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  1. We are on the Equinox in November 2019, and upgraded from the Classic Beverage Package to the Premium Beverage Package and the cost was an additional $12.00 per person per day including gratuities. We used our onboard credit to cover the cost of the upgrade when we booked our cruise. Have fun!
  2. We have been to most of the ports on both itineraries so that is not a major factor. With the beverage package included for the same room type Carnival is a few hundred dollars more per person. Without the beverage package the prices are about the same. Familiarity with NCL can be a "pro" or a "con." We like all the perks with NCL, and we know what we are getting with NCL. However, we think it might be nice to try something different and explore a new ship and different dining options. That being said, we don't want to have "cruisers remorse" wishing that we would have chosen the "other" ship. Thanks for your help!
  3. We are Platinum Members on NCL, but are considering going on the Carnival Breeze in November out of Port Canaveral. We still have the opportunity to sail on the NCL Breakaway out of Port Canaveral also. Has anyone cruised on these two ships and which one you would recommend and why? We have not cruised on either one. Thank You!
  4. I really enjoyed Band On The Run for the entertainment, and the Acrobats were really good as well. Whatever you choose I think you will enjoy. As for the last night of your cruise, I would go to Ginza because it is more intimate, and the food presentation was wonderful. I hope this helps & enjoy your cruise!
  5. You're welcome. As I said in the review...I get so much information on here that I feel a responsibility to give back, and be "fair" when posting a review. You will have a great time on the Star in June!
  6. NCL Star 4-20-4-27 2019 Norwegian Star Cruise Review by lidodeck03 Trip Details Sail Date: April 2019 Destination: Eastern Caribbean Cabin Type: Obstructed Ocean View We chose this cruise because we thought that it would be a nice relaxing cruise on a smaller ship. My wife and I have been on over twenty cruises, and are Platinum members on NCL. We have previously sailed on NCL Epic, Escape, Bliss, and Getaway. We have also sailed on Princess, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Carnival and Celebrity. I get so much information from all the people on Cruise Critics, I feel an obligation to submit a short review. EMBARKATION: Being platinum members we were supposed to have "priority check in." The customer service representative said that the person that was supposed to do the "priority check in" did not show up for work so we would have to go to the back of the line and check in with the other guests! That was a pretty telling expression of how NCL feels about their loyal customers! I asked why they didn't move one of the other check in host down to the priority check in and he said that there were more other guests than priority guests! THE SHIP: The ship is old, but in relatively good condition. Even though it has been recently refurbished, some things can not be changed. The overall layout and design of the ship speaks to it's age. Some of the "you can't get there from here" features remain from times past. It does not have the "WOW" factor of the more modern ships. STATEROOM: We were in an obstructed view outside stateroom. The storage space was ample, the most storage that we have had on any of the past 10 to 15 cruises. Room was well laid out. The bathroom was VERY small. Separate shower with a sliding glass door, and a separate toilet area with a sliding glass door. Each were on either side of the sink area. The steward did not clean our room on the fourth day, so we ended up getting our own ice and replacing the towels in our room from a cart that was in the hall. On another day, he did not replace the empty Kleenex in the bathroom, so my wife found him and told him that the Kleenex was empty and handed him the empty box. He said "OK" and handed her a new box and took the empty one, and never offered to put it into the dispenser. The next day as we were leaving our cabin, he handed us a "Cruise Hero Card" and a pen and asked us to fill it out! DINING: We ate at three of the specialty restaurants, Cagney's, Le Bistro and La Cucina. We have always enjoyed Cagney's on other ships and has become our favorite specialty restaurant, That was not the case on the Star, Steaks were never cooked properly, service was bad, We found Le Bistro to be OK, not any better or worse that any other ship. The surprise was La Cucina. The food was very good and the service was excellent. We ate one evening in the complimentary Ginza restaurant, and the food was very, very good, but the service was terrible. We had most breakfasts in the Versailles MDR and the food and service were good. We also ate one dinner in Versailles MDR, and both the food and service were very good. We ate a few times in the Garden Buffet for lunch and breakfast and the meals were the usual food variety. Overall, we were most impressed with the MDR and La Cucina for the service and food quality. ENTERTAINMENT: The entertainment was very good. The show dancers and singers were awesome as was the acrobats. The overall entertainment we found to be better than on most ships. Bars: We had the UBP, and had a very difficult time getting service from most of the bars. We found that we got the best bar service while we were eating inside a restaurant.. Several of the bars do not open until around 5:00pm or later, leaving only a few bars open during the day. Also, the Atrium area is much smaller than on previous ships, and does not serve alcohol, only Starbucks coffee that is not included in the UBP. Disembarkation: What a mess! We do self assist walk off. We asked several different people at the Guest Services Desk as to the time and place and got a different answer each time. The Cruise Director stated in one of his informational announcements that the location of the gangway and departure times would be announced the date of departure, this never happened. I spoke to an officer at 5:30AM the morning of disembarkation, and he said that the self assist walk off would take place at the front of the ship near the Stardust Theater around 7:00AM. We were the first in line and so many people were told so many wrong locations and we got to hear all the stories as they eventually arrived at the correct location. We were able to disembark at about 7:45AM, and there was never an announcement made as to the time or location before we disembarked. EXCURSIONS/PORTS: We did not do any shore excursions as we have done most of them previously. We have been to each of the ports several times, bot enjoyed St Thomas the most. OVERALL: Overall it was a cruise and we were not working! A cruise is what you make of it. There was nothing "really" terrible, and other than the shows, nothing "really" spectacular either. It was a nice time away, and we got a good deal on the cruise so everything is good, however, I don't anticipate sailing on the Star again in the future. We enjoyed our time away, but we are glad to be back home. We are already excited about our upcoming cruise in November 2019.
  7. For comparison purposes, could you please tell us what a couple of them were?
  8. That being said...Previously-frozen, baked warm water "lobster" tail, is still better than almost any other entrée they have in the MDR or Specialty Restaurant IMO.....you are on a large cruise ship that serves several thousand meals each day, it is not going to be like eating at grandmas on Sunday! You have to compare "apples" to "apples". Is the lobster that NCL previously served better or worse than the lobster served on Royal Caribbean or Celebrity?
  9. NCL may quite possibly be the ONLY place in the world that you can go on a seven day vacation, and not have the opportunity to order a lobster or have a beverage served with a straw!
  10. I am a Platinum member on NCL, but will not be as "loyal" in the future. They no longer have lobster..at any restaurants, they have done away with straws, they continually increase gratuities, they have "down-sized" the menu's at most of the specialty restaurants, most of the lower fares require you to book a "guaranteed" stateroom, customer service is not what it used to be, and I could go on and on, and this is just within the past few years. I have cruised on most of the other cruise lines, and I will be going back to them. Why should I pay more and get less? That is how I feel about NCL right now.
  11. We have always booked our cruises directly with NCL. My question is this: we have credits (money) with NCL, if we book a NCL cruise with Expedia, will Expedia have access to apply the credits we have with NCL to our new booking? Also, has anyone experienced any "issues" when booking with Expedia, or had good success when booking with Expedia. I look forward to your comments. Thank You!
  12. Was in the Vibe on the Getaway in May 2018, and to my surprise there were several people smoking. I was in the Vibe on the Escape in November 2017 and there was not any smoking then.
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