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  1. April42749

    Escape Nov.-Booted Off

    You're explaining it well (English is my husband's 3rd language....he often has miscommunications). The last time I was on a cruise I saw "drug sniffing dogs" by the exit (NCL Escape). I'm not sure if the dogs were "cruise dogs" or "local dogs". But, imho, if "they sent in the dogs", the purpose was to sniff for drugs. Look, my husband would probably sit at a "vacant umbrella" and get befuddled about why he's asked to leave. Luckily, he has me...the peace keeper. However, the last thing that would cross my mind is "anti-semitism".
  2. April42749

    Escape Nov.-Booted Off

    Um....lack of civil communication. There's a nice way to explain the umbrellas etc are sold out, and a not as nice way. It probably had nothing to do with appearance even if you were wearing a kippa. Maybe we (Jewish too) are becoming ultra-sensitive.....at times I think twice about wearing a magen david. But, saying something was "racially inspired" ends up not dealing with the real reason for "whatever"......for all ethnicities.
  3. April42749

    Escape Nov.-Booted Off

    Arrested? AFAIK there is not GSC police force. What were you "almost arrested" for?
  4. April42749

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    OK, she has cancer. But, there are all "levels" and we don't know what her situation is. I said in an earlier post, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Oct 2015 and I thought my world was coming to an end. I went on a cruise that December. I worked it in between "things" and my oncologist told me to never let it rule my life. In any event, according to the rules he probably only lost 25% of the cost, so depending on what he booked, that loss might have been even less than the cost of insurance.
  5. April42749

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    Of course they'll resell it. But they have rules and if they bend for one, they have to bend for all, because the other 99,999 people who have heart conditions, broken legs, the flu, other kinds of cancers (and I have breast cancer too), mother died, friend died...and didn't buy insurance....will get angry and boycott NCL...if they don't get restitution. So, what's better, to have one angry customer or a shipload of them? I am all for NCL having a rule (that was in the contract) and sticking to that rule.
  6. April42749

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    I've found that people who use "the customer's always right" mantra are the customers the business doesn't want. In addition (from personal experience) the "friends and family" who hear the "woe is me story" take it with a grain of salt.
  7. OK...this is from my trip on the Escape last month. In the gym there are 2 bathrooms, one for men, one for women. They are both wheelchair accessible, with one toilet per sex. I'm talking about the kind where you push the button to open the door, which can take about 30 seconds, and then another 30 seconds for the door to close. Now...remember....one toilet per sex, no other options close by. I'm not anti-handicapped by any means....but how many times have you seen a person in a wheelchair in the gym???
  8. April42749

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    If you cancelled between 109-116 days out your penalty should only have been 25%. At 105 days out it should have been 50%. In either case, you were not out the total cost of the cruise. I don't know you wife's case or condition...but I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago, October, and sailed 2 months later. Obviously everyone is different but if she is feeling up to it you may be able to salvage that part of your trip.
  9. April42749

    Choir of Man on Escape

    I know I'm in the minority...but, probably because I don't drink beer....the show was "ok" but nothing special. I didn't eat the meal......not a meat eater. We got there about 30 minutes early and were offered "awful seats". We got re-seated at "not as bad" seats. We went to the early show early on the cruise.
  10. April42749

    MSc website

    I got a tip on anther thread a few days ago. I entered a different e-mail address and my info....and (shockingly) it worked. I can see everything now and plan things!
  11. April42749

    Former loyal to Royal - first impression of MSC

    Thanks for the review. I have a cruise booked for Oct 2019 (NY-Canada) that I'm really not too sure about (itinerary to Canada in Oct could be brrrrr....plus MSC website). The point of that cruise would be for the ship, and silly as it sounds, the pizza so I'm relying on fair and balanced reviews.
  12. April42749

    "pure chaos" as Sunshine lists

    We were just on NCL Escape and there was a talk by the engineer. He said that ship (it was a little rocky at the time) could go over 65 degrees without a problem. We were at 2 degrees and feeling it.
  13. April42749

    Upgrade in cabin after final payment made

    OP wants to "upgrade" to a better cabin and get the price difference as an OBC. It' not going to happen. They will only upgrade if you pay them more money. As far as price going down and getting OBC....the price went down on my recent cruise and I asked the TA if NCL would give me an OBC (25% as I read here) for the difference. The TA said "no". When I asked on this forum about the policy I was flamed blah blah blah for being so greedy & cheap. I think (and think only) that the policy is to give nothing, but if you deal with NCL directly and get a nice rep and ask to speak to the supervisor and the sun is in the right position, then you may have luck (TA has to do more work and probably receive less in commission).
  14. I used the app as soon as we got on board and had no problem getting the times we wanted (early). I goofed on something and called the desk from the room as soon as we got into the room and again had no problem correcting my mistake. There were more time slots available than on-line.
  15. April42749

    Looks like the Gem missed GSC today

    Personally, I don't think you're missing much. The beach is very rocky and shallow water slippery. The tenders could rock. The wait to get a tender (both ways) could be long if you want to go early or leave late. The food lines could be long. It's row after row of chairs. We made it last week on the Escape, but only went because DH wanted to go. I would have been just as happy staying on the ship.