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  1. Not suggesting anything. Poising a question. Cruise lines need US ports. Merely posing the question: Is this how cruise lines are positioning themselves?
  2. Is it possibly a maneuver by the cruise lines? Are they telling US authorities that they can no longer wait for the US to permit cruises out of the US and that they will go where they have to go in order to resume business activity. Doesn’t mean they won’t be back sailing out of US ports when they can, but in the interim they are saying to US authorities, “It’s now up to you,”
  3. Following this since it suggests that Bermuda is willing to open up to travelers into Bermuda. Have an Oceania to Bermuda in July and I had already assumed it would cancel. Bermuda opening, of course, DOESN’T mean cruises will depart from US ports but now there’s a little hope.
  4. It is the Abbot ID Now test which is based on PCR technology. Abbot describes the machine that evaluates your specimen as being "the size of a toaster." You take the test at the pharmacy drive-up window. Hawaii requires that you upload your test result 72 hours prior to the departure of your flight to the islands. If you have to make a connection, the departure is based on the last leg. Once Hawaii officials get it and the completed form, they send you a QR code that you use to enter HI. They have checkpoints at the airports.
  5. Just got back last week from Hawaii which currently requires a negative test result (PCR). There is a PCR test that goes to a lab for processing. There’s also a rapid PCR test and results are “guaranteed” w/i 24 hrs. However, ours came back about 3-4 hours. Talked to someone who said she got hers about 15 minutes after leaving the Walgreens where she got it. Test is processed on site at Walgreens and, I’ll guess, other outlets. If Walgreens can handle it, I’ll assume RCL can handle it as well for B2B cruisers.
  6. Have I missed something? I just read through the RCG document. Is there any mention of a mask requirement? I don’t think I saw any mention but may have missed it.
  7. So what’s the latest on test cruises? Sorry, being a bit cynical. Never thought there would be test cruises once the RCL number crunchers did their thing. Adding to medical facilities. Physical distancing. More staff for more sanitizing and service. Less revenue possibly if capacity is limited. Less take in the casino. Less revenue from drink and drink packages. Same for specialty dining, etc. And then no idea what ports would be open to a stop by a cruise ship. Sounds like a deal breaker to me. Wait it out until the vaccines get administered and then require one for booking. I know that the vaccine would not “guarantee” that the virus wouldn’t pop up on a cruise, but if you have all crew and passengers vaccinated, how likely is that? How much more likely than norovirus? Ports? We may be getting to the point that a lot of countries, especially Caribbean, might be willing to open up to a visit by a cruise ship if it has been told all passengers and crew have been vaccinated.
  8. Our experience as well. Roughly 1 AM. Seemed to be somewhat under the area of galley/service doors.
  9. Yes, it would be a gamble. Only suggested this as a possibility. After all, if one accepts it as a given that the cruise lines will follow the CDC mandate re test cruises, one also has to accept that the cruise lines may decide not to move forward to meet the requirements of the mandate but rather wait until they can restart w/o making all of the needed changes. In the end, I believe the number crunchers will have a lot of to say during the decision making process.
  10. There is another possibility. With each announcement of further cancellations accompanied by the news about vaccines, could it be the cruise lines are considering waiting it out rather than jumping through the hoops, costly hoops, associated with ship modifications, changes to customer service procedures, reduced capacities, closed ports, etc. Could it be that their plans are now focused upon/dependent on CDC lifting no sail orders and restrictions once a large, vast majority of the population has been vaccinated ?
  11. Test cruises. There was a call for volunteers and there was speculation that the test cruises would begin soon thereafter. However, just as the cruise lines could choose to follow that plan (make changes to their fleets, such as enhanced medical facilities and increased medical staffing; make changes to their operations, such as only one crew member to crew cabin, enhanced cleaning routine, no self-serve buffets, and so on; sail at reduced capacity and with limits on cruise length), they could also decide not to pursue that avenue, wait out the pandemic, and restart their cruise operations once the CDC lifts all restrictions. Could that be what’s happening? I know this is speculation. However, I can imagine that the finance folks have reviewed the matter, crunched the numbers. Is it possible that, with all of the uncertainty in the near term and in the hope that the vaccine roll-out might bring an “end” to the pandemic, they’ve argued and convinced managements that it’s better to wait things out?
