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  1. I was looking at booking a cruise for 4 people in a room and the options for "you choose" a room and "they choose" came up. I like to choose my room so I clicked that option. Instead of taking me to the deck plans, it took me to the booking screen and said it was an interior guarantee. My question is will I be able to choose my room at some point or will they assign it? It costs less if I choose the "they choose the room" option, so I'm just wondering if I should bother booking it under the more expensive "you choose" option if I'm not really going to be able to choose my room.
  2. 1. My husband and I took our first cruise on Royal Princess in 2014 when it was new. On the formal night instead of doing the canned photo poses, my husband dipped me down and we got the best photo. We had the most amazing time and were hooked on cruising. 2. Two years later we booked a drop and go out of Galveston for our family of 4 and didn't tell our kids. We were flying out of Salt Lake and we had to drive there. We told the kids we were visiting Grandma (who lives in the Salt Lake area). We drove straight to the airport and they weren't paying attention to where we wer
  3. I always bring their originals and a copy with me. They never ask for it at the airports. I keep the original in the safe and bring the photocopies with me at port just in case. I've never had anyone ask for them at a port though. When we came through Ft. Lauderdale in 2018(debarkation), I gave the guy my passport and was getting my daughter's BC out and he said "I don't need to see that, no one takes a kid that isn't theirs on a cruise." He didn't even look at it.
  4. He said she normally gets a small cold from stress. I just meant that if she felt her symptoms were manageable then she wasn’t going to get any type of physical evaluation by anyone at the port. It’s up to each person as to whether they feel like they should or shouldn’t get on the ship if they are feeling sick.
  5. We just got back from sailing in the Caribbean out of Ft. Lauderdale. The only thing they did extra was a questionnaire if we had travelled to China or been exposed to the virus. They aren't doing physical exams or anything. So as long as your wife is okay traveling while sick, she should be fine. Just bring cold medication just in case. I always travel with any medication we could possibly need, my toiletry bag looks like a pharmacy.
  6. Up until we got on board our dining time was 7:15, once we got on board our cards said 7:45. Some nights we weren't done with dinner until 9:15. We ended up staying up late just to let our food digest. Next time around I'd do anytime dining, it was just a little late for us to be eating. It's a beautiful ship, have a great time!
  7. Thank you both for your replies! Looks like a great place to do some laundry 🙂
  8. Has anyone done their own laundry on Sky Princess? Do you use your Medallion to pay for the machines? When we were on Caribbean Princess several years ago I had to go get quarters from guest services to do laundry and I want to make sure I know the drill this time before I go.
  9. The part about a minor child traveling with only one adult is good for people to know. I would have never thought that if I went on a cruise without my husband and with my kids that they would need passports too.
  10. It’s a great time to do it, the price today was lower than when I bought it in 2015.
  11. Do you mean like funds that are in an IRA or 401k? I bought mine with my IRA account and just send them my statement and never had a problem.
  12. I would think your concealed carry license would work, but I would call Carnival back and ask.
  13. You go here: https://www.carnivalcorp.com/shareholder-information/shareholder-benefit. Click where it says click her to view shareholder benefit, it will bring up a file that tells you what to do. Basically you fax or mail to whichever line you are traveling on your name, reservation #, ship, sail date and proof of ownership of stock (like a statement from E*Trade). You have to do it no later than 3 weeks prior to your sailing.
  14. Go here https://www.carnivalcorp.com/shareholder-information/shareholder-benefit. Click where it says "Click here to view shareholder benefits". It will bring up a form and it tells you what you need to do. Basically you mail or fax the form with your information and proof of ownership of the stock.
  15. Yes it was Ft. Lauderdale. For some reason when I saw the post I was thinking Port Canaveral was Ft. Lauderdale. My mistake, sorry about that.
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