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  1. Bags are packed and I am ready and WAITING to take off next Tuesday early with a long layover in JFK. DW (Mary) is watching the weather forecasts FREQUENTLY. I plan to compare Splendor with Explorer. It'll be our 5th TA; our 6th Explorer cruise (2 TAs) and 17th Regent cruise. Four of our Explorer cabins have been E609 where we will be this cruise.. I am "vertically" challenged so those theater sight lines are of major interest to me, who never missesd a lecture or a show there. I must walk A LOT so I won't mind running down any venue-related questions you pose Wish us all well a
  2. Damn! Just about to join the Inaugural Splendor. Lots of hype about the food but no mention of the "food porn"! Looking forward to your photos.
  3. Our 17 cruise documents from Regent have Always come in a nice pouch. I turn them in at Receptions on the ship; we have no longterm use for them. I've been STOPPED (especially Miami) several times at the Terminal's Security prior to boarding area. Have cruise documents ( for both persons) readily available or you and possibly those behind get delayed entering.
  4. "How were you able to book the Titanic and Pub tour in Belfast? They are too close together according to what we are finding...we are on the May 4 Lisbon-Southampton cruise. This will be our first Regent experience." Can't remember the details (6 years) but I sometimes try to get a 2nd excursion, if I'm back early to the ship, by seeing if there are no shows at the check-in in the theater. The Titanic museum was right in the Harbour area and the pub was an afternoon (on a Sunday but packed with locals). The pub was of interest to me as I had a grandfather from Belfast. Otherwise,
  5. I don't know anything about on-ship dental capabilities BUT the reason we only cruise with Regent is that on each of the 3 times we needed significant medical attention on Regent, the care was terrific (but expensive). In the middle of a TA from Monaco to Rio, DW tripped and punctured her calf with her high heels (heels no longer packed for "Formal Optional" night). Immediately after I called Reception, the Doctor (and a group to cleanup all the blood) were at our cabin. Then every day for a week at sea, she got Doctor's attention, an intravenous (spell?) and a new dressing. Contrary to our
  6. We expect so, BUT follow our joint blog (soon Mr. Rumor will "set the table") where we will try to answer Spendor-related questions..
  7. Don't obsess over this; Compass Rose is a sensational venue with a terrific range of options. As mentioned above lunches in Prime 7 and Chartreuse on Explorer are unbelievably fun.
  8. How did I know? Was I able to get into Pacific Rim? If so, Thai beer and miso black _________.
  9. We did Southampton to Southampton including Edinburgh, Kirkwall, Belfast, Wales and Dublin 6 years ago on the Voyager. We follow soon after your cruise - this July on Explorer from Copenhagen to Reykjavik. It will be our 18th Regent cruise and 6th on Explorer (our favorite ship). There is "always" a shuttle to/from town unless you dock in town. They generally start soon after arrival and run about every 1/2 hour until an hour before ship departure. We always share a dinner table. Terrific meeting the interesting Regent cruisers. We like the tables for 6 best; tables for 8 are too la
  10. If the Regent site is working, you can increase determing availability by 1) using "starboard" and "port" rather than "Either" and 2) using a specific deck level rather than "All Levels". Also, it seems that Regent holds back offering 3-person cabins on-line to later in the reservation process.
  11. I'd say "Amen" BUT you are late to the table. Many of us have been complaining about the Regent website for years. It gets modified; yet, never seems to stay fixed. It never appears that the site is monitored and maintained from a user perspective. It looks attractive but has significant functional defects. I just tried to determine the remaining cabins on the Splendor inaugural cruise - a tedious, unsuccessful effort!
  12. Yes, very different, lighter and very interesting. DW, a carnivore, loves the Prime 7 luncheon sliders and really messes the napkins. I love the crab cake or the empenadas. We both love the quiche or the "French ham sandwich" in Chartreuse. these luncheons are part of why Explorer is our favorite ship. Having a light lunch (with wine) in front of the beautiful art is FANTASTIC!
  13. I've gotten through @ 8:30 EST Mon-Fri; I've never tried on a SAT.
  14. Great review! DW is interested in doing this; I've been lukewarm. You hit on the items of interest and of concern for me. Again thanks
  15. Voila! I just got a Regent email. My "wait list" has cleared; I am now reserved on it; my original choice was removed. All is well.
  16. We'd love a copy of THE map. Thanks, Jim C clarkjamesr@ aol.com
  17. Thanks for doing this. Reading your adventures will be a lot of enjoyment to many of us. Have a fabulous time. Jim & Mary
  18. I do our "must haves" first; then check to make sure that those reservations are listed in our Account. Then, with pressure over, I do the rest. Seems like there is always a bump in the road, so relax - everything has always worked out OK for us. Any troubles that I can't resolve, I call Regent in the morning. As others have said, check your Account once in a while as sometimes new excursions/times are offered without announcement.
  19. Aha, a mystery to be run to ground. I'll find out (unless someone posts an answer first) at the onset of our 2/06 Splendor cruise and report back so Op will have about 2 weeks before their cruise.
  20. Don't know when they started but they were in our Explorer suite in early 2019. OP mentioned thta their suite would be availableby 1 PM - indicative of a name suite.
  21. Have done 3 Regent cruises near British Isles in September. Seas were "difficult" but Captains and ship (all Explorer) handled it well. Problem is the tenders. On each cruise, 2 tender ports were cancelled.
  22. It's been different ticket distribution for us depending upon the Tender port. You can rely on having a Regent shuttle but it may not (or can be) available til after SOME morning excursions are off. Only very few ports ban cruise ship shuttles; even then, transport from port area is provided.
  23. We've done 6 cruises on the Explorer. If your "cabin available @ 1 PM", you probably have two walkie-talkie devices next to the beds - for communicating with each other while on the ship. Also , I think that the ship's Reception desk would be pleased to relay connections between the room phone and the "walkie-talkie", especially for a "special" person. Please post your experience; should be helpful to other passengers.
  24. Thanks, will try to do. I think we were at El Convento's. I remember a place nearby where there was a famous treasure chest. Jim C.
  25. Share please. DW and I visited for a long weekend about 10 years ago and as mentioned had a GREAT time just walking around and having luncheons but it has been a LONG time since then and restaurants often change.
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