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  1. We did Tokyo to Vancouver on the Mariner embarking Tokyo on 27 April 2019 and had the same itinerary as the April 2021 cruise on the Explorer - loved our itinerary. Japan (our first visit) was still in bloom and much more than just cherry blossoms. We luckily had magnificent weather in Alaska and were happily greeted by the locals as one of the first ships of the season. My other thoughts: The seas should be rough in the Bering Sea for either crossing. We were on the Explorer in January 2017 in the Pacific off Mexico and had very rough seas and the Explorer handled it well (I'm not a
  2. Lest we forget the good times! https://www.classicfm.com/artists/alfie-boe/les-miserables-supergroup-bring-him-home/ I ran across this today. The Barricade Boys thrilled DW and I as they performed on the Splendor during the Maiden Voyage and also moved about the ship interacting with the passengers. The Les MIZ video is in support of Britain's NHS during their lock down.
  3. You've surely read Mr. Rumor's joint blog on the Splendor's Maiden voyage. I'll reiterate how great and beautiful this ship is. Regent put on a terrific cruise with special food and drinks and the best entertainment that DW and I had experienced in our 16 previous Regent cruises. Regent took my favorite ship (the Explorer) and corrected its warts that bothered us; our 14 days on the Splendor were pure pleasure. Our downside - in pursuit of new itineraries, our next 4 cruises are on other ships!
  4. Sorry Bill, couldn't get this posted on spread sheet. Guess it's true... "can't teach old engineers _____". Was on Splendor maiden voyage and in Cabin 609; had sailed in the Explorer twice. A very nice cabin on Explorer even better on Splendor. No noise, no vibration, beautiful bath (tub and separate shower), great beige/gray color scheme, lots of drawer and hanging rack (in walk-in closet) space, and convenient to: the 4 forward elevators, Deck 5 computers, and balcony of redesigned theater. HIGHLY recommended cabin.
  5. We tick the boxes - over 80 with cardiac and asthma issues. Three active cases just reported in our town and near us; so - we're staying away from others for our sake and maybe theirs. We have 18 day Explore cruise booked for July with 14 year old grandson. Scary to think about a 14 day quarantine in a small room (cabin) with a teenager. So, lets all pray for a reasonably quick recovery.
  6. Yes to all the above! We were on the Splendor maiden voyage and she became my favorite ship BY FAR. My previous favorite was Explorer Concierge E (608 or 609). DW disagrees about the Explorer and prefers the Mariner, even with the small(er) G cabin - she loves the public areas and the stability of that boat. Because of itineraries our next cruises are:Explorer, Explorer, Voyager, and Voyager - go figure.
  7. Yes, Splendor has 2 UBS ports at the nightstand on each side of the bed.
  8. Thanks for bringing joy to this crazy time. Best wishes for a great voyage, Jim C
  9. We went for a 3.5 mile walk around Old Town Guess who we met in Old SJ near the pier? Alas, he didn't try his pitch on us but he gave us and several others a look-over.It was WARM and overcast but with a nice breeze for a walk. Nice cathedral but mostly souvenier shops. damage still evident from hurricane let alone the earthquake. Great to try legs on land after 6 sea days. Wonderful cruise continues. On-deck party tonight!
  10. In my review, after our October Explorer cruise I brought up the frayed carpet on the main staircase. I believed that not only did it look bad but it might pose a tripping risk.So I had a special interest in the Splendor redesign; I believe that it's very well done. Not only does it give a beautiful view towards CR but it seems very functional. Yes, no carpet. The wood-product flooring feels like "non-slip" and the 2 handrails (4 on the Explorer) seem adequate even for the "rush" after the Constellation Theater lets out.
  11. Oops! Just after posting, I heard about,: TV falling off the wall; shower door falling off, and some switching of cabins because of bangs/squeaks. No first hand knowledge as our cabin remains " perfect". Not to worry, a large contingent of workers on board, Seas continue as "easy', so Splendor hasn't been stressed yet. Our adventure continues as a wonderful experience great food (Pacific Rim tonight) and more terrific entertainment.
  12. You on the next Splendor cruises should have a "perfect" ship. I can understand why Captain Serena gave her Staff such an emotional thanks at the Captain's Reception. I'm amazed at how well and quickly they readied this new ship in a few months. Lots of small things still being "fixed". Yesterday, we had 2 visits from craftsmen to fix things that we didn't know had to be fixed! I'm so fickle; after only a few days, Splendor has replaced Explorer as my favorite ship. Anxious for August to see Splendor itineraries for late 22'.
