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  1. On 6/2/2021 at 5:04 PM, Jeremiah1212 said:


    I would hope Millennium is ready to go. As of 2 days ago, Edge had 651 crew in quarantine and 200+ onboard out of quarantine. Silhouette has taken on more crew recently but I haven't seen any numbers. Equinox has been the quiet one lately. 


    Equinox seems to have crewed up as one of their dancers has posted on IG that she is on Day 6 of quarantine onboard.

    Apex is crewed up and is docked in Piraeus, Greece waiting to start cruising from there on 19 June.

  2. Here are the latest positions:-


    Apex – Pireas, Greece [docked]

    Constellation – Argolic Gulf, Greece [drifting]

    Eclipse – east of Singapore [anchored]

    Edge – Fort Lauderdale [docked]

    Equinox – Stirrup Cay [anchored]

    Infinity – off Pireas, Greece [anchored]

    Millenium – Gulf of Mexico [underway]

    Reflection - Fort Lauderdale [arriving now]

    Silhouette - CoCo Cay [anchored]

    Solstice – east of Singapore [anchored]

    Summit - CoCo Cay [anchored]

  3. Here are the latest positions:-


    Apex – Limasol, Cyprus, E Mediterranean [moored]

    Constellation – Argolic Gulf, Greece [drifting]

    Eclipse – east of Singapore [anchored]

    Edge – St Johns, Antigua [moored]

    Equinox – CoCoCay [anchored]

    Infinity – off Pireas, Greece [anchored]

    Millenium – off Antigua [drifting]

    Reflection - Bridgetown, Barbados [moored]

    Silhouette - Bridgetown, Barbados [moored]

    Solstice – east of Singapore [anchored]

    Summit - CoCoCay [anchored]

  4. Here are the latest positions:-


    Apex – Bridgetown, Barbados [moored]

    Constellation – off Pireas, Greece [anchored]

    Eclipse – east of Singapore [anchored]

    Edge – off Barbados [underway]

    Equinox – CoCoCay [anchored]

    Infinity – off Pireas, Greece [anchored]

    Millenium – St Maarten [moored]

    Reflection - off St Vincent [underway]

    Silhouette - off St Lucia [underway]

    Solstice – east of Singapore [anchored]

    Summit - CoCoCay [underway]

  5. 5 hours ago, york survey said:

    Edge appears to have sailed for Barbados?



    Here are the latest positions:-


    Apex – heading for Barbados

    Constellation – off coast of Greece

    Eclipse – east of Singapore

    Edge – heading for Barbados

    Equinox – CoCoCay

    Infinity – off Sicily, Italy

    Millenium – off Panama City

    Reflection - Barbados

    Silhouette - Barbados

    Solstice – off Manila, Philippines

    Summit - CoCoCay


    Looks like Celebrity are getting ships that they might require for the non-US market out of CDC control.

    We know that Apex and Silhouette are bound for Europe once fully crewed and it looks like they are setting up Edge and Reflection to be able to follow suit if required.

  6. 4 hours ago, LGW59 said:

    Silhouette -  apparently she is heading to the UK for a UK resident only cruising season with a crew that does not need to be vaccinated.  CDC is going to love that!

    Eh, correction! Silhouette will do six to eight day cruises out of Southampton with a fully vaccinated crew and all adult pax will require to be fully vaccinated and all under 18’s will require a negative PCR test within 72 hours of sailing,

  7. On 2/6/2021 at 1:40 AM, Jeremiah1212 said:

    Reflection - Barbados

    Silhouette - Barbados

    Equinox - CocoCay

    Apex - CocoCay

    Edge - CocoCay 

    Summit - CocoCay

    Eclipse - enroute to Singapore

    Solstice - Singapore drydock

    Millenium - San Diego

    Infinity - off the coast of Cyprus

    Constellation - enroute to Spetses



    Many thanks for the update.

    The situation going forward is beginning to look extremely confused. With the ban on all cruise ships docking in Canadian ports then Eclipse, Millenium and Solstice will have to be reassigned to new duties.

    Perhaps as Eclipse and Solstice are currently in or near Singapore they will be retained in South East Asia over the next six months so that they will be there to recommence cruising to New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific for the 2021-22 high season.

    Interesting that Reflection and Silhouette which are both stationed off the Bahamas are not on the list of vessels moored there which have met the stringent CDC Covid-19 Response Plan [Code Green] for vessels which are to operate out of U S waters. This may be because they are still destined for their European summer itineraries and would sail with crew only from Stateside to Amsterdam and Southampton respectively rather than fulfil their TA's with passengers and the honorous CDC protocols.

    Then there is Connie. She is moored off Athens at the moment with apparently nothing on her books now until November sailings from Tampa. Will she come back Stateside or may she be destined for the ship graveyards of Turkey?

    Food for thought?

    Remember - stay safe, stay healthy, get the vaccines and that way we may all be back aboard our beloved ships in the not too distant future. Here's hoping!

  8. Though we would do an update on where all our ladies are.


    Apex, Edge, Equinox, Reflection, Silhouette and Summit are all off the Bahamas;

    Constellation and Infinity are off Piraeus, Greece;

    Millenium is on her own off San Diego;

    Eclipse and Solstice are off Manilla, Philippines; and

    Flora and XPedition are still off the Galapagos.


    With the announcement of the cancellation of Edge and Constellation's European 2021 seasons we must wonder if this is the end for Connie - will she ever carry Celebrity guests again!

    ...and where will they deploy Edge and Captain Kate now?


  9. Pfizer.thumb.jpg.371ff99314cc6d9db76f850af6eaa9f1.jpg


    Fantastic news for the future of cruising. The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is to be rolled out starting this month. Priority will go to health care workers/NHS staff and care home residents; then over 80's; then over 65's - so we fall into the third tranche which should be available before Easter. Bring it on.


  10. Celebrity Apex has now moved from Southampton Cruise Terminal and is now anchored off Poole, Dorset. She is in good company as also anchored off the Dorset coast are Aurora, Jewel of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. We understand that she is provisioned and crewed and ready to sail trans-Atlantic to arrive in Miami in about two weeks time.

  11. Thought we'd update the positions of our ships. Very little movement. Just a temporary shift last month for our CoCo Five as they dodged the hurricanes but they are now back on their stations again. Apex has been conducting sea trials off St Nazaire and is now at anchor. Eclipse and Millenium still paired up off San Diego and Connie and Infinity still wandering slowly around the Aegean Sea off Greece. Flora and Xpedition remain off the Galapagos. We feel a bit sorry for the last X ship we were on - Solstice. She is a long way from her sisters and is just north east of Singapore!





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