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  1. Going to Europe on a cruise, and we were told by Citibank that when we use our credit cards in port, there will be a charge if we buy things in Euros and have to have the credit card convert/do and exchange to US dollars when billing. Is anyone familiar with this? Thanks in advance! JoAnne
  2. We did land portion - 3 days and went to Denali. It’s a whole different side of Alaska from the cruise and so vast and beautiful. Highly recommend!!
  3. We have a TA through our auto club and wouldn’t switch. We get nice comps and great customer service!
  4. Very good to know! I’ll check in for the outbound flights just to be safe but for return, (back to reality!) flights I won’t.
  5. Agree...think the 24-hour thing was stuck in my mind from having flown Southwest in the past, when you had to check in ahead to get seats assigned. We have seats so there really is no need!
  6. Wow good point at that!! I’ll try to call the airline and will probably check in via telephone if that’s available. Thanks for pointing this out!
  7. Hi everyone! We're on the HAL Nieuw Statendam Mediterranean Mosaic Sept. 27 to Oct. 7. We fly out Oct. 7 from Rome back to the US. This means we need to do our flight check in on Oct. 6 when we're in Naples. I'm assuming we'll find Wi-Fi somewhere so we can take care of this on the airline app. What if we can't? Just trying to cover my "what if" items here, thanks! JoAnne
  8. Haven’t heard back from travel agent on this one but am hoping HAL will instruct us on the daily sheets...
  9. We’re on the Nieuw Statendam Mediterranean Mosaic sailing Sept. 27th. It’s RT from Rome but goes to several countries - Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Italy. Do we bring our passports off the ship for customs /ID at each port? I’m thinking we must have to ... anyone know? Thanks!
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