  13. Daneila (spell?) my favorite F&B Manager (former) is aboard until the 25th acting as Corporate "snoop" (my word). She has been taking lots of photos (and dressed in beautiful "civies") and observing like a mother hen. Told her that DW and I would love to sail with her as a GM. We love our E609 cabin. Same layout as we have had 4 times on the Explorer. It seems slightly smaller (others have the same opinion); perhaps narrower by a few inches. The new fabric colors; a blend of beige, brown and gray with mauve accents really works for me. The bath is a clone of the wonderful Explorer's F
  14. No plastic bottles on the ship (not sure what I will do if there is "boat building"). Reusable metal bottles in cabins for excursions. Just used the refill station in Coffee Connection - worked great and sanitary. Will try other stations and watch for any drama during exit for excursions (first tomorrow). As you can guess from frequent posts, internet is working well. Finding a few "punch list" items; reporting them to GM but I believe he already knows about them. Some shipyard craftsmen aboard. Had lunch in La Veranda. It seems so roomy and yet I was told by manager that capac
  15. Went to lecture this morning and sat in balcony of theater. Tried several seats; almost perfect sight lines. Plexi-glass safety panels have minimal interference. NO small tables in balcony so practicality remains to be seen.
  16. Mystery solved. Small "phone" on charging dock next to bed in Concierge (and above suites) on Explorer and now Splendor - began when Explorer joined the fleet. Can only be used on ship. Purpose for communication to Staff (Spa, Reception, dining venues) or your Cabin when away from the cabin. Easy to use; I tried it yesterday from both ends of the ship. Clip-on to belt. Reception stated that they would be pleased to route calls.
  17. The first day of our Great Adventure wasn't an adventure - "just" a wonderful day on a BEAUTIFUL ship! I'm up at 7 AM on the 7th and hardly any passengers about; we partied to the wee hours. I expected the Splendor as the younger sister of a close friend (the Explorer is our favorite ship). I walked the ship for several hours and my first impression is that she's a beautiful cousin. Many changes and I think all for the good; Splendor is her own ship and not a clone of the Explorer. I'll detail the aspects that posters have asked about in the next 2 weeks and with the help of Mr. Rumor p
  18. Us too! I hope it doesn't make us look too small. On the other hand maybe it doesn't matter.
  19. Just after I posted above. DW did some research on the Barcelonata neighborhood whre we will be with Regent's hotel (Ritz Carlton). My plans were "modified". Gone were both the Zoo ("too expensive for the quality" ) and the Chocolate Museum ("panned on TripAdvisor"). We now are going to take a peek at Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar (never been there); Picasso Museum (been there several times but it never gets old for us); and the Muse de History of Catalunya (can't remember if we have been inside) there. Weather looks fine for DC/NYC on Tuesday travel and a little cool (48 to 60 F) on We
  20. Hi: just saw your post. Probably can't help a lot as with Mr. Rumor, we "wade" into tourist spots BUT have a few ideas that might be enjoyable for you while avoiding crowds of tourists. 1. Sagrada Familia is a magnificent view from a block or so away - the crowds are in or just ouside the location. Bring binoculars. 2. St. Pau Recinte Modernista- the restored hospital complex- is 3 pedestrian blocks North from Sagrada Familia. Not many foreign tourists. Magnificent photo ops. Get the audio guide and spend at least 2 to 3 hours - go into every building you can access. 3. The cabs
  21. Regent didn't "waive" the fees but we (with the "free pre-cruise night") avoided the fees that we would otherwise have paid for arriving one day before embarkation (which we always at least do).
  22. We have been in Concierge suites 4 of our 17 Regent cruises BUT only on the Explorer. Interesting question about spirits, we have always requested wines - a bottle of red and a bottle of white. Next week, we're on the Spendor and I want to try their "new" tonics so I'll ask (and report back) about getting a gin and a voldka in the cabin. As to Concierge, it was worth it to us sometimes because: on the Explorer, the price diffential wasn't large; we could avoid the Regent Deviation Fees; arrive at/near the embarkation city a day early; and get convenient transfers to both hotels and more d
  23. DW and I have been to Barcelona many delightful times. This visit is only an overnight supplied by Regent at the Ritz Carlton near the Zoo and harbour - have not stayed in this area before. I make extensive use of TripAdvisor for my land trips and especially use their "Travel Forum" accessed under "more" for the latest on-the ground info. I'll post on this blog if I pick up any reliable info about the "protests". Much, much to see in Barca; our favorite is Sagrada Familia. I posted my thoughts about my October 2019 visit here on my September 30th thread. We plan to visit the Zoo and Choc
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