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  1. We had fttf on sunshine in August and it went to hmc. We had a letter in our room the night before saying if we wanted priority tender to go to a certain location and tell them you are faster to the fun. We went there and they held us there until the next tender docked on the ship. They then took us down on the elevator (the elevators to that level were closed to passengers and only those like us who were escorted by a crew member with a key could use the elevators to get to the reception tender). They then brought us around the corner and we were at the front and the first to board the tender. You bypass the entire line (cut the line) but they do it in a way that you don’t have to fight to the front and the other passengers don’t really see you cutting
  2. What dining room on the horizon is your time dining? also, I’ve read that you can now check in via the app. If you check in for 2 on the app, does that mean a table for two or do you need to go to hostess table to request table for two? thanks
  3. I really enjoyed the ship. I’ve been in ecstasy, pride, and now sunshine, and this ship was my favorite. Enjoyed the location of the spa rooms. I had an interior one that was larger than normal (110001) but my friends had spa balcony and enjoyed it and the location. I enjoyed the steam room and heated chairs in the spa, but the spa shower was a joke in my opinion and didn’t have a pool in the spa so I didn’t spend as much time there as I thought. The shows had good production but the singers as a whole weren’t good. Anytime dining worked well with the app reservations. I didn’t do the buffet so can’t comment on that. Jiji was great. I spent a lot of time on the 3! Decks of serenity and loved it but it did get very crowded.
  4. Yes Charleston. Left on Monday and just got back on Saturday.
  5. Depends on the muster station. I was in spa cabin on 11 and we mustered in liquid lounge. Not sure where the others were located but we were inside sitting in the chairs. Was the quickest drill I’ve ever been part of at less than 20 min
  6. Just got back so I’ll add my 2cents. I was with a group of 12, 6 of which were first time cruisers. We all had fttf and was super worth it for us. If just two or 4 people that are efficient and show up on time then maybe fttf isn’t worth it, but when having to wait around and seeing the tender to half moon cay leave bc members of your group are late to the meet up spot, knowing they can skip the line and take the next tender with you was worth it in itself. Parking opened up at 10am and I was on the ship eating at 11:30, first in serenity pool at noon and had it for ourselves for about 30 minutes. 6 of us went to the steakhouse and I am disappointed to say it wasn’t a good experience. I had done the steakhouse on the pride and was excited to go back. 2 of our group had just done royals steakhouse and this was their first time on carnival and the rest were first time cruisers. The room wasn’t packed but service had an attitude. On pride we could only order 1 entree, but if we wanted an app, soup, and salad that wasn’t a problem... in fact it was encouraged. Here we could only order 2 things total, but with the language barrier our server made things extra confusing (for example someone wanted 2 apps, no soup or salad and she kept saying only 1 app allowed and when they didn’t order a soup or salad she asked what else they wanted). If there has been a change or a max order per category I wish it was clearly on the menu. Food was ok, nothing great, which disappointed me as the pride food was fantastic (maybe they were having an off night). They also brought one member of our group a ladle instead of a spoon accidentally for the soup. As this person was a bit on the heavy side it provided some laughs, but was still rude even if an accident. I would not go back to the steakhouse based on this experience. The following night 2 of us went to jijis, and that was amazing. Definitely worth the $15. We tried to get our group to go and ya to go a second time, but after the steakhouse no one wanted to spend more money on a specialty restaurant. We checked our bags for disembarkation and were told to meet at 7:45. We showed up at 7:40 and they had already released everyone so if you have checked priority tags you can probably get off before 7:45 (carrying off bags is at 6:45 I think).
  7. Just got back from out August 5th sailing. Was with a group of 12, all with faster to the fun, and 1/2 the group first time cruisers. As they were first timers, they didn’t want to listen to my advice, and as I was with a group I had to go with the flow. We arrived at the port around 9am to park. It was way too early to be let in, so the driver parked on a side street and we sat in the car (didn’t pay the meter as we would just drive away if cop pulled up). Many others had the same idea and as it was a Monday morning no issues. The gate guard told us parking would open at 10:30, but they ended up opening at 10am. Parking went smooth and you pay and drop off checked luggage before you park, checked in quick at building 1, and had to wait in chairs. Around 10:45 they began calling fttf to board the busses to building 2 to go through security and board the ship. It went fast there as well and I had dropped off my luggage with the fttf perks and was eating a guys burger at 11:30.
  8. Just booked an excursion through carnival for the snorkel excursion around rose island in August. I know there is always a danger in the water, but this particular attack with three sharks close to land is unnerving. Thinking about trying to cxl. https://www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/International/american-woman-killed-shark-snorkeling-bahamas-police/story%3Fid%3D63972067
  9. Thanks for your reply! Will definitely be using your food ordering advice! Forgot about the lobster going away on 5 day cruises (this is my first five day as I usually think 5 days are too short, but this is the cruise the group picked). Can’t wait to sail out in less than 2 months!
  10. For the main dining room was it the same American table menus that they hade for ecstasy? Thinking of doing jiji or steakhouse one (or two) nights but I haven’t seen posted menus for this ship in Charleston yet (I usually pick the night based on the dining room selection lol). Did serenity seem crowded? I’m going w a large group of adults in August who will most likely all want to be in serenity (i booked spa cabin so my pale self can have some breaks from the sun while still being close to the action)
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