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  1. Glad to see the extension and I was able to submit my refund request. It’s disappointing. I was extremely excited about trying Celebrity and exploring the Apex and visiting Europe for the first time. It will just have to wait.
  2. Hopefully they announce today. As long as they announce within a week of my June 20 sailing I’m happy. Would like to use the refund towards a beach rental this year. I’ll wait and see.
  3. I have my eye on this ship for 2022. Norway, Scotland, and Iceland!!!! My dream trip besides seeing Antarctica. Or I’m torn between the Iceland/Greenland cruise.
  4. I thought they might have mentioned today that they will not be sailing June. I think my cruise is 33 days away currently. Probably should start swimming across the Atlantic now to make it to Barcelona in time.
  5. I have a June 20 Apex sailing and I am beginning to wonder when they are going to extend their no sail dates. I already received my airfare refund from American since they changed my flight from Philadelphia to Chicago instead of Barcelona. Lol.
  6. We are thinking a land vacation next year and have our eyes on a NCL Norway, Scotland, Iceland cruise for 2022
  7. I’m not a world traveler, but from what I’ve been to... Skagway or Ketchikan and Bermuda as well.
  8. why didn’t you just wait until you got an email? You asked them to cancel your cruise without verification you were get your money back? I know our June 20 cruise will be canceled and plan on getting my money back, but seems obvious to wait for them to “officially” give the options. In worst case, I have a future cruise already paid for.
  9. I will go with Celebrity most likely. We have a Mediterranean cruise booked with them on their new Apex ship for next month, but are just waiting for them to cancel. It’s so sad to read about NCL’s hardship. The last three cruises I’ve done have been on NCL and I really wanted to sail on Celebrity to see how they were and loved their new Edge class ships, so thought we would try them out.
  10. For a few minutes it was tempting to just hold onto our European sailing and just take it next year with the new incentive they are offering, but we will just take our money back since the future is very uncertain. I’d rather not be locked in, considering we don’t know if there will be a vaccine. We will take our money and most likely get a beach house within driving distance,
  11. I’m hoping they cancel so I can get my money back, but if not, I will gladly take a FCC.
  12. completely agree. Especially after the failed tests and just their inconsistent messaging. We are the last country the rest of the world should use as a guideline on when to start cruising again.
  13. Yea, I realize that. Didn’t think it would be taken literally as it was just a suggestion.
  14. Thank you so much for this! Words can’t describe those pictures. Since cruising may be out for a while, Iceland may be my next vacation when travel is allowed.
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