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  1. Kingdoggie Can you confirm what time you arrived in Seward and how long it took to check in? We are trying to guess how much time we will have before sail away in Seward. Thanks
  2. I would also be interested in Tour 12 info. What time did your bus arrive in Seward. The sailing time is 9:00 pm. Did they fly you on a charter or via commercial airline? What airline?
  3. Can anyone with firsthand experience tell me if the separators between the balconies on Millennium can be opened?? We have 4 cabins in a row booked.
  4. I have heard that Alaska itineraries are a little less formal than other cruises. How FORMAL was the dress on formal and informal nights? (Not meant to be a discussion of proper dress. Just looking for information) Thanks
  5. We will be in Vancouver for about 2 days post cruise in July.Can anyone tell me where is the best place to park and pick up the Vancouver Shuttle or Big Bus for the hop on hop off tour? We will be at the Four Points in Richmond. We will be there from 7:00 am Friday July 11 through 3:00 Saturday the 12 th.
  6. Any ideas for transportation from Ballentine pier to the Four Points Hotel near the airport. We will have 8 people and about 24 pieces of luggage. In Miami, the vans haul a trailer behind to handle the luggage. Is it similar in Vancouver? How about cost?
  7. We will be on the Millennium on July 4. Can you tell me how dressy people were for the Formal and Informal nights in the dining room? Will I feel comfortable in a dark suit on Formal night and no sport coat on informal night?
  8. Has anyone who got the DEAL on a suite at Homewood Suites come back yet? The rate is so low that I am afraid that they may not honor it. If anyone with first hand experience can report, I would appreciate any feedback.
  9. We were in Samana last Tuesday. We did a whale watch tour with a local operator. I had made email arrangements with Phipps Marine ahead of time, but he did not wait for us to tender in. They left without us. When you get to the dock, there will be plenty of people trying to sell you a tour of some kind. The local that cornered us took us to the marina to see the boat that they would use. It was a large 2 deck boat. (Make sure you know what boat that you are being taken in before you pay any money) We were a group of 8 people. ( They wanted 50.00 for the tour-- we settled on 40.00 each including the 3.00 government entrance fee) We waited for them to bring 4 more people and departed. The water in the basin between the ship and the dock was not too rough. When we got to the bay area where the whales were to be, the water was considerably rougher. Two people on the ship got sick. One woman fell and bruised here hip. We saw whales in the distance as we chased to the areas of the sightings, After about 1 hour we were ready to go back. Just before we left the area, we had 3 whales breach very close to the boat. It was memorable. Made the rough ride worth the effort.
  10. I am looking for information from recent Samana travelers. Can anyone verify that transportation to and from Cayo Levantado can easily be obtained at the tender pier? If so, where do you go when you get off of the tender?? How about cost?? Was the transportation reliable?? Does anyone have a personal bad experience with a non cruise excursion trip to Cayo Levantado??
  11. Anyone who has stayed in a Sky deck cabin. Do you hear much from the deck above? Pool---Aquaspa---Cafe. Thanks for any info.
  12. Haven't been on the Millennium but will be July 4 2008 Southbound.
  13. Anyone who has traveled in a cabin on the Millennium Sky Deck. Could you hear much noise from the deck above? Pool -- Aquaspa -- Ocean Cafe. Thanks for any feedback.
  14. Does anyone know if you can book with Celebrity then transfer to a TA at a later date? I want to save the available cabins but will give the booking to a local TA when I decide who I want to go to. Any advantages or disadvantages that I am not aware of?
  15. heid5

    A day in Anchorage

    We will be flyin into Anchorage the day before our cruisetour begins. That will give us a full day in town before we check in to the hotel for the beginning of our trip. What do you suggest as to the best use of that time????
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