  12. We’re booked Oceania Insight this July. Read @LB_NJ’s post and did a check. Celebrity June 26 to King’s Wharf. Our Oceania fare is roughly $200 less than comparable X fare and we have gratuities prepaid and a $400 OBC. We port Hamilton and St. George.
  13. On deck 10, I’d avoid any JS that are located anywhere below the galley area of WJ. Personal experience, though it is possible this was a ship-specific situation. About 1 am each night, we had noise of what seemed to be carts being moved/rolled in that area of deck 11. We checked it out and it seems our JS was under the galley doors. Our guess is that they may have been rolling out clean dinnerware/trays/similar. This did not last a very long time but there was enough noise that it would wake us. We complained, it may have been lessened but it was still a problem.
  14. When it comes right down to it, and I’m adding this in support of what @twangsterhad just said and has said in the past (assuming I understand everything he’s said), it all comes down to marginal utility: How do we choose to spend our next dollar? The “buying” proposal tends to change over time, whether it’s a product or service. It’s our decision, as buyers, to decide if that proposal makes sense for us, is worth our hard earned dollars. Consider the airlines: it wasn’t all that terribly long ago when you paid a fare and the fare INCLUDED your luggage. Luggage fees. They were added to the mix and each and every person who looked at fares on carriers that charged a checked-bag fee had the option to accept the fee or fly another carrier or drive? And now we have had changes with cruises...but haven’t we had changes in the past? X: the all-inclusive proposal. You review it. If it makes sense to you, you buy. If it doesn’t you buy elsewhere. We currently have 3 RCL cruises booked and one Oceania. The Oceania is July so our hope is that it will go. The RCLs? Coin toss. Paying a lot more on the Oceania than I’d pay on RCL or X. It made sense so we booked. And we’ll continue to do the same for RCL. We’ve enjoyed RCL over the years and our D+ perks. But and I dread using this phrase, It is what it is! If X has decided to make those changes, it is, after all, their bat and ball. If RCL decides to make similar changes, then we will consider whether or not that’s how and where we want to spend our next dollar.
  15. Based upon first reading, it seems that the CDC has established a number of steps that the cruise lines need to undertake before there will be any cruises open for booking. First it appears lines will need to show and demonstrate that they have systems and procedures in place to protect crews. Then, they must complete any build-out (medical facilities, quarantine areas, social distancing measures, etc) needed to operate safely in the current situation and undergo inspection during an approval process. Then, cruise lines must participate in “test” cruises: again, to get approval to resume operations.
  16. Check out the area off the coast near Miami and you'll see one pod of Carnival ships and another pod of RC and X ships.
  17. Not sure when cruising will resume, but I have a very good idea where we’re headed. Given the difficulty of these decisions, the Panel recommends that cruise lines favor ports with low infection rates where risky contact points can be minimized. One way to do that would be to, on a temporary basis, sail primarily to the cruise operator’s privately owned and operated destinations, especially when first resuming passenger operations.
  18. @twangster hit the nail on the head here. If you don’t foresee cruising a great deal, look for itineraries that interest you. Then, ship and ship amenities.
  19. 1. Insignia Jul 2021 2. Insignia Jul 2021 3. Disappointed, yes, but we've held off booking anything until picture clears up. Will book again when we get more information about what cruising will entail once cruising resumes.
  20. @Merion_Mom has provided a very good summary for you. Best scenery on Barbados is on Atlantic coast if you can get there. We spent honeymoon there. And, oh yes, lots of rum. We always enjoy St. Kitts. Aruba. It’s not all that difficult to grab a bus and head up to Palm Beach. Bus terminal is close to port. Curacao is our favorite of the ABC’s Antigua, as Merion Mom pointed out, has great beaches. We head to Saint Martin, French side. Unfortunately, your suggested itineraries do not include Dominica. Special island if you value ecotourism. Beautiful interior. Sadly, a very poor nation. Or Grenada. Avoid Empress. Of those you’ve listed: Freedom, but we’ve enjoyed better itineraries.
  21. Thank you VERY much @JK300! @ORV, thank you and a very good point. No tenders.
  22. Also enjoyed Denali Brewing. In Talkeetna there's also a small ice cream shop owned by a woman originally from Chicago's South Shore neighborhood.
  23. Thank you @LHT28 and @CintiPam for your help. TA offered up 6039 which appears to be VERY obstructed. It's a Bermuda 7 day, so won't be in cabin all that much but that may be more obstruction than we could handle.
  24. Thanks in advance for any information or photo of extent of obstructed view.
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