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  1. What I noticed the other day......... I was trying to add an excursion, and after 2 failed attempts I left spaces between the groups of numbers on my credit card. That submission was successful.
  2. Yes! I live right by (5 minutes by cab....) the pier in Manhattan. But, sometimes we go to the beach in Brooklyn...and about 4:20-5:00 pm we see all the ships passing by and sailing out to sea. I imagine sitting in the buffet, eating a piece of chocolate cake and drinking tea!
  3. Larimar is larimar...but Marahlago (not sure of the exact spelling) has better settings than "souvenir shops" in the ports. I have pieces of Marahlago and the generic ones. The Marahlago were much pricier but much prettier. (By much pricier I mean not even in the same range.........) My attitude about art and jewelry on ships...they are souvenirs of your trip. If the cost is within your means and you love it...buy it. It's a nicer souvenir than the weight you put on eating!
  4. Here's the scoop: They are both real stones. The tanzanite mine has closed...and the really good (dark) tanzanite is hard to find. You can't get it at "your local jeweler" although you can get the "watered down light version". However, the prices are inflated on the ship. I have other sources where I can get better prices. It's the same for zoltanite...a real gem from Turkey. It's difficult to find it "on land" and your local jeweler won't have it. Again....price inflated on a ship (and don't believe them when they say you can only buy it on a ship) and my sources will also give me better prices. ETA....Tanzanite is tanzanite....but zoltanite can be marketed under different names. "Zoltanite" is the brand name for what NCL sells and I've seen this brand elsewhere (not just on the ship).
  5. As far as the credit card number, it asks for that on the next page. But, if you can't get to the next page....ugh. I had that issue last week when I booked Cirque on the Meraviglia....no place to put the number. And then it changed the date of the show. However, the actual check-out did work. Their website is weird. Some days it works and some days "the little wheel" just spins and spins.
  6. I know....which is another reason I didn't buy them on the ship. The thing is....I like trying "new for us" ships....new entertainment, food, casino, new "many things" and when you sail the same line too many things are redundant. I'm very excited about the upcoming Meragivlia cruise. Why? Pizza, pizza and more pizza! Swarovski crystal staircase! Lots of music and dancers! These are things I just won't find on NCL no matter how many of their ships I go on.
  7. One my last NCL cruise, for the first time, I didn't buy the FCC. Although it is a nice savings, it's a marketing trick...to get you to commit to NCL.
  8. When I eat out at home (which is at least 6 times a week) I don't ask to be seated with strangers, so why would I want to sit with strangers on a cruise? Truth be told, I could sit with anyone for one meal, but I would never want to be committed to sitting with a group of strangers during the entire duration of a cruise. I find the tables close enough, MDR and buffet, so that if you see someone you want to talk to you...you can. But, you don't "have to". We met another couple the last time we were in Cagney's. DH is hard of hearing and English is his third language. "Forced conversation" is unpleasant for him. If if anyone at my table started with politics....I'd just walk out. I am also not a complainer....if I had to hear stuff like "the steward didn't leave a mint" or "the food isn't zagat quality"....I'd just walk out. I meet people in many venues on a ship....the MDR isn't one of them. And this is why NCL is good for us. We have an upcoming cruise on MSC, where tradition is the policy. Maybe we'll get experimental and see who they put us with!
  9. We were on it last Oct, and DH and I both loved it. He was very accessible and answered any questions. He signed my "Guy Harvey tote bag"! They were also selling smaller versions of his artwork for $250(?) a piece. They (it was him, his daughter and a few others in the field) had sea day sessions in the atrium. I highly recommend.
  10. If you want to keep in touch, pick the wifi. Personally, I see know need to ever spend anything on extra food. Even though I go on sailaway rate I book some NCL excursions. Sometimes we don't book any excursions. But, the price to pick a cabin is more than $50 ($100 for 2) over the sailaway rate. If you're not fussy about where the cabin is located, I'd go with sailaway rate.
  11. I'm in the same boat as you...lol. I'm wondering if the tickets are refundable if the selected date/time aren't available. I don't do "late" anything as I'll probably fall asleep.
  12. Thanks....but this is what is confusing: I am looking at Oct 19....6:30 show. According to the website...both shows are available for 6:30. I'll play around with a few more days, but all indications are that nothing is confirmed without a visit to the box office.
  13. Wow....I was going to book both shows for my cruise and I did a mock booking. It's also showing availability for both shows at the same time/day! I have a feeling that you can book...but need to make the final arrangements on board. If so, is there any benefit to pre-book? Is the price higher if you book on board?
  14. One thing they can do (not advocating...just a thought) is put little spikes on all railings (like they do so birds don't land) so nobody can sit.
  15. No....but the refunds, unlike payments, aren't instantaneous. It may take a couple of days.
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