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  1. Thank you for replying to my (really stupid) question ! I just booked reservations for 10:25 AM - and it says right on it ":Breakfast" 😀
  2. Thank you - I want to make Breakfast reservations at the Plaza (can do that for our date starting tomorrow) - When just practicing on the web-site - when I fill in "breakfast" as desired time -usually only 2 times always appear (8:30 and 9:25) - However - if I fill in the desired time of 10:30 - I will often get 10:25 or something else, close to 10:30 - My question is - if I select the 10:25 time for example, will we still get breakfast ? (I realize we may have to wait outside for some time before being actually seated)
  3. First time on HAL - totally looking forward to the Neptune Suite perks that I've read about (Breakfast in the PG !! - and free laundry !! ) Just curious - as suite guests on both Celebrity and NCL, we were able to sit in reserved seats in the theater (thus, not having to arrive early to get a good seat) Can anyone tell me if that perk is offered on HAL ? (certainly NOT a deal breaker - just curious !!)
  4. The phone number for Ship Services is 800-541-1576 The Ship's Coordinator for the Oosterdam is Teresa Johnson, Her email address is TJohnson@hollandamerica.com
  5. The shore excursion desk is unable (at this early time) to tell me EXACTLY what time the bus will depart from the cruise-port at Port Canaveral - or the departure time from the park back to the ship. The ship is scheduled to arrive at 6:00 AM - so my GUESS would be we would depart at about 7:00 AM (?) so am tentatively planning on the bus arriving at about 9:00 or 9:30 AM - then have to take the monorail over to Walt Disney World (I think someone told me that will take about 1/2 hour) The ship is scheduled to depart from Port Canaveral at 9:00 PM - so my best guess is that our actual time at Walt Disney Park will be from about 10:00 AM to about 5:30 or 6:00 PM ???? Thanks (AGAIN) for everyone's great tips and information !)
  6. Thank, again everyone for all of the tips Starting to work with an "authorized Disney vacation planner" from MickeyTravels I guess we should plan on the transfer bus arriving at the Transportation Center at about 9:00 AM ? And - can any confirm the departure time from the park - back to the ship ? Just found out that it is recommended that restaurant reservations be made 6 months (!) out - hard to do when we don't have a better idea of the hours that we will actually be at the park (guess we need to be FLEXABLE !)
  7. Ok - I will purchase both the tickets on-line in advance - as well as fast-pass's We'll just plan on it being more crowded than the last time we went (50 years ago !) and plan an itinerary that includes lots of places to sit !
  8. Thanks everyone, for the information - I just found out that the day the ship ports in Port Canaveral is on Easter Sunday, April 12, (2020) - Any other feedback, comments, etc. now that I know this information ? Oh - and forgot to add that we don't have a "smart phone" for the "APP" - so can go on-line to purchase fast passes ????
  9. Hi - we booked through a TA - it shows "1st/Early Requested" on our booking confirmation - Guess I better give them a call ! Thank you so much for your help
  10. Wow. Can you tell me exactly where you can see that? I LOOKED and looked!
  11. Yes - fixed dining requested on purpose so that we would have the same wait staff each night Thank you so much for the information regarding the table numbers and that we can actually see the location of the tables !
  12. Thank you everyone I called HAL The representative confirmed that there is no way for me to be able to see table size requested. She changed our request to a table for two 😀😀
  13. Hi - we are new to HAL - booked in a Neptune Suite - (Oosterdam) We have requested "early dining" - couldn't figure out how to request a table for 2 (HAL web-site is certainly NOT the easiest to navigate !) - Anyway - I understand that the staff in the Neptune Lounge are most helpful - are they the ones we should ask to help us secure a nicely located, table for 2 each night ? Or ?? - should we go to someone on the dining staff when we embark Thank You !
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