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    Poesia Photos

    looks like link has changed http://www.chuckontour.ca/tour_blog.asp?category=MEDITERRANEAN+CRUISE
  2. Bill Williams

    Poesia Photos

    For those interested in Poesia photos, came across lots of pictures of the MSC Poesia on her inaugural voyage. Apparently this guy was on board from Barcelona and has some port pictures as well. http://www.chuckontour.ca/tour_blog.asp
  3. Bill Williams

    MSC Poesia

    Anyone on the Inaugural of Poesia. Am joining it out of Barcelona and looking to meet up with anyone onboard.
  4. Bill Williams

    MSC Sinfonia from Civitavecchia

    Kodachrome - came across this site they've got some great pictures of the ship and ports of call, looks like just what you are looking for http://www.sunquest.ca/content.asp?page=29421