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  1. I don't disagree with anything you said. All are very good points. However, basic science explains how viruses work, how vaccinations work and how to prevent the spread of viruses. Most of us took these science courses in junior high or high school. Maybe some of us didn't take mathematics classes that define exponential growth (although we should have), but the same logic applies.
  2. I was so thankful the County Commissioner of Dallas enforced mask-wearing on June 19. Finally we began to see masks everywhere. Unfortunately, people have to be forced to do the correct (and scientifically proven) thing to help stop the virus. It's so sad, really. How did the U.S. get so dumb? 😪
  3. I’m curious. How does a cruise line select a particular town/country for demolishing a cruise ship? And how does that demolition process work? Is this unusual due to the times or a normal process for aging ships? https://apple.news/A2Yx8xym5TLyvkGfBIIin5g
  4. Exactly. Instead of a hard date, maybe the stated goal for everything in limbo should be “when infection rates drop by nn% every week for xx weeks in a row.” Then maybe all people would get serious about wearing masks and distancing. Infections won’t start going down until everyone participates in prevention. And until infection rates go down, I sadly don’t see how there can be cruising in any form.
  5. In the U.S., the Covid infection numbers (and more importantly hospitalization numbers) continue to increase instead of decrease. Until the numbers start going down, foreign ports will be reluctant to open. And, no cruise line wants to be the next floating disaster making all the headlines. At the rate we are going, cruises aren't going to start on September 15 either. (It seems to me that if everyone stayed vigilant and wore masks when going out, we could turn this trend in a downward direction. Which would help us start to get things under control. But what do I know.)
  6. There is nothing I would like better than to be planning a Crystal cruise! I was looking forward to a cruise to Singapore this fall! So much! But as we open up more I see cases rising everywhere. In Dallas County we are on our 3rd day in a row of record high cases. Less and less people seem to be wearing masks. I realize maybe more testing is occurring but we aren’t flattening out. I’m not trying to be Downer Debbie at all! But I just can’t imagine the CDC allowing cruises until this heads in another direction. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Convince me I’m wrong! Please!
  7. Ah well that explains it! You can tell what time I turn in! I love all those venues but usually don’t make it to 11:30! Thank you Rob.
  8. I can’t even remember where you get pizza. Is it in the grille? I’ve never eaten any onboard! Too much other good stuff.
  9. Well, there goes that plan. 😢
  10. Awwww! I figured it was too much to hope to sail Endeavor in November. But it was a good virtual wish while it lasted.
  11. This is all mind boggling to me. I think they plan to take those ships to their private Cays for 3-4 days and then it IS just a booze cruise. No social distancing there! I'm guessing the reasoning is the time period is so short it will be too fast for any Covid cases to "show up" and cause havoc - and who cares if 2,000 infected people are dumped back into the mainstream. From what I see elsewhere, people are chomping at the bit to sign up. Hopefully the CDC will weigh in, but who knows anymore with the strange world we're in.
  12. I haven’t booked yet, but was planning the 14-day Nov 14 Endeavor maiden voyage in New Zealand and then a visit to our kids in Singapore. Alas!
  13. It’s interesting to see how all this will unfold as news sources report RCCL is now repatriating most of their crew via multiple ships (while still not canceling some June cruises); Carnival is planning an Aug 1 restart (with the CDC responding that they had not discussed anything with the cruise lines yet); NCL is announcing they “might” file for bankruptcy (which is causing a run on their refunds). It’s all over the map. I applaud Seabourn for being forthcoming rather than dragging it out, but I do understand the need to stagger cash flow.
  14. This was the best lobster dish I’ve ever had, anywhere. And I’ve been to some great restaurants. It was so tender and delicate - and in such a beautiful presentation. It was just heavenly. On my first Crystal cruise, I expected “lobster night” to be the usual tough half-shell thing you get on every other line. This blew me away. It totally crystallized me.
  15. I’m with you BEAV. Due to various family and other uncertainties, we can never book anything more than a few months out. That’s the way it’s always been, so we’re used to it. I’ve got my eye on Endeavor in November, and I can wait to see how things play out. The risk that it will fill up (which is always the problem we had before) is perhaps less now.
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