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  1. I am not painting the entire area with a broad brush, I have been to the Bahamas many times as well and made wonderful memories. These ports are different in that they are vocal about not wanting cruise passengers to visit. The only other place I've been to where that was the case was Venice - they had protesters in canoes with signs telling us to leave as our Princess ship entered the port. As we walked through town, residents called us 'stupid Americanas', delayed or refused service, etc. Pardon me for wanting to avoid that.
  2. Well, we have made our deposit even given sincere concerns about the viability of our plans. I'd love to see a pink sand beach but aside from that we will stay on the ship to enjoy the Crystal Cruises hospitality rather than facing potential hostility in ports. I am glad to know that a lot of you will risk it, have faith in the kindness of people and try to support the locals, but being on the first sailing I will leave that for others to explore. Really not interested in having rocks thrown at us or any of the other horrid things I've heard that others experienced.
  3. Thank you all - I suppose that paying via debit card as I was planning to do is not ideal. I will check the options with my card companies. Really appreciate the info!
  4. After reading several threads here about the financial status of Crystal, I am hesitant to pay the deposit on our July 3rd booking until I have purchased insurance. I haven't had any luck identifying a company that will cover this cruise in case of company bankruptcy; an email from the Crystal agent I booked through has been my only offer for insurance on this trip so far. I sincerely doubt that is going to provide the coverage I desire. Normally I sail with Princess and they give me insurance for free because of my status so I am not experienced with finding it on my own. Can som
  5. Do you mind sharing the name of your insurer? We are booked for the July 3 sailing (maybe will meet you onboard!) and are in need of similar coverage. TIA!
  6. Thank you, very well said! I appreciate the perspective and agree with your point that both parties need to put a little effort in to make the experience what we're all looking forward to.
  7. I choose not to give my hard-earned money to people that look down on me as less-than. If they don't want me in port I will happily stay on the ship and took their commentary as offensive. I am happy to see some other perspectives here but it is absolutely not a waste of energy to pay attention to where you spend money.
  8. Great points Keith and Mudhen - I would like to see the ports and finally visit foreign destinations for the first time in a couple of years so hope there will not be outward hostility toward visitors when we arrive. We are on the first sailing out of Nassau so I anticipate any issues will rear their heads for us. Thanks for the reassurance! 🤞
  9. I was surprised to read this story suggesting that a couple of the ports slated for our summer cruise itinerary don't want to welcome Crystal Cruises because they prefer "high-end" clientele. Personally, because of the mask requirements and other flaming hoops we will have to jump through in order to visit the Bahamas, I wasn't planning to get off the ship to begin with. After reading this I don't think I will leave the ship at all, I find it insulting. I would understand if their issue was that they don't normally accommodate 900 tourists at one time, but this seems to be more focused on the
  10. I am booked for July 3rd, it will be my 30th cruise across all brands, but I am new to Crystal and it will be my first all-inclusive experience. How exciting! 💃
  11. Wow, I've been so excited to get my cabin assignment tomorrow for the July 3rd cruise and now reading this am terrified. I thought the sale was too good to be true. I really hope this all works out 😢
  12. I'm afraid this is what they'll tell me tomorrow when I call. What a nice surprise for my cabin mate who paid nothing and will not be going on the future cruise I'll be booking. Lol
  13. Thanks for the heads up, I'll try calling them tomorrow morning.
  14. Very interesting, thank you! I just logged in and see that they have applied a $100 FCC to my account. So now that just leaves $100 unaccounted for.
  15. I was hoping that someone here might have experienced the same and could explain, I dread spending any time on the phone (hold) but will call them this afternoon if nobody knows. I'm sure they are flooded with calls and don't want to add to it.
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