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  1. Cruise Director update - Looks like Rich Spacey has completed his last trip. Wonder who will replace him on Solstice?
  2. Try this link https://www.facebook.com/CelebrityCruises/videos/882970695234520/
  3. Arno - you can update Solstice - Captain Tasos is back at the helm [he posted a video of him doing a donut beside one of the waterfalls in Milford Sound a couple of days ago]
  4. EnthDegree

    Bay of Islands tenders

    Margaret - we will be joining you on the Solstice from Auckland on 17th January. Like you we were intrigued as to the tendering arrangements for Bay of Islands and we watched live AIS Marine Traffic on her last visit. Celebrity appeared to be utilising a minimum of four of its own tenders and from memory each of these can hold about 150 passengers. Couldn't tell if private tenders were also being employed but given no then that equates to being able to move 600 people on each trip to shore. Solstice was anchored quite far out in the bay and it would probably have taken about fifteen minutes per trip. So basically the whole ship's passenger capacity could have been moved ashore in five trips or two and fifteen minutes but not everyone goes ashore at every port. By the way we have a dedicted cruise website set up for this sailing. You can access it by expanding out signature below, click on the link, sign up to Shutterfly for free and you will be able to access a wealth of information on each of our ports of call including lots of links to shore providers etc. Just remember to quote your Cruise Critic username when applying as we have had some snoopers trying to log in!
  5. EnthDegree

    Roll Call underconstruction

    This is very frustrating. They say that the site is live yet many of the existing roll calls are still "Under Construction". Why launch something half-cock? Can somebody in authority let us know when it will be properly up and running?
  6. Continuing to enjoy your excellent reports. Just watched you sail out of Santa Cruz de Tenerife on their live webcam. Any word on Rich Spacey’s tour of duty end yet? Keep up the good work and leave the girl in good shape for us boarding next month! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Paul and Edward Could you possibly find out if Rich Spacey will still be Cruise Director for the sailing on 28th May? Thanks - enjoying your daily postings and pics. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. EnthDegree

    Hotel in Barcelona

    H10 Port Vell is a boutique hotel overlooking the marina and only ten minutes from the bottom of La Rambla - stunning views from front rooms Room Mate Anna is near Placa de Catalina (top end of La Rambla) and close to Gaudi’s Casa Batllo. It is also a boutique hotel and the staff are magnificent. Taxi to airport from either cost us about €40. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Laura Did your meeting with Celebrity happen and if it did what was the outcome of the Registration for Connection Party issue? Tom Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. EnthDegree

    What to do in Mykonos for the day??

    9th October 2016 - cloudless skies and temperatures in mid twenties. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Nick So sad that all your good work has been ruined by the decision by Photobucket to remove all free links. They are now trying to hold millions of users to ransom by charging $400 per annum to use their service!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. EnthDegree

    DIY Glasgow and Rick Steves Walks

    Hi You don't say how you will get into Glasgow but assuming that you are taking the train from Greenock you will alight at Glasgow Central station. I'd walk through 'downtown' area via Buchanan Street to George Square then catch the "Shoogle" (Glasgow's Underground) from Buchanan Street to Kelvinbridge then walk Bank Street to University Avenue. That gets you to Mackintosh House and Hunterian. Then walk down through Kelvingrove Park to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Return to Central Station by taking Underground from Kelvinhall station to St Enoch station or a number 3 bus city bound. My suggestion covers both your ideas and doable given maybe five hours minimum in the city itself plus 45 minutes each way to/from Greenock. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. EnthDegree

    What to do in Mykonos for the day??

    Usually listed as a tender port and tenders deliver you into town but if berthed at the new port then a free shuttle bus takes you the mile or so from ship to bus station then it is a short walk on past the "red fishing boat" to get to town. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. EnthDegree

    What to do in Mykonos for the day??

    Just as s1amblue says - Wander. Get lost - then find yourself in Little Venice at lunchtime and eat in one of the restaurants right beside the sea. Drink a glass of two of the local wine and eat some of the local delicacies and perhaps you might be joined by Pedros, the local star attraction!! (He's a pelican!!) Yes, find the windmills after wandering through the maze of narrow whitewashed alleyways, visit the myriad of tiny little shops and cafe bars. Your few hours in Mykonos town will pass in a flash. Chill out and enjoy! Sent from my iPhone using Forums