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  1. Thanks John. Do you remember the magicians name? Or can you look it up in the Fun Times (if you don't mind)?
  2. gumballz

    Dream leaving NOLA

    Nice picture! Thanks for sharing. :)
  3. The Imagination does not have hair dryers in the cabin. You can ask your cabin steward if he/she can get you one to borrow, and if there's one available he/she will....but it may be best to just bring your own.
  4. gumballz

    Carnival Glory 1/7/17 Disaster

    I don't want to belittle anyone or start anything, but we were on this cruise and it was far from a disaster. Sure, we had some rough seas and high winds and we did miss two ports, but we were kept safe and Carnival added activities and did their best to keep everyone happy (not to mention their generosity in giving us the 25% discount). As I posted in the other thread (link above), the winds in Grand Turk that day were a steady 37 knots with some gusts. I've posted a short video on YouTube of the captain attempting to dock. I'm not sure if posting a link is allowed, but I'll try. https://youtu.be/airGKzL0UXs Happy Cruising :)
  5. gumballz

    Current Glory problems??

    We were on the Glory last week and experienced the adverse weather and missed ports. We missed both ports due to high winds, as others have said. We spoke to Eric Brouman (Glory CD) right after he had finished dealing with the mob at the guest services. He told us that he was on the bridge as the captain was attempting to dock us in Grand Turk. The thrusters were working hard to counteract the wind (he said the winds were a steady 37 knots, with some gusts). The captain did attempt a few times, but eventually aborted and backed out. We were pretty close once, but that wind was nasty. We watched the attempts to dock from our balcony on deck 7 and we were saying to each other that if we got close to that pier, the wind was going to shove us into it hard. We were glad the captain made the call to abort. It would have been foolish of him to attempt to dock us. The Caribbean Princess also skipped Grand Turk that day. I have photos and video, but haven't yet uploaded them so I don't know if they turned out or not. As for the mob...yes, there was a large mob of people at the guest services chanting with their arms up ('We Have Rights' was the one we heard) and there was pushing and a lot of anger. Security was everywhere and crew members made a half circle to help keep the unruly passengers away from guest services. Someone (no clue who started it) announced that Carnival had not paid their required fees to Grand Turk in over a month, and that's why we were turned away. When someone asked who told them that, they said, "It's on the internet!" and people got angrier. It was absolutely ridiculous, to be honest. I also have a photo of the mob at guest services, but I won't post it because I don't agree with their behavior & there are a lot of faces in that photo.....so I also don't want to embarrass anyone who may have come to their senses after the fact and regret their decision to 'riot' (it was not a riot, but some people involved were calling it that). We received port fees back for missed ports and we did get a 25% discount on another cruise. We felt that the offer was very generous, and unnecessary (although, we will use it!). A side note, our excursion was also cancelled in St Thomas because the weather had been so bad that visibility under water was minimal and there was a lot of seaweed. St Thomas was a beautiful day while we were there, though! :) Someone mentioned above that the weather wasn't that bad....and it wasn't too bad. It was the wind that was bad. The seas were rough and we were tossed the first couple days. I believe it was the second night, around 2am-3am, a lot of people were awoken by the ship slamming down into the water extremely hard. So hard, that dishes fell in the aft dining room and things fell off of counters in some cabins (ours included). We were awoken with a start and immediately asked each other if we were ok, because it was loud and hard. We were rocking back and forth in our beds, too. It was kind of fun, but I can see where some people could be scared by it. The only real problem with the ship, that we noticed or heard about, was that there was some water (or whatever liquid it was) leaking into some cabins. We know of at least 13 cabins that had minor to severe water issues during the week. Four of those were mid-ship and the rest were aft. We did see blowers in a few hallways, as well, so obviously there was water (or something) issues there too. With dry dock coming up, I'm sure they will address this problem. The best part of the week was that we were kept safe and we were on a cruise and not at home working, cooking, cleaning, etc. Oh, and since we only stopped in San Juan and St Thomas, we didn't have to go through customs when we arrived back into Miami...so disembark was mega fast! :) We were group 1 (not self assist) and we were off at 7:30.
  6. Hi Carl! Nice little write-up! Thanks for taking the time to share with us. Happy to hear you're booked on the Dream next year. We will be sailing with you, so....see you then! :)
  7. gumballz

    VIP check in Long Beach

    We sailed out of Long Beach a couple weeks ago and, although it was still somewhat of a mess, it was a little more organized. Diamonds/Platinums (as well as FTTF) still check in at the small building across from the parking garage. They tell you that you can wait inside, and they will escort you into the front of the line when we are allowed to board (we've tried that several times and not once were we escorted anywhere) or you can wait outside by the #1 sign. We chose to wait outside this time and a rep approached the group waiting by the #1 sign and asked all the Diamond and Platinum guests to move over in front of the sign and the FTTF people were told to wait behind the #1 sign (some FTTF people got heated about this and caused a scene...which the rep handled well). Shortly after we were told to move, they allowed the Diamond & Plat people to board (after the two wedding parties). I'm guessing the FTTF people boarded right after us. We checked in around 10:40 and were allowed to board at 11:10. That's the earliest we have been allowed to board in Long Beach in awhile. Usually it is later...in our experience.
  8. gumballz

    Plat gift?

    We got the Croc Visor on the Imagination two weeks ago, but we were able to exchange them for Tervis cups.
  9. gumballz

    Best for Pics....Camera or Cell Phone

    Oakman58, I also have the Canon Powershot SX710, and really like the WiFi feature. I was wondering if you can use that WiFi feature to send pictures from the camera to an iPad or iPhone while on the ship, without purchasing any of the ship's WiFi plans? Or, is it necessary to pay in order to do that? (hopefully that makes sense)
  10. gumballz

    U230 Carnival Inspiration

    Well, not the cabin...but the hallway outside of your cabin. And, yes, we took it both ways. It will actually come out right below the Serenity area and you'll take different stairs up one more flight. You'll see what I mean. It's easy. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. gumballz

    U230 Carnival Inspiration

    We've stayed in U230 on the Inspiration & we'd stay in that cabin again. It's a quiet location and, if the window is clean enough, you can see the ship's wake. The cabin is a bit bigger than regular oceanview cabins, which is nice. We always try to book the aft facing cabins on the Fantasy class ships. There's a stairway across from your cabin that will take you up to the Serenity area. The doorway wasn't marked, and we didn't know about it until our cabin steward told us to give it a try. It was nice to have access right outside our cabin (and since it wasn't well known, it was basically a private stairway). Enjoy your cruise!
  12. gumballz

    Christmas Decorations in New Orleans

    Mitsugirly, Thank you for the photos. I love the atmosphere in NOLA and I can only imagine how magical it must be during the holidays. I read about that Santa run...lol I think we just miss it. Too bad....looks fun!
  13. gumballz

    Christmas Decorations in New Orleans

    Thank you both for your replies! I appreciate it!
  14. Can anyone tell me when New Orleans decorates for the Christmas holiday season? Will lights/decorations be up the first week in December? We've been to NOLA pretty much every time of the year, except December. We've heard how beautiful the city is when it's all decorated and we're hoping to experience it. I've searched the boards, and Google, but cannot find the answer. Thanks for your help. :)