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  1. Yes, we did the $10 Port Pass/Aviary thing in Costa Maya. Once we walked through it, we pretty much had free reign of the port. It's a very arbitrary requirement.
  2. Our 6 year old daughter didn't want to leave Odyssey's adventure ocean on the Sep 5th cruise, despite the distance, and she still made friends. The kids handle it better than most adults I've found. The only "restricted" areas are some bars and the casino. And for shows we had to sit in the balcony if she was with us, that's really it. There were only approx 54 kids on that cruise, so we basically could use adventure ocean when we wanted to. (Most nights and one morning session) AO does have limited capacity, but they didn't hit it on that cruise. (We reserved the nights ahead of time just in case, but the morning one we just went up to check and did not reserve it)
  3. Wonder of the Seas will replace Allure of the Seas in Europe for summer 2022. Guests booked on Allure will get moved to Wonder.
  4. Got of the Odyssey yesterday, no covid on that sailing, however they did stop to drop off a crew member on day 2 back in Ft. Lauderdale that had a high fever (but tested negative for covid).
  5. It looks like Tropical Storm Grace is going to go to Cozumel tomorrow night/Thursday as a hurricane. Has the ship brought any of that up? I think Cozumel is day 5.
  6. There will be some that cancel or don't want to jump thorough the hoops, but I suspect not as many as you would think. Odds of getting a successful royal up bid (Even lowball) is much higher than usual because of this, though. (or someone being very unlucky and getting a positive test right before the cruise) https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade To check to see if you can bid or not
  7. The county opened a second testing site on the east side of town starting today at the Econ soccer complex. The original testing site at Barnett Park/Fairgrounds is still open. http://ocfl.net/EmergencySafety/Coronavirus/Testing.aspx
  8. This highlights why the CDC should not be setting policy, only recommending. The mixed vaccine thing is a great example of inane bureaucracy.
  9. There is https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2463-odyssey-of-the-seas-roll-calls/ I think it may not show up unless you are logged in though.
  10. Carnival likely will hold out changes as long as possible to try to preserve the normal experience, but I'd still expect things to change on a dime, probably multiple times, depending on what happens on these cruises, particularly Mardi Gras. Last week Celebrity Edge had 7 cases, and Celebrity is using the same rules Carnival is. Adventure of the Seas was similar. And I'm fairly sure what happened on board is why Royal changed procedures so suddenly. I know if I was found positive on the ship, I'd start documenting everything (photos, videos, journaling) because that info is vital for feedback when everything is so new.
  11. There's a lot of meida obfuscation in the "breakthrough cases in Massachussets Story." It boils down to 90% male, during "Bear week" in provincetown. You can google it if you want. Gives a whole new context to that outbreak.
  12. Odyssey already had it this past week, Monday-Wed, schedule similar to Allure's.
  13. Here's a video log showing boarding the Freedom of the Seas two weeks ago with a 5 year old getting tested at the terminal in Miami. https://youtu.be/JCKukdWYHew?t=105
  14. Arrow is pointing to the cabin. It's above the life boat, only really obstructing the view down. Deck 6 is way more obstructed.
  15. Cruises from the US are slightly different: "Vaccinated parents wishing to go ashore freely can visit our youth facilities once onboard to learn about drop off program hours and availability, and reserve time for their child on the day they wish to go in port. Tours are not required for any guest to go ashore at our private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay." I.e. if you go with the kids, you need the tour, if you leave them onboard, you don't. (Either someone stays and watches them onboard, or drop them off at Adventure Ocean) Not sure why Adventure of the Seas is different here.
  16. Willing to bet if the CSO goes to recommendations on the 18th, the mask thing inside is the first thing to go (With the remaining stuff kept). It's easier on everyone (Crew and passengers) to lighten the restrictions with a last minute change than to go the other direction. Adventure of the Seas mode is probably the target.
  17. I'm going to correct myself here, the original Allure itinerary went to Labadee, but it got changed in early June, and no longer does. I have no idea when the first scheduled stop to there actually is after the restart. I'm booked for Sept 5 on Odyssey, which does have Labadee as a stop (still), wonder if mine will be the first or the ports will change.
  18. There's another thread about this too, Either way first cruise back to Labadee is the Aug 15, Allure, so that'll be one to watch for info there. I don't know if any ship has been down there since the shutdown. If they can't go there the itinerary will probably change unless it's ultra last minute. Although that's about the same risk as hurricane season cruises with ports missed/changed. (Especially this year where we're already at an E storm, that's currently near Long Island, NY)
  19. The August 15th sailing of Allure is the first ship scheduled to go back to Labadee, AFAIK. (August 19th is the scheduled arrival date there)
  20. If people follow through and do cancel it could potentially open up some last minute good deals, and the appeal of a not-crowded cruise (Capacity restriction) for relatively cheap is enough for me to watch things like this closely because we would definitely jump on that opportunity on some of the better itineraries/ships, and I'm sure there are others.
  21. A lot of the sailings in August/September have room categories unavailable right now, or outright nothing (Odyssey in August for one, early September for Symphony, etc). So in those cases, yes. With limited capacity on board it means more than usual if someone cancels out.
  22. How long does it take for rooms to open back up after someone cancels? There's a few sailings I'd book in a heartbeat if some folks cancel for these reasons.
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