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  1. People who are tone deaf -- unable to hear differences in pitch and tone -- aren't just awful singers. At the most extreme, they're unable to perceive music, period.
  2. Without cellphones or the ability to keep an appointment at a specified time you are going to need to signal in some way. this first option is to find a high location where you will be visible and wave a brightly colored banner at the appointed time. the second option requires an airhorn or Audio signaling device - in this case it will be best if you pre arrange a a code so she will know it is you and not some random stranger with an airhorn. In both cases she will need to be within seeing or hearing distance.
  3. Don’t listen to others, he will look great in his American flag speedos!
  4. It is a special dinner on the magic carpet - one night only during the cruise. It’s on the app can only be booked once on board. I found this photo in another post.
  5. Has anyone done this experience? Thoughts or details?
  6. What’s the earliest you can arrive at the terminal? Will I get in early enough to get a vibe pass (Platinum member).
  7. The rub for me is we typically book the haven knowing most things will be taken care of. To show up to your cruise and then get hit with a bill for something that was to have been covered is offensive. And NCL’s tactics have a way that keeps reminding you that you are paying with bill after bill after bill rather than letting you pay and enjoy a weeks of indulgence - it ruins the experience.
  8. I would say “do I actually trust a business that treats it’s customers and employees like this?” Is a question weighing heavily on my mind. Doing business like this out in the open makes me wonder what’s happening out of passenger view. Safety risks? Wage slavery?
  9. I’d say this situation is what turns my stomach, they raise drink prices and gratuity percentage, make these front line employees take the heat and then present a fantasy to the passengers that the bartender is being tipped when in fact the cruise line keeps nearly all of the gratuity for itself. It makes me feel dirty to be a customer here.
  10. Given the volume of purchases across the cruise line - they most assuredly buy at wholesale prices from the manufacturer in large volumes, also given that they are in fact a ship and dock into ports with cargo operations if they could take delivery in one port and pay lower taxes they would indeed take advantage. its also fair to presume that the ships operating costs are covered by the fare. Alcohol sales are the “gravy” part of the operation. the cruise line probably does not warehouse liquor - their warehouse is the ship itself, their suppliers warehouse and deliver to port when needed.
  11. If you bought a 19.95 grey goose cocktail out of pocket with no beverage package while docked in NYC you would indeed pay a mandatory 20% gratuity (which by the way mostly does not go to the crew) for a total of 23.94 PLUS port/local taxes for alcohol sales. I know some enterprising young internet experts will fact check me but I believe that makes this the highest price for that cocktail on earth.
  12. There’s no chef there at all, Osheehans serves the lowest cost/ quality frozen food available.
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