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    Tripacian - Yes, you are correct. We travel overseas a lot and a good USA Plan F supplement does cover foreign medical expenses, so we never worry about that. We have always been reimbursed for any issues overseas. What we need cruise insurance for is not overseas medical (because we have the Medicare Plan F supplement for that), but for unexpected trip cancellation due to death/illness of elderly family members (or even one of us). We usually use Allianz. Although we've luckily never had to invoke it, they seem to have good coverage for reasonable costs cheaper than most cruise lines (because the cruise lines are also covering the medical part that we don't need). Hope that was understandable, but the gist is that the insurance is different for different coverage reasons.
  2. What can I request to have stocked in my fridge in a PH? I looked at the website and it says beer, soft drinks and water. Can I not stock wine there? I thought I could get anything. Thanks!
  3. We are very self-sufficient and have always pushed back from butler help. Just the way we were raised, I guess. I'll run to the coffee deck and back in the morning before I'll ask my butler - because I like the spontaneity of it (and, mainly, I really like not having to plan ahead when I'll get up). I want to pick the specific drawers I'm going to put my clothes and toiletries in, so I don't want them to unpack for me. We rarely get room service (for a lot of reasons I won't belabor here). But we've booked a late October cruise with a butler and I want to do it right this time. I'm thinking a list with this: 1) Please keep my fridge stocked with xyz (wine/beer/water) 2) Please deliver "new style" canapés in late afternoon, whether we are there yet or not. We'll get to them later. 3) Please make specialty restaurant (and show) reservations for me on xyz date 4) Please bring a power strip for each side of the bed so we can plug in and read our Kindles at night (or check email or our kids on Facebook or whatever) Are these reasonable requests? Should I palm him/her a tip ahead of time? I know tips are included but I assume an extra is appropriate at the end? Advice is appreciated. Sorry to be a rube. Thanks
  4. What time are the “new style” canapés served? Are they in the lounges or only delivered by Butlers?
  5. Cruise-y


    Symphony PH. Thanks!
  6. Cruise-y


    Sorry, for those of you who frequent this board and cruise Crystal a lot I'm sure this is a hackneyed topic, but I couldn't find any references. Can someone please tell me about the electrical (and/or USB) outlets in the room? Specifically, in the PH, is there an outlet by BOTH sides of the bed or will we have to bring extension cords to drag across the room to the desk? In some photos it looks like there might be USB outlets in the lamp stands. In other photos the narrator says they are only across the room. Thanks very much!
  7. If the top photo is the "new style" of canapés I think they look absolutely fantastic! Much better than cheese cubes. Very pleased.
  8. Are there places to sit in the shade by the big pool?
  9. These truly are good. Easy to make at home. Roll cocktail weenies (like Little Smokies) in single triangles of Pillsbury crescent dough (the kind in a tube) and bake. Dip in whole grain mustard.
  10. Are the canapés offered at a certain time each day or can you ask your butler to leave them in your room at a particular time? Thanks
  11. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty disappointed to read a fair amount of bad reports about Silk. I expect a premium line with premium prices to have premium food in all venues. That’s one reason why I booked them. I understand there are opinions and choices and all that, but there are more bad than good.
  12. Yes agree. French food doesn’t have to be rich or formal. Bistro style is what I always have, even in Paris.
  13. Personally, I would like to see two things: 1) A really nice French restaurant. Why have two Asian restaurants on one ship? I live in a huge metropolitan area and I can eat really good sushi on literally every street corner of my city. I totally realize that is not true for all, but Asian food is getting pretty mainstream. Ditto Italian. French is harder to specialize (if done correctly). 2) An outside venue that is upscale casual. At sea, why would you NOT want to eat outdoors. It is so nice under the stars. Maybe an upscale buffet (served by the staff so we aren't all touching the utensils) or a grill like Oceania has with lobster and steak. Not burgers and hot dogs. Just my 2 cents.
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