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    Theatre, architecture, music, the sea.
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    North Atlantic Ocean transatlantic crossings
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    http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/pic77/wcc/index.htm (Of back in the day, the QE2 Winter Crossing Club.)

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  1. By way of Magdalene, the 1428 one, not the 1458 one, I "learned my way …. take scone, pull'twist apart/break in half, giving me a top and bottom … I take bottom first, apply jam, top with cream, bite …. small bite, possibly three per half. Then, do same with top. NEVER make it a "sandwich"! My "Cornish" method works for me! While I know many Devonians, some quite worth their salt, I just cannot see splattering jam over clotted cream, dirtying plates and fingers. Tea goes into cup first. Then milk. For that, I'll fight to the death! Pinky up, out, hidden? Depends upon the company. And the roof overhead. In The Queens Room I'd go full stop, just because so many do, so join the fun! In the Queen's room, so in awe of The Presence, one could only sit like a lump, no matter it is said she likes cream first, then jam. No matter, anywhere, on sea, ashore, in town or in the country, try not to drop the cup.
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