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  1. I agree, I keep telling myself this is my vacation too and just enjoy myself.
  2. We are doing our 2nd family cruise in 27 days. We, like you, are from various spots around the US. We began by narrowing down the best time to go and where to leave from. Each person/family group books their own and takes care of their own arrangements. We do try to get the same dining time and have the ability to sit together- the cruise can help arrange that. Some prefer not to do the MDR every night and that is ok too. We communicate our shore excursions and sometimes book together but everyone is free to do their own thing. We generally let each other know what each other is doing (b
  3. My SIL will be arriving at the airport about midnight the night before we cruise. Rest of family is driving in. What is the best way to get him from airport to port that late at night? We are also considering him getting a hotel close to the airport and getting in in the am. Any suggestions?
  4. It has been awhile since we went (before the hurricane) but it is definitely walkable to get to the forts. We rode the free shuttle up to the first one, then walked to the 2nd (which is where you fly the kites) and then walked back to the ship. The shuttle makes a loop so you can pick it up at stops along the way. Just a note, the free shuttle is just a shuttle no narrative about the island.
  5. This is part of the update to Carnival Cruise line Guests about the environmental issues that I saw on their website today Eliminating the distribution of all drinking straws, with the exception of frozen drinks, which will be served with an edible straw; wooden coffee stirrers will be replaced with stainless stirrers which can be sanitized and reused; All beverages will be served in glass or reusable plastic tumblers; all to-go hot beverages will be served in paper cups with paper lids;
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