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  1. April42749

    Turning Platinum

    Please confirm (or correct): We will be turning platinum on our next cruise. We will be entitled to platinum benefits (laundry) during the cruise. Thanks
  2. April42749

    Norwegian Gem Minisuites - yay or nay?

    If you are short, you won't like the bathtubs. They are hard and scary (nothing to hang on to) to get in and out.....very high wall.
  3. April42749

    Escape Chior of Man

    It's in the theater and it's free. Last week they invited the audience up to the stage for beer. It's basically about some guys who hang around a bar and drink beer.
  4. April42749

    Epic Failure - live onboard now (1.26.2019)

    So, I just read your original post. 1-Cleaning crew did not give you cleaning supplies. If they gave you their supplies, what would they use to do their cleaning with? 2-Non changing menus: You ate everything on the menu for every meal? You're on a 7 day cruise. I'm sure there are more than 7 items. 3-Gym not open before 6am: I got "asked to leave the gym" at 11pm once. It was an inconvenience, but I wouldn't expect an overnight attendant so a couple of people could work at at "off hours".
  5. April42749

    Room steward gift ideas

    The only thing that won't end up in the garbage is CASH! Just wanted to add, that although your intentions are good, I'd personally throw out a bottle of sauce because I don't need or use sauces. This is why I don't get involved with roll call gift exchanges. It's highly unlikely anyone would me anything that I wouldn't consider clutter.
  6. April42749

    Cruise Next - OBC Question

    Yeah...I agree. Marketing 101.....let people think they are getting something more than they are getting.
  7. April42749

    Cruise Next - OBC Question

    If you purchase FCC while on board the OBC goes towards that purchase. So, if the cost is $500, the OBC is $250...and you're left with a $250 expense on your account.
  8. April42749

    Help diagnosed with breast cancer

    Just to post my own bc story & cruising (dates may be off only by a day or so): Diagnosed-10/2/15 Lumpectomy-11/11/15 Cruise-12/10/15 Radiation-12/27/15-2/2/16 Cruise-2/18/16 Point being....I know you are stressed (I was)....but the healing process can be swift. For the record....I had Stage 1A
  9. April42749

    Taxi advice New York

    Curious....but what time did you disembark? I think the taxis on the upper ramp are the same taxis that are dropping people off for the next sailing. Maybe you were too early. I've never used the upper ramp, but I know someone who does all the time and he never complained. He's also the last one off the ship. Ok...I just reread your post...7:40. If it was 9:40 you wouldn't have had a problem.
  10. April42749

    NCL and Canada

    In discussion with a friend yesterday about "entering the US" I mentioned that you cannot enter Canada if you have a felony on your record. I know this information is on "the computer" so "Canada" knows who isn't allowed. And I assume that when you check in...the agents at the pier have access to this information so they know who cannot board the ship. I said "assume". I doubt most people are aware of this regulation. If you had a felony 10 years ago and lived a clean life....why would you even worry about this affecting your entrance to Canada? But I know that as a passenger.....I am responsible for knowing things. If you show up at the pier...and they somehow check the master computer that knows everything, are you denied boarding? And, if by some chance you are let on the ship....do "they" make you stay on the ship in Canada?
  11. April42749

    Priority Tender at Grand Cayman

    Hmmm....thanks for the responses. According to "Timetables" there's only going to be one other ship that day. NCL has a submarine tour @ 11:15 which I estimate would mean meeting in the theatre about 10:30. I spoke to the vendor; I wanted to make sure I could book directly. (Vendor told me NCL is scheduled for the 11:30 sailing.) Same tour...same submarine but an hour later (price difference is minimal), at 12:30....and vendor doesn't ask for pre-payment. I'll plan on joining the line about 11. And if we don't make, well then I have over $200 extra to buy a bauble.
  12. We are platinum and I believe this gives us priority tendering. I'm asking about Grand Cayman specifically. Does that mean we just walk to the front of the line? Do we have to book the tender? I'm booking a private excursion for noon time and I want to plan appropriately. Thanks!
  13. April42749

    Quality of Laundry Service

    So.....since I'm the OP I'll tell you my results: I sent underwear (including bras), t-shirts, very casual inexpensive dresses...etc and everything came back perfect. Next month we're doing a 2 weeker....and I plan on sending the same things down to the laundry. I'm not sending embellished t-shirts, leggings or any pants (ok....maybe older leggings...they can be experimental)....or any dresses I care about.
  14. April42749

    NCL Lied to me 3 times!!!

    If the TA knew when you made the reservation, she should have been aware of the 30 day period. I'm not doubting NCL said "60 days"...because I'm almost sure I was told this also. But, I remember, as a fact, that the TA told me that his agency gave me 30 days. I recall that I was surprised at the "60 day" thing, because I always thought it was 30 days.
  15. April42749

    NCL Lied to me 3 times!!!

    I am not going to bet my life on this, but I think this happened fairly recently with NCL (it's which cruise line that's blurry in my memory). The rep at the cruiseline told me "60 days". The TA told me that it's "30 days". The TA said the cruiseline allows 60 days for the transfer but, they at his travel agency said it had to be within 30 days. He said some TAs have different policies and allow 60 days. (I am aware that someone posted a 30 day policy.) There may have been some sort of miscommunication. Maybe your TA only allowed 30 days.