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  1. I just watched the new "Return to Seven Seas" video introduction to the Regent website. I noticed that, right at its beginning, that the "grand staircase" on the Splendor has been modified - new guard rails at the bottom steps and maybe higher plexiglass on the sides. We were on the Splendor's TA and I remember feeling uncomfortable going down the middle of the staircase when the ship was underway. I wonder what changes were made to the ships, other than those to fight COVID. 

    Early returnees, please plan to post what physical changes you encounter. It'd be fun for DW and I to know - we've now had three cruises (75 nights) cancelled and, probably, may not cruise for about another year!

  2. We have done 18 Regent cruises (but never on the Navigator); we adore the Regent experience. We did the Splendor's first cruise, from Barcelona to Miami - MAGNIFICENT ship and cabins! I believe that F1 or F2 cabins are unbeatable deals  on Explorer and especially on the Splendor. For Miami to Miami, I wouldn't think of a Concierge cabin as there are lots of transportation and hotel options you can arrange yourself at a far less cost. Never had trouble getting specialty restaurant dinner reservations on Explorer or Splendor (Hint: try one the night of embarkation) if I was flexible on time; also the terrific light lunches in P7 and/or Chartreuse are "first come..".

  3. 21 hours ago, docmark said:

    Great Cleckie, I am leaning toward doing the pre cruise. Already have booked business flight LAX-TOKYO, arriving 5:15 AM , worried about feasibility of checking in that day, since info on pre-cruise package says check-in is 4 pm. Looking forward to meeting you !! 


    You should be at the Hilton about 7-7:30AM. There's interesting things to keep you busy (if you're not too tired) within a few blocks of the Hilton until your room is available. During our free time, we did: a large Mall with several department stores (we were fascinated with the food displays); a local shopping street (with a "Japanese" McDs and a "100 Yen" store); a lovely shrine/graveyard; a small art museum (with Van Gogh's "Irises"), a high rise office overlook of the city, etc. Very nice tourist maps on the street corners. Lots of nearby lunch choices. Again, I recommend a night tour - unbelievable!

  4. This i some of what I posted here on May, 17, 2019 about our mariner cruise from Tokyo to Vancouver.


    "Pre-Cruise Adventure. The included “Sunrise Over Tokyo” was unexpectedly delightful and the best organized (yes I know, it is Japan) of the several pre-cruises that we have done with Regent. Not terribly fast-paced which nicely matched our conditions after a 15 hour flight and a 13 hour time change. Tokyo Hilton was beautiful; provided very nice breakfasts to about 250 of us and was nicely located for night time adventure – we did  a wonderful  3 hour “Shinjuku by Night” with “Tours by Locals”. Hilton food looked wonderful but was pricey; we had delicious dinners (Italian and Japanese) in the basement promenade restaurants."

  5. 2 hours ago, sassyw said:

    Was looking at the 360 views of the concierge stateroom and it showed a tub in the bathroom. Was under the impression that all bathrooms have stand alone showers?

    Was on Splendor in February; our concierge cabin had a stand-alone shower AND a tub. We love the E and F cabins on Explorer and on Splendor.

  6. Marc:

    Mary and I took the Hermitage tours with both Regent and Viking River - yes, just OK, BUT also took a small group tour with Viking of the Hermitage warehouses for about 4 hours - FANTASTIC. Don't know if that is still available with a private guide.


    We rate our Faberge visit (during a stay on our own) the BEST of our experiences (and they were many enjoyable ones) in St Petersburg.


    Last visit with Regent, we were docked a good ways from town and traffic was horrendous - so I wouldn't do a city on my own now.

  7.  Sorry, posted on another thread before I remembered this one.


    Rest of our partial refund posted on VISA this AM on 8/15 (but was received by Chase on 8/12 as Regent reported).


    Cruise for July 2020 cancelled by Regent on 5/20/2020.

    Opted for FFC on 5/25 ; was told by our TA the partial refund amount (for taxes, port fees, etc.) to be refunded within 90 days.

    Received 2 credits to CCs on 7/21 (57 days from our decision on FFC vs. total refund).

    Received 2 more credits to CCs on 8/12 (79 days days from our decision on FFC vs. total refund).

    Total of the 4 credits matches the amount told us by our TA (amounted to about 4.8% of cruise invoice for 2 adults and a teenager).

  8. On 8/6/2020 at 10:31 PM, Pcardad said:

    Only takes a long time when Regent cancels the cruise because then the refunds are done by hand...


