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  1. Well, we will soon see if a cadre of "Generals" does any better - we're on the Splendor inaugural (small "i" like Regent uses)cruise. On our September Explorer cruise, we experienced lots of small dinner "glitches". I posted that I thought that Regent was putting on new staff with insufficient training. Not the end of the world but for a cruise line who brags about "luxury" - not as good a service as my local restaurant.
  2. We visited Kirkwall 3 years ago with Regent. Took "ORKNEY'S ARCHAEOLOGICAL WONDERS" - it was Marvelous! It really is one of the archaeological wonders of the world. We were there in September and it was overcast, very cold and with brutal winds. Be prepared. If a "Go with Locals" option is offered, it might be worth the extra cost.
  3. I agree. I first got wind of this when our booked excursions for Bermuda disappeared on Thursday. First thing (8:30EST), I called Regent and was assured that my excursions in Bermuda still existed and the Regent telephone representative had not been informed of any changes! Shows how much faith to put into Regent corporate. Inaugural ( with a small "i") cruise is about the ship, so itinerary change is"mox-nix" to me. So we will have another sea day to do the joint blog!
  4. Have been to Bordeau three times with Regent. It's a great town to do on your own. Suggest you use Trip Advisor for info to maximize your enjoyment during the time available. Lots of history; you might enjoy a guided walking tour. Super, large food market; interesting churches that were open, and a beautiful opera house that has served as the legislature of France a few times. Spoiler Alert: We had terrific weather and I drink a lot of wine.
  5. Yes, I plan to check it out on February 6th cruise. I loved them several special showers near the infinity plunge pool on the Explorer BUT was disappointed in the infinity pool ( early 2019, prior to refurbishment); it had missing tiles and a clouded "glass" front.
  6. Good advice! We were in Florence a few years ago on a Sunday excursion with Regent. Did "Florence on Your Own" tour and loved it. It was a beautiful day and there were some street fairs.
  7. Your question allows for several if not many combinations. This is where I miss TC2 for her responses. You should seek advice (and help) from a Regent-experienced TA but I will give part of the question a try. I often use "Concierge" and often deviate BUT seldom deviate when I am doing a Concierge cabin. If you are booked Concierge but select your own flights that arrive at embarkation city on a different day than the Concierge groups, you DON'T get complimentary transfer to the hotel. If you are booked Concierge but select your own flights that arrive at embarkation city on the same day
  8. Thanks, you convinced me. If I'm still around in 2022, I'm going to take this cruise if offered by Regent.
  9. Let me add some more"info" (or confusion). DW and I have done 16 cruises with Regent (5 more booked). We have a TA who does a LOT of business with Regent (and I assume Oceania). I visit the Regent website daily on MY computer; DW rarely visits that website and uses HER computer if she does. I have NEVER been contacted by Regent EXCEPT through my TA. DW gets frequent Emails from Regent, birthdays cards (not me), and brochures at least weekly (Oceania almost daily). Neither of us have ever "saved" a cruise; DW doesn't even have a Regent (or Oceania) account! Having reasd the above p
  10. I agree with the first part (organic organization) but don't we need Regent involved (second part) if we want a quiet place to "ourselves" also with food, drinks and Staff attendance ? Has anyone organized a M&M since CC started organizing with Regent?
  11. Regent just released a press blurb on Splendor's art - terrific! See "Press and Media" on rssc.com. I've planned to do an on-going review during the Inaugural cruise and maybe some photos. I now promise to learn how to send photos ; will have them as DW is a very good photogrpher.
  12. Not a traditionally popular cruise; so highly doubtful that it is really "full". My guess Regent is changing the itinerary. Happened to us when Regent pulled out of ending a cruise in Shanghai. My GUESS is that Regent is changing from Hong Kong. Should know soon.
  13. I can't believe this: Reception must have it wrong! Yes, it's not in Passages but often held in the Explorer Lounge with a sign outside. I have NEVER been asked if I was invited and NEVER seen a sign-in sheet. Regent does a great job and provides enough finger food for an army of attendees. PS: I wear a "name" tag with my call sign -helps with the conversation.
  14. Is there a plaque or memento of the Godmother somewhere on each ship?
  15. After I was "in a stew" about the initiation of an on-line Survey during our cruise on the Explorer in September, I gave this some thought. I see no evidence of real value to ME or to Regent from the On-Board Survey whether written or electronic. It seems to me to be primarily a weak "marketing tool". I wouldn't mind trying to provide feedback if it was quick, easy and germane. BUT: If I have a problem on the ship (not often), I either call the cabin attendant or Reception or. I waltz down and discuss it with the GM (I accept the always open door as an invitation). I tell Rece
  16. Did port to airport in September. on a Tuesday @ 8 AM; traffic was heavy . Took 30-40 minutes. Also allow for getting off ship to your ride. Ship arrive at about 6AM but our luggage wasn't available dockside until 8:30. There were lots of cabs even though 2 large ships also arrived that morning.
  17. Please don't share this. I'm also not hearing blessed and don't like to wear my ear buds (not vanity, stupidity, I once wore a pair into the shower). During our 5 Explorer cruises, I found the CR right side, towards back, in an mid-ship alcove acceptable for my conversations.
  18. AAH, welcome relief from thinking about "Connectivity"!
  19. Never felt a "class system" on Regent. We "share" every dinner. I don't think in our 16 Regent cruises we ever discussed what cabin our table mates were in. We always get a low deck, midship cabin because of my propensity for sea sickness. Yes, strange that I love something (cruising) that makes me ill! On a recent cruise, our opposite cabin mates (met at the "block" party) had just spent their 1000th night ($$$$$$) aboard; we discussed our favorite Regent excursions. We love lunches in the specialty restaurants on the Explorer but don't normally even try for more than the 1 dinner each w
  20. Just did this. Yes, you can make a reservation for your secondary excursion after you go on the Wait List for your primary excursion choice. If your "wait list" choice opens (clears) at a later date, Regent will assign you the "wait listed" excursion and automatically cancel the "secondary" choice.
  21. When I selected our excursions a week ago (in U.S.), the Regent web site stated that if I selected a "wait list" and then another as backup, if the "wait listed" excursion became available it would automatically become the selected excursion.
  22. On our September cruise, this was how I signed on the internet the first time. I can't remenber what but not all was required after that. I kinda liked it as I didn't have to remember a new password. Regent, in the on-line tutorial for the electronic Comment Card bragged about it being for ease of access. have you tried the Comment Card yet?
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