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  1. cruiseapril

    Should we get a car?

    We usually stay on 17th St. and walk around to the shops and restaurants. We would save $ by taking the trolley to the beach. We then board the ship at noon the next day- so don't have that much time.
  2. cruiseapril

    Curacao distillery questions

    If one goes to the Distillery- be sure to have it as only one of the many stops on the tour- as others have said. The Distillery is in a landhouse- and if one doesn't go to a landhouse in another area- that is a good experience.
  3. cruiseapril

    British Colonial Hilton

    We would e-mail the resort directly. If it's expensive, try the Melia without food. Eat a big breakfast on the ship and a late lunch on the ship and get a snack at the Melia.
  4. cruiseapril

    Not a Nassau Fan

    The Melia is a good choice- on Cable Beach. Do get away from the port area- the Melia is about 5 miles away- by van cab only $5 per person.
  5. cruiseapril

    Queens staircase

    If a cruiser does half of the walking tour- that is plenty on a hot day.
  6. cruiseapril

    To Excursion or Not to Excursion in the ABC's

    Agree that Curacao is a place to walk around- the Willemstad area- and that a bus tour of 3 hours or so is good for Aruba. If one wants to go to the beach in Aruba, take a taxi to Palm Beach (high rise) or Eagle Beach. If one wants to spend part of the day at the beach in Curacao- we went to Blue Bay before walking around Willemstad. Be sure to ask your taxi driver to pick you up. Or one can stay nearer to the ship and go to the Hilton. E-mail hotels for details. Agree also that Bonaire is a beach and snorkel area.
  7. cruiseapril

    Booking and excursion on my own

    The water taxi takes a long time, is often overcrowded, and is smelly!
  8. cruiseapril

    Cabbage Beach - Review - Solo Traveler View

    We like to go to Cable Beach for a good beach day.
  9. cruiseapril

    Curacao 8-8. What to do?

    We took the bus to Blue Bay Beach.
  10. cruiseapril

    Blue Bay Beach

    We took the Beach Express which we signed up with on the ship. Went to Blue Bay and had a wonderful time.
  11. cruiseapril

    Help finding a beach

    Palm Beach is a big beach with high rise hotels- the others are quieter.
  12. cruiseapril

    Beach from Nassau port

    The best beach, in our estimation, is Cable Beach. One can get a cab to this beach about 5 miles from the cruiseport.
  13. cruiseapril

    Pre cruise hotel in january

    Check out the shuttles which are connected to the hotels. Ask at the desk about shuttles to and from the airport.
  14. cruiseapril

    Disney in a day

    Wow! We walked Animal Kingdom in one day and didn't see it all!
  15. cruiseapril

    Curacao with a 1:30 Arrival

    In Curacao we signed up for the Beach Bus- spent a few hours at the beach and then walked around Willemstad.