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  1. Thank you all for your well wishes! It’s been a shock to us for sure (my husband is only 30) but we’re getting through. I went ahead and cancelled the cruise online so we so we can book once we see how he feels on the oral chemo. If it’s too much for him, we can always go after he finishes chemo. The type he’s going to take is supposed to be relatively easy on the body, especially since he’s young. It would certainly be nice if we could go mid-chemo for a short break 🙂. The letter I received after cancellation explained the non-refundable deposit but didn’t mention anything about what I already paid towards the cruise. I had already paid in full so does anyone know what happens to those funds? @virginiab thank you for your tips and advice! We definitely plan on taking it easy. I’m so glad to hear your cruise was a nice break from all of the medical stuff. I hope you are doing well now, after treatment!
  2. Hi all! My husband and I are scheduled to be on the Horizon in October but unfortunately, he was diagnosed with brain cancer in April. We were hoping that the break between radiation and chemo would be perfect timing for our trip but it’s looking like radiation won’t be done in time. We’re looking to push back the cruise until early next year. I’m wondering if anyone has had to reschedule due to illness and if Carnival was willing to work with you? I’m wondering if there’s extra fees associated with changing dates or if Carnival is understanding. I’m also wondering if anyone has cruised during chemo treatment? My husband will be taking Temodar, so it’s a pill instead of an IV. Any tips on ways to still enjoy a cruise during chemo? Thanks for your help 🙂
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