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  1. On our 4 night UK seacation cruise this summer we had 1 formal night
  2. On the Regal in August this year in our suite there was a card by the door that you could put in or take out to turn the lights on or off.
  3. Great video👍 I watched your Britannia video and so I was prepared for a long wait. luckily on the 17th Aug we were the only ship to leave we arrived at the testing sight at 11am (would have missed the entrance had I not seen your Britannia video) they had already started testing and we were in the terminal waiting to board at 11:45am.
  4. Sabatini's is open on disembarkation day It's a partnership I do things my partner wants my partner does things I want, my partner prefers having breakfast on the balcony watching the sea. I prefer having a better breakfast over the view. We had a suite on P&O last month and the breakfast in the suite on the balcony was fabulous much better than Princess so no need to go to the speciality restaurant which was about the same as Sabatini's breakfast. We did the speciality restaurant the first morning but the butler persuaded us to have it on the balcony the second morning and I am glad he did. Everyone is different we all need to be accepting if others like different things.
  5. Thanks for everyone's help had breakfast from the MDR yesterday on the balcony and was pretty good, but went to Sabatini's this morning and it was excellent, going again to Sabatini's tomorrow before we disembark they open early.
  6. Thanks for letting me know, I have persuaded my partner to go tomorrow morning so I will at least get to try it once.
  7. Thought I posted this last night, guess I had to many drinks 🤣🍾 Thanks for the reply's sorry been to dinner and then to Crooners hence a late response, I would go to Sabatini's every morning but my partner is not a breakfast person so on the balcony is a good compromise. Just got back to the suite and we now have the full room service breakfast menu. I will absolutely try Sabatini's the last morning hopefully one other day as well. First time in a suite on Princess and loving it.
  8. Hi Currently on board Regal Princess, we had breakfast on the balcony this morning ordered from the card in the room last night, the room steward did mention about an enhanced room service menu but he has not given it to us. breakfast turned up on time but cold it clearly came from the Horizon court buffet, tomorrow we are going to try Sabatini's for breakfast but my question is can we order a proper full breakfast from the dining room to be delivered to our suite, a full English with baked beans etc? Thanks in advance When I get back I will do a report on the cruise and compare it to P&O's Britannia which we did at the start of July.
  9. My cruise is the 17th August and I still don't have anything coming up on the app under journey view/ Activities timeline it just says there aren't any events today please check back later. Also do you need to book dining on the app if you are doing club class dining ?
  10. Our check in was 11:30 we arrived around 11:00 waited till 11:30ish the porters took your luggage after checking what check in time you had, if it was after 11:30 they sent to you the back to deposit your luggage at another line. Then the process of checking in started checked vaccine dates and insurnace then covid test, health questionnaire even though done on line had to go through it again then wait for covid results. Then get passport checked and wait in the suite waiting area ready to board. got on board around 1pm went to the lunch around 2pm not many people in the dining room when we arrived was lovely and quiet. had a great lunch. there is a menu that was posted on the staycation thread. We loved our suite and have a suite booked on the Regal Princess next month so will be comparing the two products.
  11. We were on Britannia for the 1st July sailing our first suite as well, we had priority boarding, daily canapes or though nothing special, dinner menu in cabin after the 1st night, room service was free had a full breakfast (absolutely fabulous) and late night snack, didn't ask the butler to unpack or make dinner reservations, chocolates & champagne were in cabin on arrival. The suite lunch was great had turn down service every day (some have reported they did not get a turn down service) we have a suite on the Regal Princess next month so shall be comparing the two products.
  12. My view for breakfast just a couple more hours before we go off to the port
  13. Just arrived in Southampton for our Britannia cruise on the 1st can see Iona from the hotel bar saw Celebrity & Queen Victoria as well
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