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  1. I was on pride out of Baltimore schedules to go to the Caribbean. Night before sailing at around 9pm while in hotel, received an email that bc of hurricane we were being rerouted to New England/ Canada and were offered option to cxl no cost. We decided to sail and asked if there were any balcony’s available as we had window at customer service once onboard.. they upgraded us for free as many people chose to not sail. After a day in New York they announced there was bad weather up north and were staying in port one more day and then sailing in ocean for 5 days and back to Baltimore (they received exemption from maritime people). We had fttf so after they made the announcement we went to customer service for them to push our steakhouse reservation so we could enjoy New York. We were in line for about 20 minutes as people were VERY upset (many New York residents upset they couldn’t walk off ship and go home... eventually maritime granted exemption and they could leave before the cruise to nowhere). At customer service we were kind and they were happy they weren’t being yelled at when we just wanted dinner on another night. After exploring nyc we go back to our upgraded room and have free champagne and strawberries from guest services along w our new reservation. Show up the next night at steakhouse and customer service has paid for our meal and a bottle of wine. We then had a great 5 day cruise to nowhere with 50% capacity ship, $300 per person on board credit and 50% off cruise credit. It was amazing
  2. I’m 33, so not too much older. Right now the stock is about $18 a share. To receive the shareholder credit you need 100 shares (assuming your do as you posted in this thread). That would be about $1,800... a steal to the $5k I paid a few years ago. If you can’t risk losing all $1,800 in this risky single stock, you should stop looking at single stocks and only look at mutual funds.
  3. Exactly. If cxl I will take the 600obc and let them have my deposit to hold on to for the next year. Just didn’t want them to hold on to over $2k for a year. If something happens and I lose my deposit, sad but not $2k+ that I’d never get over lol. I figured they would cancel with at least 30 days notice.... and was happy to see they granted everyone in my group the extension without any hassle
  4. I am scheduled for August 8th. Told my ta I would go if the ship sailed, but wasn’t comfortable with putting final payment money up and having it trapped if cxl. My TA called carnival and easily got final payment pushed until 30 days from sailing.
  5. Thanks for the info. This is the first time I booked w a TA and not just online myself (for obc)... joke may be on me if TA doesn’t have same flexibility as carnival rep might
  6. I have a cruise out of Miami August 8. It is a 8 day cruise to Aruba, Dominican, etc. I plan to cruise in the future and actually have an August 2021 cruise already booked. Given each state is peaking at different times, not to mention other countries, it’s looking like August might be a bit too optimistic to cruise. Obc with a cancelation sounds nice.... but I’m having a hard time giving final payment of over $2k with a strong possibility of them holding on to the money for 18+ months (or worse bankruptcy). final payment is due middle of May so I have a month to either cancel on my own w no penalty fcc of the deposit or finding another solution. Has anyone had success pushing final payment closer to cruise during this epidemic. I don’t mind them hanging onto $300, but not $3k as it’s looking like full refunds are taking their time to process.
  7. I think the article was referring to total people. 12 cruises * passenger size of ship = 50,000 people sailing out of Norfolk
  8. We got our first casino offer in the mail. Says once we qualify we get free drinks in casino. Went online to dummy book and the casino booking saves us about $60 total compared to early saver. Got a bid from travel agent which quotes early saver but gives us $180 obc. Is there a reason I shouldn't just skip the casino offer or am I missing something? Also- how do we know “when” we qualify for the feee drinks?
  9. Last August I was on the sunshine. They only let me order a salad and one app. I asked to order a few apps but they didn’t let anyone in our party do that. I read here you could order more than one, but the server was a bit prickly and don’t know if she was just being strict or if it is a policy change.
  10. I love the age restriction and exclusivity and because of that I booked Havana interior in August. As someone without children, I would like to point out that I subsidize the free babysitting in the kids club but don’t use it myself. The kids club has things such as video games that are no available anywhere else on the ship, but I cannot enjoy them as their is an age restriction at all times in that area. Too bad if I want to play some wii or xbox. I cannot access it even though I’m paying for it. I think the same goes for the arcade (no sure tho). Age works both ways, being too old or too young to access certain areas. Perhaps if serenity was enforced and parents didn’t allow their children in the demand for an area like Havana would not be so strong. Also because of the faults of a few, the many is impacted in everyday life. This isn’t a new concept.
  11. We had fttf on sunshine in August and it went to hmc. We had a letter in our room the night before saying if we wanted priority tender to go to a certain location and tell them you are faster to the fun. We went there and they held us there until the next tender docked on the ship. They then took us down on the elevator (the elevators to that level were closed to passengers and only those like us who were escorted by a crew member with a key could use the elevators to get to the reception tender). They then brought us around the corner and we were at the front and the first to board the tender. You bypass the entire line (cut the line) but they do it in a way that you don’t have to fight to the front and the other passengers don’t really see you cutting
  12. What dining room on the horizon is your time dining? also, I’ve read that you can now check in via the app. If you check in for 2 on the app, does that mean a table for two or do you need to go to hostess table to request table for two? thanks
  13. I really enjoyed the ship. I’ve been in ecstasy, pride, and now sunshine, and this ship was my favorite. Enjoyed the location of the spa rooms. I had an interior one that was larger than normal (110001) but my friends had spa balcony and enjoyed it and the location. I enjoyed the steam room and heated chairs in the spa, but the spa shower was a joke in my opinion and didn’t have a pool in the spa so I didn’t spend as much time there as I thought. The shows had good production but the singers as a whole weren’t good. Anytime dining worked well with the app reservations. I didn’t do the buffet so can’t comment on that. Jiji was great. I spent a lot of time on the 3! Decks of serenity and loved it but it did get very crowded.
  14. Yes Charleston. Left on Monday and just got back on Saturday.
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