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  1. As much as I am happy to continue my planned trip to San Diego - albeit - without any port stops - I am anxious to get back on US soil. Glad we are underway but NOT going to be reassured until the fat lady sings. My friends and family have so many stressful things going on in their lives right now - I want to be there to help.
  2. Am on board. Monday evening with no update until tomorrow morning. Captain Leo slightly changed course so casino is open tonight. We were on the B2b to go to San Diego so no big whoop to me. Not scheduled to be home until April 1 anyway. Sea days don’t bother me. Plenty to do - swim, gym, books, cards and other unmentionables (naps!!) I just hope we get going somewhere that will take us. Frustrated that he has wasted 2 days circling around where he could have booked it to Panama or San Diego instead of screwing around with the Chilean government. But he’s only
  3. Our luggage has been redelivered to our room. The captain said we will be spending the night on the ship. We will be docking to refuel and gather provisions. He said don’t bother rebooking flights and hotels. Free drinks and Wifi for all. This does not bode well. Captain just announced that debarkation will not happen anytime soon. We cancelled our flights and hotel from Santiago Chile. We have not done anything to our flights from San Diego. Good luck all....!!!
  4. We are booked on the Romantic Daube scheduled to depart Nuremberg on May 17th. Heard rumors that they have suspended operations for 60 days. Trying to find info......any news??
  5. We are on the currently stranded Eclipse. When we learned our cruise to San Diego was cancelled I had the same thoughts. Our cabin attendant was scheduled to go home and was so excited. Today - not so much. Every crew member I spoke to (even the clueless and unhelpful ones) - I wished them good luck in their future travels. They were happy to hear the encouragement.
  6. Currently on the Eclipse. Going around in circles outside of the port of San Antonio since wee hours of the morning as Chile has refused us entry. Captain Leo assures is no one on board has the virus and no one is under quarantine. Yesterday was pandemonium with the B2B people scrambling to make alternate reservations. We did not book Celebrity air and were told you are on your own - after waiting on line for three hours when they said they were offering help. Their staff was useless and clueless. Different information coming from different staffers all the way up to 3 1/2
  7. Sitting on the Eclipse at the moment. Our next cruise to San Diego has been cancelled. Those on the B2B scrambled yesterday to make alternate travel plan. Celebrity crew was unhelpful and clueless. Currently have been going around in circles in the port of San Antonio as Chile has denied us entry. It’s been an hour by hour wait.
  8. Read this article: https://www.buenostours.com/getting-the-best-exchange-rate-for-your-dollars-in-buenos-aires They recommend bringing bigger bills...….and be careful as to their wear and tear.
  9. 9292 is my favorite on these ships!! Love the extra long balcony. Some folks don't like it because it lets less light into the room but my feeling is why sit in the room when I have a balcony!!
  10. Thanks to all for the answers. Will have to try to find something before we board. Hopefully Jorge Newberry airport has a duty free.
  11. We are doing the Eclipse that overnights in Buenos Aires. We will have no means to get wine before we board the first day as we are coming from the airport. Can I bring on my two bottles on the next day?
  12. I am doing an overnight. Will be coming and going on two different days at the same port of embarkation.
  13. So I have a question?? We are boarding the ship, overnighting and not leaving until the next day. What's stopping me from bringing two bottles on when we board and an additional two bottles the next day when we embark? Security won't know the difference or are you only allowed to bring it on the first day?
  14. Thanks for your answers so far. Glad to hear they stay open late. When do they start serving?? Can I get a mimosa with breakfast?? Does it include the high end single malts on their drinks menu? The boys in the group NEED to know. Haha!
  15. Booked on a Viking cruise down the Danube in May going with a group of friends. I know that house wine and beer are available during lunch and dinner and that you can bring on any spirits that you purchase on land for consumption on board unlike main line ocean cruise lines. Looking at the Silver Spirits Beverage Package for $150 per person. They provide a sample bar menu. Looks pretty darn good especially for our single-malt scotch loving guys that will be with us. For those of you who have purchased this package - was it worth it? Really unlimited? It states during operat
  16. Aha! I am a lowly Pearl because I don't really gamble....... I will just play some slots and maybe a couple of hands of blackjack at the minimum level if I am bored a few nights. Atlantic City is an hour away so I am not chomping at the bit to gamble on a cruise ship. Thanks for the info!!
  17. We just printed out our Cruise Boarding Pass (doing my happy doc dance!!). We are listed as Elite - Pearl. We know Elite - been a while - but what is Pearl???? Just curious......
  18. We stayed several nights at the Holiday Inn in the Rocks right across from the Sydney cruise port. Awesome location, awesome hotel. Went to William Blue on George Street. It is a culinary school restaurant run by students much like the CIA here in the US. Reservations ARE A MUST!!! Can do it on line. Very reasonably priced. Wonderful atmosphere. Great food. Also a number of restaurants in Barangaroo offering wharf side seafood dining. Some are very touristy but offer great views. We ate at Nicks Seafood and I had my first bug.
  19. This is one of the Putu's that I know. He was up in the Sky Lounge during Elite Happy Hour when we were on the Reflection in Feb 2018. He was a great bartender.
  20. We sailed with Captain Skylogiennes and Hotel Director Arjan Scheepers back in February 2018 on the Reflection. Did a B2B2B in an lowly outside cabin and we are just Elite. Arjan was very gracious and outgoing. We were very surprised to be invited to a huge luncheon with the captain and staff including suite folks and Zenith members. It was his doing. That was an amazing cruise.
  21. I really miss Portofino's too. Never got to Jamie's. Checked it out on the Anthem and decided it looked more like a cafeteria than a fine dining restaurant and went to Wonderland instead. SO MUCH BETTER!!! As far as having a hand in preparing your own food - Celebrity does that in their Lawn Club Grill. You have the opportunity to make your own pizzas at sea!! Great restaurant. I actually enjoy watching Jamie on TV. His recipes are simple yet tasty.
  22. We are doing a RCCL pre tour and will be staying at the Sophie Station Suites. Has anyone stayed there? Any advice? How were the kitchens? Coffee makers? Did you need to bring supplies (filters? coffee?) We are used to timeshares in the Caribbean and we usually schlep all sorts of stuff. TIA!! Arubamoose
  23. I can second staying at the Admiral Hotel. It was delightful and in the middle of everything. We used Chase Sapphire points for our two day pre-cruise stay. Would stay there again in a heartbeat. As far as the air con - we were there in the beginning of August and it was not an issue. We also used the Copenhagen card for transportation from the airport, to Fredriksborg castle and around town including bus to the ship at Ocean Terminal. Admission to Tivoli was included as were other tourist sites. Well worth the cost if you are interested in what's included. Mass transit was
  24. Recently on a B2B on the Serenade, we went to book onboard but both restaurants were booked the first and second night. The CL concierge was able to make a reservation for us later in the cruise.
  25. The Moose is really happy about Glenfiddich...it's not Glenliviet but it will do!!!
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