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  1. Posting this just FYI: We were owed a total of $1,530.00 from Celebrity (long story - change in room) - Credit showed in our account on-line - as a credit due Call to Celebrity on Jun 2nd - were told "total amount of credit will be issued against form of payment used" (our Credit Card) - information sent to Credit Card company today " On June 28th our credit card showed a credit from Celebrity in the amount of $1,318.78 - I tried to calculate just how that amount was determined - to no avail... Then on July 2nd our credit card showed a credit from Celebrity in the amount of $211.22 Grand total = $1,530.00 ! ta da !! 😀
  2. Here is our story: Our April 2020 TA was cancelled - we got 125% FCC (we had not yet purchased any kind of insurance from anyone) We booked another TA for April 2021 - used most of our FCC - no problem - Same room, same perks still had a $3,000 FCC - just used it for a short Mexican cruise in December (hope we get to go !) - no problems at all (we use on-line discount Travel Agent) Never told we HAD to have insurance
  3. We were booked on the 11 Night Southern Caribbean September 14, 2020 from Ft Lauderdale ---- no 11 night cruises next year that we could lift and shift to (only 12 night cruises) - we waited until that cruise was cancelled - and received 125% FCC - which totally covered our 12 night Caribbean cruise in 2021 - with a little bit left over - turned out to be a good deal ! 😀
  4. OK - Yup - trying to stay optimistic (while also staying realistic) Thanks
  5. We got points also - had paid in full before cruise was cancelled - still there Also 125% FCC (took a while - and was very confusing when we got them - came in two chunks based on "latitudes" numbers)
  6. Optimistically hoping that our December 2020 cruise out of NOLA on the Breakaway will take place ! (3 cruises this year already cancelled on us !) Anyway - we don't mind taking the cruise-line offered transfer from/to the airport (realize that we may have to wait for the bus to fill before leaving - but it is so easy to actually FIND the bus when you disembark !) Once when sailing out of LAX we waited for a very, very, very long time for the cruise-line bus to arrive - but - a couple of senior citizens that we are - we can't remember if that cruise was on NCL or another cruise line (have sailed many others) Our question - does anyone have experience using NCL transfers from/to airport/pier (particuarly in NOLA) ?? THANK YOU
  7. Jumping in on this thread to see if anyone has had experience flying into NOLA the day of the cruise - And taking the cruise-ship offered bus from the airport over to the cruise-port ? or - better to just grab a cab ??? Sailing out of NOLA (hopefully !) on December 6, 2020 on the Breakaway Last time we sailed out of NOLA we did all of the sights, etc. - this time our flight gets in plenty early enough - so we don't need to spend night prior in a hotel in NOLA.. Thanks
  8. No - don't remember any golf balls - Wow - small world - to find that others on this message board were on the SAME ship as us - that many years ago !!
  9. We were on a the NCL "Skyward" in 1977 - and have pictures of us sheet shooting off the back of the ship ! Drinks were paid in cash - 50 cents for a beer 😀🤣
  10. Great idea !! "What I Miss From the Old Days" - Please start a thread - at least it will have a more "positive" (??) tone to it
  11. Thanks - certainly not a deal breaker ! - But will try the "extra crispy" idea
  12. Thank you so much for the detailed description of the "shore excursion" - we are anxiously looking forward to FINALLY being able to cruise (hopefully, she says) on the Getaway this December.(already had 3 cruises cancelled this year !) Can you clarify one thing ? - How much actual walking is required ? Do you have to walk very far across the sand ? I am 73, my husband is 74 - love the idea of sitting in the bungalow by ourselves and eating and drinking - we are not all that fast on our feet anymore.....don't want to have to wear ourselves out just getting to the bungalow !! I do see that the ship has rated this "excursion" as EASY (1).... Thank You !! Also - agree with your comment on the food in the Haven Restaurant - yup - best there is !!
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