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  1. I just realized I titled this thread "Glacier Bay" instead of "Hubbard Glacier". Ooops! ðŸĪĶðŸŧ‍♀ïļ I don't know if there's a way to fix it so I'm calling myself out before someone else does. ðŸĪŠ
  2. Yes, we were on the same sailing! We had such gorgeous weather and in Skagway saw the most beautiful rainbows. I would love to go back again!
  3. Someone on Facebook suggested that these vouchers may have been issued on cruises where there was no Captain's Party. I think that would explain it as I have been on several 3-5 day cruises.
  4. My Panama Canal cruise was Nov-Dec 2017 and this cruise was May-June 2018, so the timeline you are giving lines up with my experience. Unfortunately I am a year behind on pushing out vlogs 😅, I believe the internet packages have also changed again by this time. I've attached a photo of the drink voucher we used to receive on embarkation days. I believe we started receiving them once we reached Platinum level in the Captain's Circle.
  5. That's great advice, thank you for sharing! I also spotted a few open decks at the aft where I probably could have had a less-crowded view. I didn't attend any sessions in the theater but they had a National Park Ranger narrating as we went through Glacier Bay and it was so interesting and informational. I really enjoy how Princess brings naturalists and Rangers onboard for scenic cruising, they also did that while we were going through the Panama Canal.
  6. I wanted to share my vlog from the second day of my southbound voyage of the glaciers on Coral Princess, scenic cruising at Glacier Bay. The ship didn't arrive to the glacier until mid-afternoon so the morning was packed with all kind of activities from a movie and bingo to a martini presentation in the piazza. People always talk about getting out early to claim chairs, but I found that the actual struggle was to get a spot at the railing where there weren't windows between me and the view. I had been on the Coral just a few months prior and found that so many things had changed. The muster drill changed from an announcement from the Captain to a song, they added hand washing stations at the entrance of the buffet (loved this!), the internet went from pay-per-minute to unlimited package pricing, and they did away with happy hours (boo!).
  7. You will have a blast, I'm sure! Happy cruising 😊ðŸ›ģ
  8. I don't recall seeing kids during this tour but am not sure if that was due to there not being many on our cruise, or to age restrictions from the tour company. How old are the kids you're thinking of bringing? A few people were frightened by the crocodile we saw but other than that I don't believe the tour is too challenging or dangerous as long as your kept the kids in front of you on the raft so you could keep an eye on them. Have a wonderful cruise in December!
  9. Thank you and how exciting, a B2B will be amazing! So true - the ship, crew and service were all great both times I cruised on Coral. I really like the Universe Lounge, it's a beautiful theater space with the best seating. Awesome! Can you tell me if there are ever boarding delays there? It was such a fast process getting through security and I can't remember seeing any seating.
  10. Pam gave the correct pricing. Here is a video I made of my day in the Sanctuary during the passage (same voyage). In addition to what others have mentioned there were unlimited mimosas served all morning and then the drink of the day was given to us in a souvenir cup. The cabana seat I got was the same price as all the other chairs, I'd highly recommend trying to get one. *Run*, don't walk, after embarking to book your seat.
  11. Yes, I will add the videos here as I post them. 👍
  12. I've just posted a vlog of my Coral Princess embarkation day in Whittier, Alaska. This was the beginning of a 7-day Southbound voyage of the glaciers that I booked on a crazy Drop & Go sale ($298, solo). The embarkation process at this port is very different from all the other cruises I've been on. I enjoyed the new song Princess has for the muster drill and was SO HAPPY to find out that they upgraded from the pay per-minute internet to offering a three-tiered package. I think the internet pricing might be a transitional thing that will phase out when ships are upgraded to Medallion, I would like to know what the pricing looks like on Medallion ships if anyone can share!
  13. I got an AMAZING last-minute deal on the Coral Princess, $298 as a solo passenger for a guaranteed interior cabin for a 7 day southbound voyage of the glaciers. Here is the first part of my vlog for that trip, traveling from Seattle to Whittier by flying Alaska Airlines and taking an ACT transfer bus from Anchorage to the ship. The start of another wonderful vacation! Pre-Cruise Transfer
  14. I wanted to share my Coral Princess cruise vlog showing our stop in Puerto Vallarta where I took a snorkeling excursion to the Marietas Islands. The boat ride to and from the snorkeling spot was hilariously entertaining! I was a little surprised that the water was so deep and wavy in comparison to the calm, shallow waters in Aruba. Back on the ship for the final formal night I was invited to attend a vow renewal ceremony that was very beautiful and well-coordinated by the crew. I'd never had the chance to see a wedding or vow renewal onboard before and was really impressed by all that the package included. What an experience! https://youtu.be/V8odgOEsJW4
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