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  1. Ill do you one better, as I have already emailed Corporate with the name and the employee number of the supervisor for outstanding customer service and do diligence of check previous calls and information.
  2. They switch us and my parents, so it was a relief that I could call my parents and tell them that I did not have to show them "How to work the uber thing" The funny thing was that the supervisor said it was remarkable that I remained calm and respectful to all the different reps I had to deal with.
  3. Thanks Tarps14 for understanding the totality of the circumstances. To the individuals that are only posting negative comments, I hope that you never have a perfect storm situation that cost you cash, or the chance to make memories with your families but I am sure you would just let it roll of your shoulders. Just to let ya'll know I was contacted by a NCL representative who agreed with me and proceeded to switch our reservations with little issue after reviewing the case and notes as well as listening to the previous five hours of calls where I was told things would happen to only have someone else contradict them. They booked us on a different ship leaving 1 day earlier and thanked me for bringing up the issues and even offered a extra promotion which I denied and they hope that I will continue to be a loyal NCL cruiser. At least there are some fantastic supervisors hiding around their corporate office.
  4. I understand that there are some things we could have done differently to avoid the situation, The insurance is one thing, I do not think my wife not wanting to tell me we are pregnant in the high risk for loosing it issue was a communication issue. I am sorry that my wife miscounted the pregnancy days by 1. My issue is with the resolutions offered. We did not ask for our money back but to simply switch to another ship (In this case it would have been the Star) We would have payed the difference of the cruise fare and it would of ended right there and incurred the cost of hotel and airfare changes. Norwegian would of had more money and we would have been kept together and would have remained Norwegian customers. The other issue is the different responses from different agents and supervisors and being called a liar constantly on the phone. How many companies have you heard of that tell customers that they do not want to fix a issue and at the same time take more of your money.
  5. Booked a cruise, two cabins on the Escape. This was going to be our third cruise with Norwegian and they were going strong to keep as avid cruisers and loyal customers. Then my wife got pregnant and it was a surprise. She did not tell me until 2 months in in case something happen because the doctor said there was only 4% chance so we were not planning on it. Back to the cruise. We booked Balconies for both me, my wife, and my stepdaughter as well as my parents. We were suppose to leave on March 10th, and we send the pregnancy info into the cruise line and they said we were over their limit by 1 day! That is okay, I say that we would be alright with a refund or even better just moving to a new ship that leaves 1 day earlier since its our wedding anniversary and the cruise was my step daughters Christmas gift. They said we could change via email from access desk. They then say that we can only get a refund for our cabin and only change our cruise but my parents have to stay or pay a 1,000 dollar fee to change. This is after we are going to loose money on hotels and flights. I speak to multiple people at Norwegian and get told different things, including Cristal who called me a liar and said that I didn't say the things I was telling her. One rep said they would wave the 1000 dollar fee if we all upgraded to the Bliss and pay the difference in cost amounting to 2600 dollars. Another rep said they would call me back within 3 days but I had to call about a week later. A different rep said they would offer 500 dollars of cruisenext credit if we payed the penalty. I asked if we could change boats to one closer to the price we already paid and said that we would pay for a 1,000 dollars of on board credit to be used but nope. They said it was because of different reservation numbers but the fact is that I was told by a Norwegian rep that in order for my parents to get their cruisenext rewards and other promotions they needed to do their own reservation, which i set up for them since they did not know how. Norwegian would do well to talk to Disney about customer service. So the only choice we were left with is my older parents must travel to New York alone to cruise alone while they refund my money for me and my family to choose to cruise with a different company. Never asked for anything for free just wanted to keep my family together most companies offer concessions.
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