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  1. The Rotterdam VII, Pinnacle Class, was readied today: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5637/ also https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/ships/ms-rotterdam/rotterdam-reaches-next-building-milestone-with-coin-ceremony-celebration/
  2. Called the Mariner help line, and spoke to one of their representatives. Turns out both our accounts were associated with the same logon ID, which is why we could neither see my wife’s account on the existing ID nor set up a new logon for her account. The representative kindly created a new logon ID for my wife’s account, so now we can see both separately.
  3. We tried to set her up with a login for her Mariner Account and the website wouldn't allow us to. It's been a while, but the message was something like it was already associated with another login. Well, the only login we have used with her is the one we both used prior to the update of the website (scratching my head).
  4. We are wondering how this will work, too, as we had used the cancelled Transatlantic April 2020 cruise as a FCC which was applied to the May 2021 Rotterdam Norway Arctic Circle cruise, also now cancelled. After seeing the discussion here, we decided not to wait until 8/24 but submit the form. I assume we would have to submit the form for both myself and my wife. With the new website format, I can only see my credits and not hers.
  5. Just saw this, too. Great decision. 😊👍 https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/ships/ms-rotterdam/holland-america-line-changes-name-of-newbuild-to-iconic-rotterdam/?linkId=95550064
  6. I am reminded of the guiding principle of these boards - no politics. Quoting the Administrators’ post at the top of the Board Webpage: ”The world has become a changing place; we're all stressed, worried and nothing makes sense any longer. We've lost jobs, the security of every day life, some experience health issues and yes, some have even lost friends and family. For 25 years we've provided this haven for cruisers. KEYWORD: haven. I'm asking that you all remember that. This is our place to escape, connect with friends and to discuss your favorite form of travel -- cruising. Don't bring politics into your posts. Soften your "virtual" voice when you respond to others. Re-read before you push the submit button. Let's set an example for the rest of the travel world by displaying who we are! Remember, we're all in this together. Thank you for listening, and for your anticipated cooperation, LauraS and the Cruise Critic Community Team”
  7. We received a small refund on our CC over the weekend from HAL (we had selected the FCC) for our April Transatlantic cruise that HAL cancelled mid-March. The odd thing is the amount refunded matches neither the port fees/taxes for one of us nor for both (it’s more than one, but less than combined). Our TA might can figure it out, or more refunds equal to the combined port fees/taxes still might be coming. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. We know. That was the point of the last few posts. HAL has not yet cancelled or changed the itineraries of several cruises that depart from Vancouver. We are waiting for something from them on the obvious.
  9. Not completely. HAL still has on their schedule three early October cruises out of Vancouver, two on the Volendam (we are booked on one of them, and haven’t been notified yet of a cancellation or change in itinerary) and one on the Westerdam. These will likely change soon, but HAL hasn’t done so, yet.
  10. Changes may be coming. HAL has added the following to their update banner at the top of their home page: "We are currently assessing enhanced health and safety protocols in light of COVID-19 and how they may impact our future offerings. Our actual offerings may vary from what is displayed or described here." This seems to say, what you see on our website for available cruises may not actually be available.
  11. We last visited in Spring 2017. I fear this beautiful city will never be the same. We as visitors may not notice significant changes, but those who make their home there, life has most certainly changed.
  12. We are booked on the May 8th departure of this itinerary. We are looking forward to it.
  13. Our experience was similar. We were scheduled on the April 6th transAtlantic on the Rotterdam. We responded quickly to the FCC option. Rescheduled later the two week Norway/Arctic cruise for May 2021, and our TA asked HAL to apply the FCC when it becomes available to the new booking. We got our notice this week, and the TA contacted HAL to confirm the FCC. No problems that we are aware of. We are still waiting for the port charges refund from the April cruise, as well as from the flight home from Amsterdam (booked separately). I figure (and hope) it will work out eventually.
  14. This website has a webcam view of the marina on the Spanish-Gibraltar border. When the camera sweeps to the left, it appears to be the Veendam in the distance. https://www.webcamtaxi.com/en/spain/cadiz/alcaidesa-marina.html#
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