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  1. i think its a bit extreme to suggest the cdc is punishing the cruise lines. the cdc is well aware of what affects this no-sail has on the industry. i can believe that the cdc is dragging its feet on determining when its safe to sail. honestly though, id rather the cdc drag its feet on when its safe to sail rather than open too soon and put everyone's health at risk.
  2. ha jump up to 20-30$? wishful thinking. as someone else pointed out try cruise costs jumping possibly hundreds of dollars to cover private transportation costs.
  3. If cruise lines are forced to provide private transportation to disembarking passengers to get them home those costs will ultimately be passed on to the passengers. Thus cruise costs will go up. Should be interesting to follow how this plays out.
  4. we are one cruise (six days) away from turning platinum. as of now me and my family will not be cruising. why? most importantly my wife is considered high risk and the cruise lines have not come out and clearly explained how the ships will be handling the current health issues. the issues i refer to include handling passengers that are covid-19 positive AFTER boarding, ports that are currently denying ships, cruises that are extended due ports denying the ships safe return, etc... we would love to cruise again but theres no way to predict when this pandemic would make it safe to cr
  5. i dont normally write reviews so this will be short but since im always looking for reviews that mentions how they liked theyre room i thought id give back.... - arrived at the baltimore port at ~230p. there was a line of cars to get in the parking lot. took about 20 minutes to park but not too bad. was through check in and on the ship before 3pm. - had room 1245, ocean view cabin for 3 people. most of our cruises we've had either a balcony or suite but we really didnt notice not having a balcony. worked out fine. and the room was very quiet. our neighbors were quiet so all wa
  6. the "truth" lies with you. not trying to be sarcastic but honestly if you read the reviews as you mentioned you will be all over the place with opinions, take it with a large grain of salt (as is the case with most anything written on the internet). ive been on the pride multiple times. love the pride mostly for its smaller size. is it an older ship - yes. less people - yes. is it showing some wear and tear - sure. but the crew works hard to keep the people areas in great shape. just go, go with an open mind, and form you own opinion. you wont regret it.
  7. when someone says freeport was not a great port they obviously didnt go outside the port. the actual port is an industrial port so of course its not a "great" port but if you do an excursion that takes you to the other side of the island its beautiful. we've done the dolphin excursions several times and hand a great time.
  8. my wife and i have a simple solution to not liking the change to pepsi and not having to complain about the change....we'll just bring on a 12-pack of coke. problem solved. 😁
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