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  1. I'm an early riser, DW is not. Can I take both medalians to the international Cafe and bring back 2 coffees to the cabin?
  2. 5 years ago I had a similar booking dilemma where the cabin I wanted was listed as unavailable on our B to B yet was available for both individual segments. On posting here I was advised by a member to have my TA (big box store) to call a supervisor, in this case at HAL, and request that they "move inventory" to facilitate my booking. Back then the big box had an option to search for a specific cabin regardless of how it showed on the availability map. Unfortunately that is now not available but of course you can always get the agent to check for you.
  3. I have a cruise booked mid March 2021 out of Sydney. My issue is that restrictions in Australia/NZ could be lifted with the cruise sailing as scheduled, but entry to the country from North America restricted. At least this gives me a little wiggle room before final payment.
  4. Thanks for your heads up ceilidh1. I quickly booked at the old price for a Australia/NZ Cruise next March in Canadian and today the price was up $550 cad. Hopefully restrictions will have been relaxed by the time final payment is due at the end of November.
  5. Thanks, got back from the cruise a couple of weeks ago and found nothing at the dock other than transportation into town.
  6. We will be visiting these ports at the end of the month on the Westerdam and would be interested to know if there are an abundance of or any local tour operators at the dock. Thanks, Derek
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