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  1. We booked through a TA so had to have our TA request refund.
  2. I wish I could remember where I read that people got them. Maybe they meant something else?
  3. I thought I had read that people received the Captain's Circle Magazine last month. (I can't remember what they call it) I haven't gotten anything. Have you received one? Since we haven't been cruising, I don't know what would be in it. Maybe I was dreaming 🙂
  4. If you book 2 cruises back to back, can you purchase trip insurance as one trip? Or do you have to book them as two separate trips? TIA
  5. If you purchase the cruise with the beverage, wifi and tips package, that cost is included in the price for Princess insurance. I don't understand that. If you cancel your cruise too late to receive a refund, don't you get port fees and taxes back? Do you get your purchase of the beverage, etc. packages back? I'm asking this because I'm wondering if they have to be included when purchasing private travel insurance.
  6. And could I ask what the name of the provider is?
  7. I paid off a cruise early (2022) and asked my TA the same question. She said that I couldn't cancel it once it was paid off. If you're in the same situation, I'd love to hear what happens with you.
  8. So are they giving an additional 25% of the cancelation fees or 25% more of the entire cruise price? And do you have to book within 2 years or use it by then? Just wondering because we already have 2 cruises booked for 2022.
  9. We had the same issue very recently with our BTB. Saying it looked like we didn't need a return flight or arriving flight. Took 3 phone calls before someone figured it out. She had to unlink our bookings. I think that's what it was. Unless she had to link them. Whichever it is, it's the opposite of what you have now. So now we can book both ways on our first flight. We've booked plenty of BTBs and this has never happened.
  10. Opps, just read that you know about vacation overrides. We spoke to our BCBS insurance yesterday and asked if they are allowing overrides on everything since the government is saying to have extra on hand. We also brought up the anticipated shortages because of manufacturing in China. Nope!
  11. I can get a vacation override once a year. Try calling your insurance company.
  12. Hand sanitizer is out everywhere! I did find some at the check out lane at Walmart and on the register at Aldi. We usually take a few days extra of prescription pills but will take 2 weeks more now. And I will also take containers or a picture of the labels so that I have the dosage and strength.
  13. Thanks, good to know. I was a little worried about them extending it with all that's going on!
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