    Rest of our partial refund posted on VISA this AM on 8/15 (but was received by Chase on 8/12 as Regent reported).


    Cruise for July 2020 cancelled by Regent on 5/20/2020.

    Opted for FFC on 5/25 ; was told by our TA the partial refund amount (for taxes, port fees, etc.) to be refunded within 90 days.

    Received 2 credits to CCs on 7/21 (57 days from our decision on FFC vs. total refund).

    Received 2 more credits to CCs on 8/12 (79 days days from our decision on FFC vs. total refund).

    Total of the 4 credits matches the amount told us by our TA (amounted to about 4.8% of cruise invoice for 2 adults and a teenager).

  9. 2 hours ago, ronrick1943 said:

    The food is good as others say, but great it is not.  Your on a cruise with good chefs, not great ones.  That said we enjoy the food on Regent and that is one many of the reasons we cruise Regent.

    I totally agree!


    DW is a terrific cook and a superb baker - if it was just for the food, I'd prefer to eat at home but she loves "being pampered" (including not having to cook). We've met MANY interesting and enjoyable dinner companions on our Regent cruises.

    DW rates the freshly prepared luncheon pastas with a slice from the carving table as her favorite among the many dishes she enjoys on Regent THE OFTEN DENSE cupcakes are what gets her ire!

  10. 17 hours ago, Ladys Mom said:

    I just looked at my booked cruises, and it appears that the 365 day shore excursion booking date has been in the works for a while.  Several weeks ago when I booked my March 25, 2021 excursions the date was the 28th of July.  Then when I looked at it a couple of days later the date had been moved to March 25, 2020.  I started thinking I was losing my mind because I had been waiting until midnight of that July date to start booking my excursions.  Needless to say I would have booked them earlier if I had seen an earlier shore excursion date.  Then when  I looked at my WC 2022 booking today, the date had been moved to Jan. 5, 2021.

    What a MESS!

    Based upon Marc's post, I checked my Regent account before lunch yesterday.  My July 2021 cruise showed September 20th (300 days prior to sailing) instead of the previously- indicated October date. After lunch, I decided to prepare for the September selection - the account then showed July 7th (365 days prior to cruise) instead of September! I decided to reserve a few "must haves". Silly me! The site is "difficult" in the best of times; now it is GRRRRRR! It took 28 minutes to reserve an "included" excursion. Even with our $1400 of SBC, an attempt to reserve a Regent Choice excursion resulted in a request for additional $161- an unfathomable calculation.

    Come on Regent. 

  11. 32 minutes ago, mrlevin said:


    Jim, they didn't limit you to six items per day?  We were on Mariner with free laundry and they tried to make that limitation.  In hot climates we go through a lot more than six items per day.




    PS If they close self service laundries, what about people that like to self wash more delicate items?  What about people that like to iron?  What about singles (and others) that use self service laundries as a way to meet fellow guests?  Will they totally get rid of the laundries and turn them into additional crew quarters?

    Marc- I don't remember the details BUT I know that Mary and I didn't limit our laundry - we sent out 1 or 2 VERY full bags every other day. When "free" laundry for all was announced, I was concerned about the turn-around but Regent kept "next day" service.


    It's interesting to see the NEW SSS benefits! What happened to pressing for Gold and Platinum?  Am getting the feeling that we should give Viking a try!

  12. 54 minutes ago, Pcardad said:

    Remember when Regent offered free internet to all and the bandwidth they pay for couldn't handle it? The internet went into the toilet.


    Same thing will happen with the laundry. Regent won't increase the capacity and you will get 6 pieces every week or something ridiculous and those who had it for free will get a 3 day turn-around or will pay for same day service.


    Unless capacity is increased - this is simply marketing nonsense.

    We were on a Explorer cruise last year where everyone got "free" laundry - it didn't change what we  (SSS Platinum) were allowed or the turnaround time.

  13. On 8/3/2020 at 11:13 PM, joeinsb said:

    With our FCC in hand from a cruise Regent had to cancel, we are looking at our first transatlantic cruise in fall 2021 and are considering a concierge suite, but they are considerably more expensive than the superior suite we normally book. We are trying to compare the costs if we booked a superior suite and our own hotel room, but I haven't been able to find out any information on a couple of issues. If we book a concierge suite and use the Regent air package, will Regent pick us up at the Barcelona airport and take us to their designated hotel, or will we be responsible for getting our own transportation from  the airport to the hotel.


