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  1. April42749

    Cruise Art experiences

    I have the same feelings about the art and the jewelry on board (I'm a jewelry person): If you see something you like....and the price is "pocket change" to you....go for it. It will make a nice souvenir, but it's not an investment and highly unlikely to be a good deal.
  2. I had a typo in my original post. I meant to say it "wouldn't" hold water with an IRS audit. The rule is....a gift of $25/per employee can be written off. Travel expense....just the portion that is work related. If it was a cruise that was completely and totally work related then the whole thing could be written off for employees (example...if they are all travel agents). However, if there's...let's say....2 hours of work per day then only that per centage could be used. If a return was professionally prepared, and audited with whatever OP is claiming....the IRS would deem it as frivolous (unless OP could prove that work was being done) and the preparer would be penalized for claiming something that that preparers should know (it's Tax101).
  3. April42749

    Cruise Art experiences

    I enjoy the auctions. Honestly....anything they sell there I can find for less money locally (Agam, for instance....I can buy direct from his studio at a fraction of their prices). I also "won" the raffle once and now I don't even pay attention to the winning numbers. "Raffles" is just marketing, to get people to stay. However, my "never buying anything" changed on our "Guy Harvey" Oct cruise. He was just a wonderful person, always out and about and talking to everyone. I bought one of his paintings for my son's apt. We were going to buy a larger painting, but when I saw the size in the frame it would have just been too large and overpowering, so we got a smaller, similar one. His prices were very reasonable and a nice souvenir of that trip (He also sign a bag that I purchased in the gift shop).
  4. Hate to burst your bubble, but: When we got home from visiting with them and telling them about the cruise, I booked everything and paid for everything. I even paid for them to get their passports, they work for my company doing internet posting so I was able to write it off. Taking them on a cruise isn't tax deductible. You can claim whatever you want, but it would hold water with an IRS auditor.
  5. April42749

    If You Transfer to a TA?

    If you book a cruise directly thru Carnival, how long do you have to transfer to a TA from the date of the booking?
  6. April42749

    Think the price will drop?

    I get it....I completely get it. But, you never know what way the price will go. For my recent Guy Harvey Escape....the only one I booked several months in advance....because I was sure it would be sold out etc. Well, no, it was far from sold out. The price went down really low a week or so before the sailing. (I could have booked separate cabins for my husband and at a lower total cost than our one guarantee balcony....and then pick the better one for sleeping.) I was so annoyed that I lowered my gambling budget.
  7. April42749

    Think the price will drop?

    Jamie- If you're happy with what you booked at the price you booked....go for it! It's all supply & demand. Also...is it intersession? any holiday? If you are going to penny pick about a few dollars and the value of the "freebies".....you'll drive yourself crazy. Once you pay, avoid the temptation of price checking Have a great cruise! As far as what I think will happen to the price.....I'll check my magic ball and get back to you.
  8. April42749

    How long do you think this will take?

    I don't think OP has an option. I hope they have insurance.
  9. April42749

    Ideas for Christmas Gift for Crew Members

    We did the platinum ship tour on the Escape in October. Hard to believe....but true. The guide said that just a few workers had to share. I didn't see any of these cabins....but they are probably just enough room for the bed and a small dresser.
  10. April42749

    unsweetened Iced tea

    Better option.....water
  11. April42749

    Ideas for Christmas Gift for Crew Members

    Just a note, but on the Escape the crew doesn't share quarters. They each have a tiny cabin, but they share bathrooms.
  12. April42749

    Ideas for Christmas Gift for Crew Members

    Yep....you need to think of the recipients, and their needs. Would you buy a blind person a book? And, please, call it a holiday gift. As a non-Christian and almost 70, I still get annoyed when people ask me if I put up my tree yet. Don't presume everyone celebrates Christmas. Do you remember the time, a few years back, when I posted said she wanted to give the steward a CD of her singing? That's the gift every employee is hoping for....lol!
  13. I had a 4J booked on the Lido for the Sunrise. They decommissioned the cabin and upgraded me to a balcony on the Lido.
  14. I think of it this way.....MSC brings Italy to me! And, that's how I like it. As an American (who generally sails on NCL & Carnival) I find the international crowd more sophisticated in taste.
  15. April42749

    Black Friday deal?

    No, because you can't pick your own cabin with sail-away rate.