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  1. TC2 posted: "Note about the internet....... Regent will be upgrading it starting in January (hope that I have the date correct). Regent." Per the Regent Press Release in MARCH 2019, the doubling of the band width was to be accomplished fleet wide by January 2020. Believe it when you EXPERIENCE it.
  2. Does anyone really think that Regent doesn't know about the "extent of the problem"!
  3. TC2 said: "Service is great - food is great. Many, many new crew members but they seem to be doing fine. I was blown away when Daniella (former F&B Director - now a Corporate employee) walked into the Business Center last night. She is onboard for only 4 days. She is definitely one of our favorite people on Regent." Ours TOO! Daniella is friendly and gracious but foremost was a talented F&B Director, always watching that things went "right" and the staff was appropriately trained. We participated in some highly enjoyable events on her watch. Would love to someday crui
  4. We flew non-stop on ANA from Dulles to Narito per Regent Air. Great flight, but of course LONG.
  5. CLARIFICATION - Ah yes, there is always a personal element. We don't do "extra charge" excursions unless we absolutely want them. So my "extra charge" priority was my shorthand for "MUST HAVE".
  6. The Pdf file that Regent sent to me and which I used THIS Wednesday to select excursions for our 7/17/2020 cruise HAD just that info. I don't know if such was in previous pre -cruise excursion info. It was very helpful to us. See my post in "Booking Excursions Online".
  7. A few days ago (12:01 AM, 11/20/2019), I selected our excursions for our July 17th 2020 Explorer cruise. It was the earliest time that I, as a Platinum (or in a Concierge suite), could reserve excursions for this cruise. Although I was fully prepared, it took me 1 hour and five minutes but I got all 11 that I wanted (disclaimer, cruise is very lightly loaded). Process is tiresome and Regent's ( and/or my) computer system is "clunky". Tip: Be prepared! 1. Three days before excursions opened for reservations, I went to that cruise on Regent's "Find A Cruise"; selected the FIRST port A
  8. Let me amplify some of my above post. The Regent 3 night pre-excursionin Tokyo was perfect for us (2 well-traveled 80-ish, but first time to Japan). The Regent excursions were "tame" but fitted well with our condition (15 hour flight and 23 hour time change). Shinjuku has: several big department stores (so unlike the US stores to be an fantastic "cultural adventure"); amazing night-life ( our privatel 4 hour tour was Fabulous but not something I would do on my own); the world's busiest train station (bring a compass) - a destination of its self. If I was staying for about a week, or had
  9. Welcome "back". Looking forward to your insights. Have done 4 TA's but not in so potentially cold weather AND we're on the Splendor Inaugural - might well mirror yours. Have a fun cruise.
  10. So much depends upon you! We did Tokyo to Vancouver with Regent last year. Stayed at the Hilton in Shinjuku. Took the 3-night precruise package and enjoyed it (our first trip to Japan but 14th Regent cruise). Easy transfer from airport which can be difficult. Very nice hotel. Interesting area but would look elsewhere if we were staying longer in Tokyo (we did a "Shinjuku By Night with Tours by Locals that was fabulous). We did Sydney with Regent a few years ago. Went there early and stayed at Hilton - VERY NICE on Club Floor (but hotel is not on the Quay). Then joined Regent pre-crui
  11. This morning I selected on-line our excursions for the July 2020 cruise on Explorere to Iceland/Greenland. I identified our preferences from a Regent Pdf description they emailed us when I requested such 3 days ago. Yes, it had the "walker" icons BUT it ALSO had a final paragraph, for each excursion offered, that stated the approximated mileage and/or duration of the walking PLUS any significant steps or inclines. In summ,ary, my OPINION is that Regent does a good job in alerting people - if they make use of the info. I also think that Regent's use of NCL tour vendors has been a negative.
  12. Aha! That's where we (DeepFreeze63 and DW) met UUNetBill in Compass Rose during April 2019. Mary and I sailed with a group from our TA from Miami to Venice. Had a wet, cold excursion day in Venice before disembarking BUT NOTHING like the recent flooding.
  13. Thanks for taking me along. Whenever I get frustrated with Regent, I find a thread like this that reminds me HOW MUCH I like being aboard their ships.
  14. I'm amused because as a "poor sailor", I'd pay more just to be on a lower deck. We love the F cabin configuration on the Explorer but often go with with E in order to also have Regent do the one night early with transfers.
  15. Remember: Per Regent - " Miami (Mar. 28, 2019) – Regent Seven Seas Cruises®, the leading luxury ocean cruise line, today announced three guest experience enhancements. The cruise line is nearly doubling internet bandwidth size across its fleet by January 2020. Significantly increasing bandwidth compared to 2018 will make free internet surfing more enjoyable for Regent guests as the internet will be faster and even more reliable on all devices. Guests will begin to benefit from bandwidth expansion starting April 2019. Signing on to Wi-Fi will be smoother through a log-in webpage that
  16. "So to give me some encouragement to book, what is your favorite thing about the line and your least favorite." It's impossible for me to pick a "favorite thing"! We just love being on-board Regent; DW often tells people she always feels "pampered" on our Regent cruises - we've done 16. If pushed to name a few favorites, I'd in SUMMARY say: 1. Being able to essentially eat when i want, where I want and with whom I want. 2. Having to sign for almost nothing after checking in on boarding. 3. Knowing that trusted medical care is available, if we should need it.
  17. Floosie 009, you are right IF it works. The one time (of my 3 excursions that it was used) that it worked it was great, as I reported above. When it didn't work, it was a major Distraction as the untrained Guide tried to help several people connect and/or reconnect or try to explain to the uniformed (no communication from Regent) what "it" was all about.. What I strongly object to is Regent conducting a 'test" that isn't a TEST. I spent about a half-hour on Saturday at half-time of the Chelsa game thinking through a test that Regent could have easily done near their office in Miam
  18. I tried it 3 times; worked once. DW tried 3 times with same equipment and settings and help from Destinations - NO GO. As stated above, NO ONE from Regent requested any feed back on use during our 12 days on board. NO request for feedback on electronic card. "Guinea pigs" often get compensated ; don't know of any "guinea pigs" that pay $2ooo/day for the experience. Tell us about how Regent is receiving/evaluating feedback.
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