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  1. Wasn’t thinking of cash, but someone will need to swipe seapass to deduct a voucher for each drink. Do servers do it or do they need to go backstage and have it done?
  2. Or they could do Square, but that would mean allowing servers to handle the transaction.
  3. Oh, yes, things were changing well before that...
  4. C&A Benefits as listed on website. Not sure how it was listed before but currently there is no mention of CL access for D+ and P. Both only show having access to DL. The legal T&C, however, still mentions the CL and still suggests that D+ and P have access.
  5. First time we had vouchers was on a TA in 2014. When that happened, we thought: “Oh, well, the beginning of the end.” Isn’t this where RCL wants to be? As D+ we enjoyed the CL and, in the absence of it, the DL. Oasis class, we probably spent more time at Trellis Bar, than in DL. A major plus is the “any drink up to $13.” Prefer that and 5 a day works here. That’s fine. Hopefully we’ll still have access to coffee machine and DL breakfasts.
  6. @John&LaLa John, thanks for starting this thread and thank you for sharing your photos. It was fun. But I think it drove home one significant point: We’re all very eager to get back on board.
  7. They have all of these assets and have seen no return on them for over a year. Any return on them as well as the timing of refunds will help cash flow.
  8. Thanks, Carol. Hope you’re well and getting ready to cruise.
  9. We’re also on in 77 days. Have a question: Is there really that much difference between Jamie’s and Giovanni’s? We like Giovanni’s but often people give less than favorable reviews of Jamie’s.
  10. Also, Icy Strait Point is on Serenade’s itinerary. Been there twice. Once was one time too many. We booked Ovation since we haven’t sailed that class yet so it’s time to check it out. We also thoroughly enjoy Alaska cruises.
  11. This may or may not be an answer to your question. The Serenade dates out of Seattle were the same as the original Serenade dates out of Vancouver. Do they need to “build” the “new” cruise and populate it with the passengers who were booked out of Vancouver? Do they need to reconfirm those bookings? IOW, do they need to let the dust settle before they can open or reopen the cruises for sale?
  12. Briefly, very briefly, I was able to pull up the Serenade dates on RCL website. Cruises are showing closed on Espresso. called and was told they’re “working on it.” Rechecked RCL website and can no longer pull up sail dates.
  13. This has always been my take on test cruises. As well as all the ship modifications that the CDC had insisted upon. That belief gained strength once the rollout of the vaccines began. Why take on the cap ex to modify ships and rework ops if one accepts the notion that the vaccine and a decision to go with fully vaccinated guests and crew would make all of that unnecessary? I imagine the number crunchers weren't too thrilled with it and their vote usually carries weight.
  14. It seems the CDC has been doing a bit of waffling of late. NYT article about some of the data that the CDC used to estimate virus transmission outdoors may explain it: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/11/briefing/outdoor-covid-transmission-cdc-number.html
  15. Nail on the head. Privacy issue. Liability issue. The last list I saw, many years ago, was found in a binder in the Next Cruise space. List of C&A members with number of points.
  16. As a friend would say: What do you get? Two cokes and a Hershey Bar? I was happy at D. Enjoy D+ for a couple of reasons but didn't cruise for the purpose of getting to D+
  17. At that time when the 3-drink vouchers were introduced, many posted that it was the first shot across the bow and the beginning of the end for the D lounge, and I admit I felt that way. I believed the change would take place slowly. However, the pandemic may have opened the door for RCCL management to accelerate the transformation. Will all CLs become SLs (many have) and all DLs become CLs with access limited to D+ and/or P? And all Ds have the 3-drink voucher. Or will the CL be open only to P (but we do know that at times certain cruises have very few Ps. I was once on a cruise with 3 Ps total.) and Ds have 3-drink vouchers and D+ have 4-drink vouchers? Of course, there may be many other permutations.
  18. And there is this MIT research that questions just how effective the 6-ft distancing measure really is. https://www.pnas.org/content/118/17/e2018995118. Very technical and I’ll admit I’m relying mostly on the summary comments. The technical details are more than I can or want to handle. The authors present the idea that one could contract the virus from someone who sneezes 30, 40, 50 feet away from you. Of course, the closer one is, the greater the likelihood of contracting the disease. There’s much more to this virus. Why do essentially 30-40 year olds contract and then die in short order, while 80 year-olds contract it and show few symptoms? I just have to believe that at some time or another I was near someone who had the virus and who was no it wearing a mask. Runners on a trail I was hiking. In a restaurant. In North Dakota at a time when very few were wearing masks. IOW, odds are that I probably should have contracted the virus, but didn’t.
  19. Thanks for the explanation. Reporter seemed to suggest it was something new happening.
  20. Oh, well, I guess the cruiseline industry just got the answer. Reported on CNBC a few minutes ago.
  21. I believe they’ve gotten to the point where they’ve decided they’re no longer going to sit on their hands and wait for the US to open up. They want to restart operations, and they figured out how and where to do so. Positioning? They’re making it known they’re open for business. The Far East and now the Caribbean and Bermuda. Very limited, yes. But will others follow suit?
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