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  1. I will apologize. My response was meant in generalities (including my own justifications) and not aimed at any one person. Everyone is entitled to make their own decisions on cruising.
  2. So, wow. I can't help feeling amazed that we are all (me included) rationalizing why it is ok to travel in high-risk situations on high-risk venues with complex travel arrangements just so we can "cruise again", even if it means parking off Port Aransas in the oil refineries. And that includes people with compromised immune systems who won't leave their cabins. And cruising on ships that aren't even finished. Even if we all agree that the risks are overblown, it just doesn't make sense. There are so many other ways to travel and entertain ourselves. I can get enrichment at museums and art galleries and university lectures and book clubs. I can eat at 5-star restaurants in many big cities. Sorry, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this. And you all can flame, me. That's ok. Go for it. But if you want to cruse that desperately, then take the bad with the good.
  3. Catlover54 - Thank you for your honest and thorough update. Well summarized.
  4. Hooray for everyone who was able to change to Miami if they wished! Great! Just a note of awareness - Miami airport is no less chaotic than Nassau’s. In all my travels everywhere, my worst experiences in terms of chaos, lost luggage, flight delays, waiting in line, crowds, etc. have always been in Miami. Not trying to rain on anyone’s happy plans at all - just don’t want people who are hesitating to change to think Miami airport will be faster or less crowded. Have fun and have a great cruise!
  5. Spot on! Therein lies the issue. FCCs aren’t bringing in $$. And if those people are unhappy, that’s not affecting revenue now. So a new base (with real $$) is badly needed. Hence, greatly lowered prices to attract first timers, competitive embarkation points and opening up to all pax. This is a survival act, pure and simple. Luxury can’t continue when profits aren’t happening. That will start to erode next.
  6. All valid points. Cruising right now is risky for a lot of reasons.
  7. Yes and this will work theoretically. Who would want to have the pariah bracelet? To this day I still feel guilty about humiliating my son 30 years ago by not letting him have the unlimited sodas and ice cream bracelet on a Disney cruise. And I do appreciate that Crystal execs have to do what they have to do to stay viable. I’m sure it’s a financial struggle. But, regardless of bracelets and limitations, this is just another way for the Delta variant to get on the ship. And eventually it won’t be in small, controllable numbers. I fear for Crystal’s future in that instance too. I suspect we’re going to see Caribe islands and other countries refusing entry again shortly as the anti-vaxxers allow it to spread. Sad.
  8. I expect the people on this board to give their honest opinions about things and not sugar-coated versions. I appreciate knowing the good and the bad - whether I agree or not. I understand perfectly why there was no lobster in the Bahamas, for example, but I still want to know that. It’s how we analyze to help make our own decisions for future experiences.
  9. Can’t they just lie about being vaccinated? In Florida you aren’t required to reveal if you’ve been vaxxed or not. But even if Crystal requires proof to enter those venues, it’s unenforceable and easy to circumvent.
  10. Crystal reps know that a very small minority of their pax frequent the Cruise Critic or FB groups. I doubt they get influenced by social media.
  11. So unvaccinated guests wear the wristbands? Those can be sliced off in an instant. This is absurd.
  12. I wouldn't assume it is referring to children at all, because it doesn't say that. And because Florida won't let companies enforce vaccinations. I assume Crystal will have protocols in place for the unvaccinated just like the other mass market lines sailing out of Miami. On RCL, I think the unvaccinated have to wear masks, social distance, etc. And I think the vaccinated ones wear wrist bands to show they don't have to comply. Or something like that. I'm surprised Crystal is succumbing to this.
  13. Ok, this has nothing to do with the discussion at all, but I'll just throw it out to start another rabbit hole and get us off topic. I've had this exact box of computer-matrix-topped dark chocolates in the PH before, as I'm sure many of you have. I don't remember the reason, but I know it was benign, not based on any controversy. I do truly love Crystal on so many culinary levels, but these bitter, stale candies were not at the top of my remembrance list. And I realize I'm probably in the minority here. LOL!
  14. I also live in a big urban city in Texas and I can tell you mask wearing is very common (when appropriate).
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