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  1. It said San Basilio. But as I said I wanted to make sure so I called Oceania the day before embarkation and the told me...San Bailio.
  2. Let me clarify a few things: First although my wife and I are seasoned travellers we haven't done much cruising so we don't know all the "tricks" others might know such as calling the port agent instead of the cruise line etc. I should point out that one of the six of us caught up in this fiasco is an experienced cruiser, especially with Oceania. I don't think getting to San Basilio by land taxi was an option (I could be wrong). In retrospect I should have just told our hotel concierge we neede to get to the Nautica and he would have found out it was at Maritima. Some of your comments imply that the bunch of us are idiots and shouldn't have gotten ourselves into this situation. That is both untrue and unhelpful. The bottom line is that when a passenger calls Oceania for information, the information should be accurate. They also should have been available to us by phone while we were stuck at San Basilio. If we had been able to reach them, they could have sent water taxis to pick us up (at their expense). As I previously pointed out our taxis disappeared as soon as we paid them. They could see that there was no ship there but took off anyway.
  3. Unfortunately they were long gone by the time we realized we were in the wrong place! And we called Oceania repeatedly and couldn’t reach anyone.
  4. It was docked at Maritima-which we could have reached quickly, easily and cheaply. Unfortunately they told me that it was at St. Basilio which required a very expensive (and ultimately unneccesary) water taxi ride, followed by an hour and fifteen minute walk with our luggage.
  5. We recently cruised on the Nautica out of Venice. I checked (and double checked) with Oceania about our ship's location and they sent us to the wrong place, requiring us to walk over an hour with our luggage to find the ship. They also gave me wrong information about the availability of port shuttles. Considering how excellent the service is on board, you would think that people providing information at their head office would do a better job.
  6. I've heard that in Dubrovnik they only accept the local currency (and credit cards in some places). We need to get from the port to the Old Town and our cruise line is not supplying a shuttle so we need to take a taxi or the bus. I don't feel comfortable paying for the taxi with my credit card so I'll need to get money from an ATM at the port. I've also heard that there is "an" ATM at the port. If so I'm worried that I'm going to be standing in line for a very long time (three ships in port). Is this information correct? Should I try to buy some Croatian money before I leave home?
  7. My ship will be docked overnight in Livorno in November. On the first day we're going to Florence. Any suggestions for the second day? Our ship departs at 6:00.
  8. I’m trying to decide if OLife is a good deal but Oceania hasn’t released the prices for shore excursions on my cruise (November 2019) yet. How far ahead do they release them?
  9. I'm a bit new to the forum. What do you mean by Roll Call?
  10. Our gratuities are being paid by the travel agency.
  11. I realize that the "free" airfare isn't "free". My TA told me that O is charging us $1300 cdn each for airfare. The question is whether or not he can do it cheaper for us. We want Premium Economy and O won't give him a price on that until the end of Feb. so we'll see then.
  12. Were going on an Oceania cruise out of Venice in November. We haven't decide yet whether or not to let them arrange our air or let our travel agent do it (for no fee). We're not in a gateway city so no matter what it's going to be a complicated and exhausting flight. I assume that if O books our flights we have no choice as to schedule etc.We want to arrive a couple of days early so if Oceania books our flight they will charge us a couple of hundred bucks extra. I don't get that since it costs them nothing extra to book a different flight for us! However they'll waive this fee if we stay in their designated pre-cruise hotel-at ten times the cost of booking the hotel ourselves! We also haven't decided on OLife or not. The drink packages would be a waste for us since drink very little. I'm getting the impression that taking the shore ex's or using the OBC to buy shore ex's isn't such a good deal either. We have PPG through our travel agent.
  13. I'm booked on an Oceania cruise out of Venice in Nov. We want to spend a couple of days in Venice pre cruise. Oceania would charge us $2275 (Canadian) for two nights hotel. My travel agent can book the same hotel for $250/night.
  14. We're planning on booking a Concierge Level Veranda Stateroom A1 on Natica. Most are on Deck 7 but there are two midship on Deck 8. What are the pros and cons of each?
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