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  1. My April cruise has been saying that for quite a while. I called last week and the rep said that it was still sailing.
  2. Enjoy your cruise! I bet lots of NYC people, sick and tired of sitting at home, will be on that ship too 🙂
  3. I was on a 3/1 NCL cruise. At that time, on the NCL board, people were discussing how they could hide any symptoms (coughs, fever etc) just in case they were screened at embarkation. So you are absolutely correct; many people are irresponsible. It's part of the "me and only me" thing.
  4. Unfortunately many of those sick people are asymptomatic. That guy who just got up to give you his seat, well he doesn't know that he's sick. Nobody is asking you to opt out of life, but just to put certain things on hold. A cruise ship has a very dense population, with people from all over. Maybe "your state" has just a couple of deaths, but people from "my state" will be flying in to take your cruise, because the ship is sailing. And "my state" is not, at this point, a healthy state.
  5. My point is....lots of kids....lots of commotion. Also...lots of cabins at max capacity.
  6. It was President's Week. What did you expect?
  7. I know what he was asking and I'm not saying that OP should have complied. More...just to be more compassionate. OP had a few options: Keep the DSC and give him some extra (My option and to be honest, I would have given him less than I originally planned because of what he asked). Drop the DSC and give him everything Keep the DSC and give him nothing Drop the DSC and give nobody anything Report him to the captain etc We all would handle it as we see fit. I don't like when people ask for extra tips (it was part of the reason I dropped my hairdresser) but I take into consideration "Why?"
  8. Did you book a special promotion with a non-refundable portion? I've canceled and rebooked multiple times...no fees.
  9. Ya know....people ought to count their blessings. For "not much $$" you can relax on a cruise ship, eat to your hearts content, be entertain, have someone scrub your toilet etc..... People should show compassion for someone who does physical work 12 hours/7 days a week and makes $233. If you can't help them out at least don't make it worse for them over a couple of bucks. You never know when you'll be in someone else's shoes.
  10. No....I don't think it's right that he asked and I wouldn't like to be asked. But, the fact that he asked means that he's willing to risk his job for a few dollars. I certainly wouldn't want to get him in trouble. If he put me in that position I had give him something and tell him not to ask other passengers. And, we are assuming it's just this one guy who asked....not the entire crew. If more than one person asked I'd get annoyed and not bother.
  11. I live in NYC....the heart of NYC....minutes away from "the bad area". I assume the person robbing me is threatening physical harm. The steward is more like the guy panhandling. Don't like it....but happy I'm the one giving, not asking.
  12. One day your 11 year old will be a grown-up and then you can cruise when school is in session. It's a whole different fish. You seriously couldn't give me a free cruise during any "holiday week". The ships are just too crowded and the kids can get underfoot or just plain annoying (like knocking on doors and pushing elevator buttons).
  13. I'd take it this way. The steward was wrong, however, that he did this means "he really needs the money".\ I wouldn't report him; I'd give him a couple of extra dollars. I'm happy I'm in the position to do this and I wouldn't judge or want to get him in trouble. I know...you all think I'm wrong.
  14. That you sailed during President's Day week, the mobs don't surprise me. We (well me, DH is still open to it) don't bother with the private island. We don't go early and the last time we got there the line for food was sooooo long we turned around and took the next tender back. It's just not the same since they make the lagoon area exclusive. If you ever go again, stay on the ship and enjoy the peace and quiet.
  15. Machine assumes you walked away and forgot your card. Actually....that's better than leaving it on the screen for someone else to claim.
  16. Thanks....yeah....now I remember pulling my card out too soon and wondering where my money went!a
  17. I haven't been on NCL for a year and I forget "basic casino". You put your card into the slot...and you put in cash. Do you need to get a PIN etc? (I think so...in case you want to charge to your cabin.) When you're done....you cash out...and get a ticket. The proceeds don't go on your card...just the physical ticket. Am I remembering correctly?
  18. We've done the Daytona Raceway trip, we've done the Best of Port Canaveral, we've done the Orlando Eye/Mme Toussand's and the Disney Springs. There was enough time for all of them and we enjoyed all of them. Going to Kennedy or any other Disney attraction is not worth it. This is one port where you can't just wander around the terminal (we did that once too....waste of time). We did Cocoa Beach also....typical US East Coast Atlantic Ocean beach. "Special" only if you usually don't go to East Coast Atlantic Ocean Beaches.
  19. Go to a therapist NOW....and he/she can give you some tips on how to deal with anxiety. Ships are moving vehicles....the ship will rock; the ship may roll from side to side or rise and go down. You may panic every time you feel motion. Or....you may get on board and after an hour of "smooth sailing" have no problem. I had a bad experience on NCL Dawn over 10 years ago. I've gone on about 20 cruises since that time...I'm still alive and well... but I'd be anxious about going on the Dawn.
  20. Bring aspirin and take a couple right before you board. Good-bye temperature. Take non-drowsy cold medicine. Take cough syrup. Good-bye cold symptoms. Take zicam for a few days before the trip. Good-bye cold.
  21. And this is why I will absolutely never give any money to a go-fund-me. Who wouldn't accept "free money"?
  22. I'm so happy to hear of your happy outcome. I know some people think the whole passport issue is racial discrimination....it's not. Companies have to drawn a line somewhere and NCL took the conservative approach. It's not much different when the captain decides to skip a port due to weather....some would try, others don't want the responsibility of the risk.
  23. Can you read the contract? Maybe it lists "what happens if a port is canceled" and what you get refunded. I'd definitely go the "complaint route" on this one....... Good luck
  24. Well.....woops. I just follow the cruises out of NYC. I'm am shocked....their stupid experiment was a major failure.
  25. As I see it, they aren't offering the deep discounts they used to offer. They've just put pricing back to "normal range" which by comparison to a few days ago seems like a deep discount.
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