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  1. cruiseapril

    Port Canaveral Hotels

    We like to stay in Port Canaveral the night before as it takes some time to get from Orlando.
  2. cruiseapril

    Which hotel would you choose?

    Embassy Suites is more for 3 people unless the price is the same.
  3. cruiseapril

    Royal Caribbean- Fun Beach Express, Sightseeing & Snorkel

    Would ask the Royal Caribbean Excursion desk. One can call.
  4. cruiseapril

    Nassua dolphin encounters

    We did the Blue Lagoon Dolphin encounter. Was very good. We booked through the cruise line in order to get back on time. The other is more expensive, but better for cooler weather.
  5. cruiseapril

    British Hilton Nassau

    Which month are you going?
  6. cruiseapril

    Chankanab vs Dolphin Encounters

    The Blue Lagoon Dolphin encounter includes a ferry ride to the island and a time to swim and sun. We enjoyed it.
  7. cruiseapril

    Looking for an active beach scene

    Palm Beach is the place to go.
  8. cruiseapril

    Blue Bay Beach

    It's good to book with the ship as most of the beaches are out of the way and the Beach Express bus comes and picks you up.
  9. cruiseapril

    Palm Beach

    We caught a cab for $10 one way for 2 people to Palm Beach- right in front of the ship.
  10. cruiseapril

    Can I do Blue Lagoon on my own?

    We were able to book the beach day thru RCI at Blue Lagoon. Hopefully this is available thru Carnival as the ferry is on time for the ship boarding.
  11. cruiseapril

    Nassau: self guided walking tour and souvenirs to look for

    For souvenirs we bought small copies of local watercolors. Very light and easy to pack.
  12. cruiseapril

    Should we get a car?

    We usually stay on 17th St. and walk around to the shops and restaurants. We would save $ by taking the trolley to the beach. We then board the ship at noon the next day- so don't have that much time.
  13. cruiseapril

    Curacao distillery questions

    If one goes to the Distillery- be sure to have it as only one of the many stops on the tour- as others have said. The Distillery is in a landhouse- and if one doesn't go to a landhouse in another area- that is a good experience.
  14. cruiseapril

    British Colonial Hilton

    We would e-mail the resort directly. If it's expensive, try the Melia without food. Eat a big breakfast on the ship and a late lunch on the ship and get a snack at the Melia.
  15. cruiseapril

    Not a Nassau Fan

    The Melia is a good choice- on Cable Beach. Do get away from the port area- the Melia is about 5 miles away- by van cab only $5 per person.