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  1. The onboard credit was 276.99 US dollars so 554 US dollars for 2 people so not the 642.86 GB pounds you state
  2. How can you add future cruise credit to the 2 lost days credit. The future cruise credit is worthless if you do not wish to take another cruise with Celebrity. The only actual amount that matters is the credit for 2 days lost . I cannot understand your reasoning. If I booked a hotel and w days were cancelled then I would receive a full refund for the 2 days not a partial refund
  3. We did not receive a letter only an email on the 10th October 2 days before we were due to sail . We were in Osaka at the time and due to travel to Tokyo the next day by bullet train for an overnight stay before boarding the Millenium. We then had to book accommodation for an extra 2 nights
  4. As stated we were already in Japan so to cancel the cruise although possible was impractical due to the cost implications
  5. I do have travel insurance but dealt with the additional accommodating costs with my TA but I do not understand why Celebrity pick up these costs and flight costs with those who booked direct as from comments the only difference in price should be the commission paid to the TA
  6. £2250 pp future cruise credit £679 pp onboard credit for 2 nights 276.99 US dollars pp. My main aim of posting was to make contact with others on this cruise who were also unhappy which has not happened. I have had some help much criticism and some rude comments which is the reason I rarely post on this site . The UK is very different from the USA for booking cruises and holidays as we have onerous TAs advertising daily offering discounts on the cruise line prices so it is the norm in the UK to book with a TA and build a package . Up to a few years ago UK clients paid a lot more for cruises
  7. It was a package I have worked with this TA many times
  8. The only comments in these posts were on disembarking in Shanghai nothing about the cruise
  9. From the portion of the package included for the cruise this figure was supplied by my TA and in fact was less than the advertised Celebrity fare
  10. The whole package was purchased from a TA to ensure we were covered by ABTA I did not buy airfare hotels and cruise separately. The TA is at the moment dealing with Celebrity on my behalf
  11. Because of the typhoon and the rugby plus a grand prix all hotels had increased their prices.
  12. When you are actually in Japan when the changes were made it is then impossible to cancel for a full refund.Had I not left the ULK i would have definitely cancelled
  13. I have not posted much as you normally receive rude flippant replies.My main aim was to make contact with others on the cruise who felt the same as I do, Speaking to may on the Millenium they were very unhappy with the credit offered but it appears hey are not prepared to pursue this matter, The majority of replies have been from the USA but in the UK it is normal to book through a TA not direct with the cruise. I am still pursuing this with my TA
  14. All I want refunded is 2 days at the price I paid not 2 days at basic cruise fare. With regards to the hotel whilst I feel Celebrity should make some contribution I am not chasing this.
  15. We have sailed with many cruise likes including RCL and Princess and the cabins and particularly bathroom on Millenium are very small
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