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  1. cruiseapril

    Has anyone taken this tour?

    We did a similar tour and it was very good. We stopped in St. Pierre, drove through the rainforest, stopped for quite a while at Balata Gardens (very nice), and then stopped at Balata Church.
  2. cruiseapril

    Excursion or Not

    We did an inexpensive tour of the island in the morning by taking a taxi into town, walking around, and going to the museum, and then taking another taxi back to the Margaritaville pier. We then spent the rest of the day at the pool and beach at the M. pier.
  3. cruiseapril

    Tour A vs Tour B?

    We would choose depending on the amount of time walking around and not being on the bus too much.
  4. cruiseapril

    No beach, older ladies what to see/do in Barbados?

    The first time there, we did a morning bus tour of part of the island. We got off at St. John's Church and at a plantation. We would do this type of tour again, as we saw about a third of the island. It was through the ship.
  5. cruiseapril

    Curaçao first time, recommendations please x

    Have been on many excursions in Curacao. The one we liked best is a morning at Blue Bay Beach and an afternoon walking in Willemstad. We went on a ship's excursion to the beach and were guaranteed a ride back to the ship in time.
  6. cruiseapril

    First time to Aruba, recommendations please x

    We took a bus tour of the island in the morning and then went to Palm Beach after a late lunch on the ship.
  7. cruiseapril

    Taxis in Nassau for those interested

    We took the van taxi at $5 pp. We waited until it filled up- but it was worth it.
  8. cruiseapril

    Are there multiple ways to book excursions?

    We have enjoyed The Melia at Cable Beach. There are many good hotels on Cable Beach to choose from. Have been to several of the other beaches- Cable is best in our opinion.
  9. cruiseapril

    Blue bay beach

    We also did Blue Bay thru an excursion with the ship. Arrangements must be made to be picked up otherwise. We did not see many taxis around Blue Bay.
  10. cruiseapril

    which beach?

    We paid only $5 pp for one way to Palm Beach in a taxi.
  11. cruiseapril

    Blue Lagoon excursion in Bahamas

    Sometimes it's quite hot at the beach- depending on month. 3 hrs. was plenty for us.
  12. cruiseapril

    Arrive at 7am-what to do?

    What time does the ship leave?
  13. cruiseapril

    Around Curacao Tours or Santa Barbara Beach Resort?

    We went to a beach for half a day and walked around Willemstad after lunch. Sometimes the sun is very hot for a whole day at the beach.
  14. cruiseapril

    Opinions on Royal Caribbean excursions in Aruba.

    It is worth it to take an air conditioned bus tour of the island. One can see about 2/3 of the island in about 3 hours.
  15. cruiseapril

    Nassau beach day or stay on Allure?

    Cable Beach is really nice on a non-windy day. One can also go to the Blue Lagoon.