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  1. The strudel sounds wonderful! We plan to be in Vienna and Budapest in the not too distant future with AMA, and am looking forward to seeing what you have described and pictured. The strudel story reminds me of a trip we made with several friends to Bavaria. We spent a morning and lunch in Berchtesgaden and as we were boarding our bus, my wife and stepped into a local bakery for a snack for the road. I selected a piece of strudel, and after one taste consumed it all as the other friends were getting back on the bus. When they saw the pastry and heard my glowing description (it was the best I have ever had anywhere), they all rushed off the bus to the bakery. A few moments later, they reboarded, empty handed. It seems I had bought the last piece in this little local shop. Had I known, I might have waited and shared…. 😉😋
  2. Enjoying the trip report and pictures. We will be traveling soon and Vienna is on our plans. Looking forward to more of your trip report.
  3. We had to ask our TA for copies. For whatever reason, we could not find them online, either. For the most part what is in the documents is also what is available through the MyCruise App for AMA.
  4. They haven’t updated the reservation section, either as this still show up on cruises that can be requested. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Is this on the AmaCello? Odd in that the cruise still shows as confirmed on the latest AMA list: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/loveama.amawaterways.com/pdf/2021_confirmed_sail_and_suspended.pdf
  6. We’ve got that book. Captain Hans performed our renewal of vows ceremony in 2016 on the Rotterdam.
  7. We first saw the green flash on our first Alaska cruise at sunset of the sea day out of Seattle. Our best view (and a video, too) of the flash was on Oahu. I don’t think the location is as important as is a unobstructed view of the horizon. Any haze or clouds will obscure it.
  8. Pretty cool and exciting to hear that announcement via the webcam live stream.
  9. Just heard the disembarkation announcement on the webcam! Very cool and exciting.
  10. Just last week, June 10th. Only the Med sailings for those two ships were cancelled. If possible, existing reservations were moved to the Athens or Venice sailings. HAL’s new ship is still scheduled to sail in Northern Europe in Sept. As I said in my original comment, the heading for this thread is misleading and doesn’t even match the press release information quoted.
  11. Yes, HAL does have regular departures from Rome (Citavecchia) and Barcelona. Plenty in 2022. What was cancelled for 2021 was only those departures. They still have sailings scheduled in 2021 for Athens and Venice.
  12. “cancel the remainder of the season aboard Nieuw Statendam and Volendam” While this isn’t a HAL board, the header is misleading - only two HAL ships have cancelled their Europe 2021 season.
  13. Looks like the AmaBella resumes on August 15th, with Gems resuming on August 22nd. Sorry about your friend’s plans.
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