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  1. We booked a taxi ride and kayak through Caribbean Paddling. Or you can take the ferry. It was a fun option to kayak over to the island. Plus we had a kayak to tool around the bay when we got tired of sunbathing 🙂. Our driver was great! The ferry runs once an hour on the dot. So just make sure you factor that in so you get back to the ship on time if you take the ferry. Our ship was in port from 8-5, so we went early and spent like 5 hours on the island. Lots of iguanas and hermit crabs. We had a bit of granola bar to feed the iguanas and one even crawled on my daughter's lap.
  2. My husband and I just started cruising 5 years ago and honestly it's hard to go on a "regular" vacation for us anymore. When you start adding up the cost of a hotel plus meals it's most likely going to cost more than the cruise fare. Also we have a hard time making decisions about where to eat when we are on a "regular" vacation and going on a cruise eliminates that stress for us. We've only done Caribbean cruises so far, we live where it gets cold and miserable in the winter and have to get away somewhere warm for a week in order to survive 😁 We love being able to see new places throughout the week that we are on the cruise and even if it's an island we've already been on, it's fun to find a new place on that island to explore. I think if you have a good attitude and don't let little things bother you, you'll have a great time. I always take the negative reviews with a grain of salt. Some people just like to complain, or expect everything to be perfect on a cruise. I always find it funny when people say the food was horrible and they could find anything to eat. Most of the time the food in the dining room is better than the buffet, but I've never gone through the whole buffet and found nothing that was appetizing to me.
  3. You would probably want to finish your drink before getting back on the boat. They normally anchor in the bay and you have to swim to the island and back to the boat. Not a long way, but the water is fairly deep where they anchor. At least that's what I remember, it was a 3 years ago when we did the tour. One of the places they took us it was just a huge rock in the ocean and we snorkeled around it. The other area was a nature preserve and there was a beach in the distance, but I can't remember if you can go on the beach or not.
  4. I saw these at Dick's Sporting goods. If you just have a phone and cruise card, it would work.
  5. You can taxi over there yourself and do the ferry, it's mostly making sure your taxi driver will come back and get you, and on time. The ferry only runs once an hour. In the morning, it first goes over when it's full, at least that's what my daughter told me they said. So that would have been around 9:30 or 10:00 when we were there. As far as the kayak goes, they told us to park it on the beach between the two restaurants. We just left it there and no one bothered it. If you are only in St. Maarten 7:00-2:00, I wouldn't make the trek over there. You're only going to end up with a couple of hours on the beach, and you really need more time than that to spend there. I'd wait for another cruise when you are on the island longer. On our cruise we were there 8:00-5:00.
  6. Just make sure your Uber driver has been to the cruise terminal before and knows the rules. We had one pick us up at the hotel and on the way to the cruise terminal we asked if he had been there before, he said yes, but he still REALLY relied on GPS to get there. We get to the check point and they ask if he has a gun in the vehicle, he says "Yes." Which doesn't bother me at all, however you CANNOT get passed the check point with a gun in the vehicle. We had to get out of his vehicle with all our luggage and the security guard said you'll have to call another driver. So we walk across to the other side, where the cars are leaving. I'm trying to flag an outgoing taxi and then the security guard comes over and THANKFULLY says the gentleman in the Park N Ride bus will take us to the terminal for free.
  7. I can't comment on RCI's kids club. We went on a Princess Cruise with our kids the first week of March in 2016 and they loved it. There were less than 200 kids on the ship, so our kids got so spoiled! Each day had a theme and they had crafts and activities that the staff were really involved with. One evening they went to the adults only bar after it had closed and all the kids got to make their own mocktail. At the end of the cruise they had a bag filled with crafts and stuffed animals. Princess doesn't have the waterslides or the other fancy stuff that RCI does, but my kids had a great time.
  8. Giants Causeway for sure!! We went to Ireland many years ago and that was one of the highlights of our trip. It’s hard for me to imagine only spending one day in that area! It’s so beautiful. My ancestors are from Northern Ireland and we’ve visited the area twice now and it’s got a special spot in my heart.
  9. Shorts and t-shirt are fine for walking around. If you go to the dining room for lunch, I’d suggest decent cargo shorts and a shirt. Dinner in the dining room can be nice jeans or khakis and a polo shirt.
  10. We sailed on Fascination in Jan. 2017, she's since been updated. The decor was a little old looking, but when I go on a cruise I'm there to get away from the snow and enjoy some warm air and not cooking for a week. We are really relaxed people and don't let much bother us. With that many ports, if you get off at every port and spend the day there, you aren't on the ship that much. We loved that we got so many ports out of that cruise and we fell in love with San Juan! We flew in a day early and enjoyed the area around our hotel. The food in the buffet was fine, the desserts lacked flavor in my opinion. We arrived a little bit earlier than our embarkation time and got on no problem. We dropped off our luggage and then got back off and walked around Old Town for awhile. Debarkation was horrible, we were some of the last groups to get off and the line was really long and took forever to get through. In retrospect, I wish we would have waited on the boat a little longer before we went to leave. When we handed the guy our passports, he didn't even open them, just saw that there were two passports and two people and then handed them back with a look like "am I done yet?" Overall, I would love to go back and do it again. It makes sense that Carnival would put a smaller ship there too, most families aren't going to fly all that way for a cruise. We didn't take our kids on this one for that reason. We had long layovers and not great flights and our kids would have had issues traveling that long.
  11. When we were on Fascination, we stayed on the ship at St. Kitts. It was the only day we were able to get a deck chair right in front of the pool. So we lounged in the sun and swam in the pool and enjoyed the quietness of the boat. It was a great time for us.
  12. I just took a selfie against my wall and submitted it to the website.
  13. Before you get close to the ship, turn your cell phone to airplane mode and WiFi on. You can use their app for free, but that’s it. If you want to use anything else, you’ll need to buy a WiFi package. The app is nice for finding out what’s going on, dinner menus, etc. I’m not sure if all ships use the app, but Adventure did.
  14. Not sure how they will do it on your ship, but when we were on Adventure we changed our clocks to the new time zone. So our arrival time was local time. One thing we learned too is that arrival time means when the ship arrives, not necessarily when you can get off. They always said it would take about a half hour to clear local authorities, but it could always take longer. You may call the company and explain and see if they will wait or not.
  15. We were there in December. We booked a driver and kayaks through Caribbean Paddling and went over to Pinel Island. On the drive over to the Cul de Sac area you could see there were still lots of houses that hadn't been repaired. Both restaurants on Pinel are back up and running, we had a great time and the food was delicious.
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