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  1. I do if its abroad and its not a sightseeing trip. If we are going to a resort or a cruise we prefer to have a drink package so there is not guess work. If someone wants to get a drink... they do no math involved, I feel its more carefree. So if that is something that the OP is looking for then that is their prerogative.
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses. A lot of good information has been given. We try not to cruise to the same locations and look for new ports or places first when we are looking so I guess we kind of go by that more often than not, but have just ended up with NCL for most of them. My parents love cruising with us on NCL but I had to get them back into cruising because they did a few Carnival and did not enjoy them very much. One of the things that lured me to NCL early was the option to eat at anytime we choose instead of designated times although many of the cruise lines are doing this now
  3. Yeah variety would be best I think. A seafood option, chicken option, beef option, and veggie option with a few revolving options seems like it would be for the best for more people.
  4. Was just wondering about some peoples feeling about whether or not it is better to stick with on cruise line for the reward points or to look around? I have always cruise NCL but have been tempted by Royal Caribbean/ Celebrity a time or two. I know that MSC cruise will match your rewards up to a point. Just hard to get to Platnium with NCL and then look else where. What are ya'lls thoughts on the matter.
  5. I am sure there is a cost reasoning behind this. There used to be a lot of crab and lobster on cruises back in the day. When I was little I remember my parents on Carnival where they could order as many lobster tails as they liked. Every thing is driven by money and cost, so I assume there is more value in the changes. I do love some seafood though. I always balked at the BBQ....just not the same but I always have at least on option I enjoy.
  6. Has nothing to do with being right or not, what it has to do with is the original question. If it is factual that the waiters allow wine to be shared at dinner, is that not a fact?
  7. Read the main question in the post.... it was written in bold for your convenience
  8. People have said that the waiters consider a bottle of wine to be by the table. Which was the main question i asked in my original post.
  9. I am the original poster and if you read the whole thing i'm asking what they are strict on what they are not strict with. The first person said if you share the coffee drinks etc you risk looking your drinking privileged and then after some trolls posting another person said / agreed the coffee drinks etc is too much but the premium plus bottles of wine are shared by the table. It goes on to say that I am not sure its worth it depending on what you are able to do.
  10. The other couple does have the premium beverage package, just not the premium plus for certain wines. You say cheap in this instance but in other instances it called smart and getting more for your buck. Is someone cheap for itemizing their taxes to get more back or claiming their charitable donations. We work within systems and if they allow me to share bottles of premium plus wine at the table because its accepted then so be it, some people are just better at the system. Go Stros!
  11. Thank you MNcrusingcouple for your straight forward answer to my question. You are a diamond in the rough of the internet cesspool of online messaging boards.
  12. Pretty sure I have never done that. Of course every time I post on here there has always the troll people that prefer to talk crap then actually just answer the question and that when you look at their post all they do is badger posters as if they are on some higher level. I really do not care what you think. Maybe think about answering post productively instead of lurking looking for people to try and belittle them. Of course the chances of you doing any of that are about as slim as you moving on from this thread.
  13. I don't know if its stealing if you pay for the package and then the upgrade on top of that, simply asked if they would be upset if you shared a bottle of wine at dinner.
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