all so I figured he may drink a glass or two. If Carnival would just get with the program and allow packages to be used out of Galveston on the first day like Royal does!!!
  5. Hmm, 6% seemed odd so I just went and looked at my two bottles and it is 13.9%!
  6. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to bring this on as their wine? It is wine but I feel as the Margarita wording and odd shaped bottle will be an issue. I have the receipt from where it was purchased at a grocery store in Texas (grocery stores in Texas are only allowed to sell beer or wine). Just wanted something I like until my beverage package kicks in in 2nd day.
  7. HAHA Thanks! I have actually had one of those cabins before and forgot that it was called that!
  8. I have another question now. I just went to purchase the UDP and I actually read the terms and conditions😳 and they said it was not valid at Chops Grille?? Is there a Chops Grille and a regular Chops? It says Dine, Drink, Discover but it is the terms listed right before I was purchasing the UDP.
  9. Thanks for the info! It seems kind of stressful to work dinner times in around the shows and ports etc. after you get on the ship. It seems like a really good deal but it may not be good for an OCD planner like myself. 😞
  10. Thanks for such great information! I am thinking of doing this on our symphony cruise in October. Am I understanding it correctly that you cannot make reservations until you get on the ship?
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