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  1. Actually the showers in the Edge room are pretty generous, relatively speaking. I believe in the locker room, there may be one small shower. The whole spa/gym setup is pretty disappointing, IMO.
  2. I was just on the edge in January. No they do not have any free steam or sauna in the men's locker room. It is pretty sad and boring. Even the paid area doesn't have much to offer, AND it's all coed. 😔
  3. Very interesting...always love a nice plunge in the hottub, especially if I don't have to wear a bathing suit. 😉 On the Jade class ships, are the thermal suites gender-specific or co-ed?
  4. Yes it says the same for me. That is strange. Do you have an email address, kik, or WhatsApp to reach you at?
  5. Hi there. I will be more than happy to help out. Send me a private message and we can chat in detail.
  6. Sounds good and I agree. Do you guys experience the same types of good conversations in the hot tub as you do in the steam/sauna...or do you find it harder to have conversations in there?
  7. What the etiquette/dress for the hot tub? Do guys wears trunks, or do they usually go in hot tub nude (like one would use the steam/sauna)?
  8. Yes I always find it absurd (and downright rude/inconsiderate when guys where clothes and sneakers inside the spa areas. Their true purpose and origin of the steam room and sauna was to use it nude & to clear out all of your impurities and toxins. It's a place of relaxation, and cleanliness and Purity. Wearing your clothes and shoes inside the steam room brings in all the environmental impurities and dirt, and causes unnecessary mud on the floor and benches. This is a place where people may have their bare skin exposed. And yes I find it utterly ridiculous to see guys put on
  9. This would be great if we could all collectively make updates to the list, as of January 2020...as I know there have been a few refurbs and the listing may be outdated a bit.
  10. Going on the Celebrity Edge, for the first time, this weekend. Anyone know if there are single-sex saunas or steam rooms in the locker area?
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