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  1. I would not recommend a vibe pass for Alaska. There are so many places to chill on the decks. We used the hot tub one or two days.
  2. It’s a statue. 😜. You’re not the first one to ask that. This has been my favorite vacation so far. I hope you can make it. We had to cancel our Mediterranean cruise this past summer and I’m still bummed.
  3. I do hope to have another cruise booked for her on a European itinerary again.
  4. Sent. Thank you for all the guidance, I must have blown right by the sticky post.
  5. Is it possible to change your username here? It’s been bugging me for a while. I wasn’t too creative in creating mine, but now am 🙂
  6. Apex and the Mediterranean? That’s my answer. Caribbean is nice, but I’d take a lot of places over the Caribbean.
  7. ❤️ ❤️ this!! Wish our apex sailing didn’t get canceled. Soon we will resume.
  8. I really want to boom die thing next year and wondering if next September will be a safe time by then, but holding off for now. Just waiting to see if they offer any deals for around Black Friday Or Cyber Monday; although, not expecting anything,
  9. We were originally booked for the June 20 cruise. I see she’s coming to Florida, but I really am not interested in the Caribbean again.
  10. Good luck to you. We were supposed to do the exact same thing after many cruises with NCL. I was really looking forward to our Mediterranean cruise on the Apex. Hope you are successful with your sailing.
  11. Excellent video. We sailed Bliss last year and loved it. We had the new Apex booked for this summer (Edge’s sister ship), but that was canceled. I can’t wait to try Edge or Apex in the future.
  12. I was looking at this same cruise out of NYC. I am thinking if Europe is out, possibly take the train up to NYC for this.
  13. personally, I wouldn’t take my chances with any of the spa services until I get vaccinated. The thermal spa is usually one of the highlights of my cruise ☹️
  14. Happy Sailing! This is very exciting for the rest of us. It’s just need to read a live trip report again.
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