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  1. johnrobert57

    Majesty diamond / diamond+ event

    Was on Majesty a few weeks ago. Yes....they designate a part of Viking Crown for this. Great wait staff. Ask for Alfredo.....a wonderful guy. Have fun.
  2. johnrobert57

    Boarding Time

    I was on Majesty a couple of weeks ago. Began boarding around 11 AM. Nice waiting area in Tampa too. Have fun. Cuba was very interesting.
  3. johnrobert57

    Diamond questions

    You can also ask for bottled water each day at the Diamond lounge and take them back to your cabin for future use.
  4. johnrobert57

    Exchanging Money

    Just returned from MOS visit to Havana. Long story but we were late for our RCCL tour and were not able to stop to exchange money. As it turned out....the government stores that sell Cigars, rum, coffee at a fixed price....took our Euros and gave us change in Euros. We were told to bring Euros to avoid the 10% penalty. So...Euros worked fine for our needs.
  5. johnrobert57

    Cigars?? A couple of neophyte questions

    Great stuff...thank you so much. Feel like I should buy some for you when I'm there. Much appreciated.
  6. johnrobert57

    Cigars?? A couple of neophyte questions

    Will visit Havana next week on Majesty. Looking for some help please. Want to bring back some mid price/average Cuban cigars for friends, co-workers. I don't smoke cigars. Where to buy close to the port? What brands would you suggest? How much should I expect to pay? How do I make sure they're authentic Cuban cigars. Appreciate any advice.
  7. johnrobert57

    Luggage advice after NYC Fall cruise

    I appreciate the advice. Thanks everyone
  8. We arrive back at the Brooklyn pier after our Regal fall foliage cruise and are considering touring/visiting family and then taking a late flight that day back home. Any options for early check in or luggage storage at LaGuardia? Any other innovative ideas to avoid having to keep our luggage all day? Appreciate any advice.
  9. johnrobert57

    Customs Post Cruise in Seattle

    Just did this on Saturday coming off Ruby. We checked bags on the ship and they delivered them to the airport ...no charge. Also rec'd our boarding passes. We carried off our bags and got off the ship at 7:25 AM and were at the airport by 8:30 AM. Only two ships in port and the wait at customer was nothing. Took the flat rate cab of $40 to the airport. I think you'll be fine but largely dependent on number of ships in port. Good luck.
  10. johnrobert57

    Earliest Time to Fly from SEA Post Cruise

    One more thought....the baggage check process from the ship carries no charge. Since the port and airport are owned by the city they offer this service for no additional charge. I wasn't sure about using it but it worked like a charm. They also print out your boarding pass on the ship and delver them to your stateroom with the airline luggage tags. When you get to the airport you just head to security. Nice system.
  11. johnrobert57

    Earliest Time to Fly from SEA Post Cruise

    I just got off Ruby on Saturday. We were one of the first ones off at approx. 7:25 AM. We used the fantastic service that allows you to check your bags from the ship the night before arrival and they take them to the airport .....you don't see them again until you arrive home. An 11 am flight should be no problem. Flat rate cab fare from the port to the airport is $40. We were at the airport by 8:30 AM. You'll love the Alaska cruise!!
  12. johnrobert57

    mobile phone use in AL ports

    Just back from Ruby Princess. My Verizon cell worked in Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan. But once you get out of the city area....coverage is spotty.
  13. johnrobert57

    New England Cruise in late September - Leaving from ??

    Ooops...it's the Regal Princess sailing.
  14. johnrobert57

    New England Cruise in late September - Leaving from ??

    My sailing is September 29th of 2018 and right now it lists both departure ports as possibilities. Guess I'll call Princess. Would like to get the air and hotel confirmed. Thanks
  15. Our New England cruise leaves out of New York in late September aboard Sapphire. Right now it shows leaving from Brooklyn pier or Manhattan. Any idea when they might make a firm decision around which port? Want to know the port before I finalize air and hotel. Appreciate any insight. Thanks