    I gather that with a concierge suiite, Regent will take us from the hotel to the ship and from the ship to the airport. Is that true? When Regent says porterage is included with the hotel, does that mean they will cover all porter tips when we check in and out of the hotel? I know there are other advantages to a concierge suite, such as early dining and shore excursion reservations, but those benefits don't really concern me. We have never had a problem getting what we want in those areas with our superior suite.


    Any thoughts that longtime Regent passengers have on the wisdom of booking a concierge suite would be greatly appreciated.

    We have done 18 Regent cruises; about 6 were in Concierge. Lots of personal preferences and consideration of SS Society status went into those decisions.We did Barcelona to Miami (via San Juan) in February 2020 on the Splendor in our favorite Concierge Cabin 608 (or 610) and with Regent Air. You have already gotten lots of good info but here's my opinion on the info you requested:

    1. You have a terrific itinerary for a cool weather TA and might get a lot of use for your balcony so a larger Concierge cabin might be of benefit. (it also has  the minor benefit of a cashmere blanket and binoculars).

    2. You are using Regent Air; depending on your SSS status, you could avoid the $175/each  "deviation" fee if you come in a day before embarkation as Concierge.

    3. The Fairmont Rey is presently the scheduled Regent hotel. Nice property but not near much except the soccer stadium; however Metro is about 1/3 mile and goes direct to tourist areas.

    4. Using Regent Air and being Concierge, you will get transport to hotel and to the ship. You will get transport to Miami airport because of Regent Air - NOT because of concierge. Taxis in both Barcelona airport and Miami cruise port were easy to get even with our 4 suitcases.

    Wish you Bon Voyage on a magnificent ship.

    Jim C.

  14. We had a July, 18, 2020 cruise on Explorer for 18-days to Iceland cancelled by Regent; they offered us a Price Match in same cabin category on 2 "similar" cruises in July 2021.

    One was a 12-day, Voyager to Iceland. No Way could this could be anywhere equivalent to our original cruise. In fact, a same size cabin on the 2021 cruise would use up all of the 25%FCC!

    The other offered cruise with Price Match was 18-days on the Splendor in Norway and the Baltic- a great deal for us (hopefully it'll happen). It was same size cabin at cost of previous cruise. If it wasn't for this offer and a desire to take youngest grandson, we would have taken a refund.

  15. I posted the following on April 26th on a Wendy-the Wandered thread:


    "DW and I have been thrilled with our 18 Regent cruises and have looked forward to the 4 more that are booked (1 paid for) BUT we will not cruise again until there is a vaccine that puts our health risk about what the flu season does. Furthermore, I won't do a "luxury" cruise that isn't "luxury" - no masks, no social distance restrictions and probably no "letter from my physician". I would accept a requirement for a letter stating that we have gotten an annual Flu and COVIDXX shot. Otherwise, we will spend the significant cash that we would have provided to Regent on some of the great U.S. and local attractions and restaurants."


    After 3 months, my criteria hasn't changed.

  16. On 7/24/2020 at 12:40 PM, Wendy The Wanderer said:

    Where did you hear about this, Marc?  


    It's too long--114 or so nights was perfect, but 143 is ridiculous.

    My DW, who hasn't been in a store or restaurant for almost 143 days, commented: "sounds TOO SHORT"!

    Looking forward to hearing the boat, the itinerary and the benies.

  17. We've done 18 regent cruises including the Splendor's Maiden voyage (a TA), 6 on the Explorer, and 5 on the Mariner. Here's MY OPINIONs:

    Until the Splendor cruise, the Explorer was my favorite ship BUT Splendor is a great improvement on even the Explorer. For cruises with many sea days, Splendor can't be beat. For itineraries with lots of shore time it still would be my favorite. The "F" cabins are great value!


    We use only standard cabins which are too small for us on extended cruises. For 7 to 14-day, scenic cruises, like Alaska and Norway, I'd prefer Mariner and probably also Mariner for rough seas (although Explorer handled very rough Pacific seas off Mexico extremely well). On our Recent Mariner cruise from Tokyo to Vancouver, we enjoyed the Mariner's stability and outdoor viewing areas.


    ps: Mariner is DW's favorite ship as long as it has the large shower instead of a tub.

  18. Unbelievable! Regent refund for our Deposit on 01/20/2021 Explore cruise from Auckland to Hong Kong. We canceled on 6/17 and were advised deposit would be returned within 90 days. Chase said refund was made on 6/23; I didn't see it until this morning.

    Mixed feeling - happy to get money promptly but it reminds me of our "lost" cruise.

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