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  1. Should I ask about the 2 monogramed robes before we leave or when we get on the cruise?
  2. Thank you all for the help and tips for our stay in a royal suite.
  3. I have a few question about the royal suite on the Millennium? This will be our first time on Celebrity and in a royal suite, so any other tips or answer would be greatly appreciated. 1. Can we get in the Persian Garden and use the spa area for free or do we still have to pay a fee? 2. Can we eat in any specialty restaurant any time for free? For example can we have lunch and dinner on the same day? 3. Is there a bar in the retreat sundeck area? $. We will be celebrating my wife's 50th birthday (I didn't say that out loud 😁) anything I should get them to do to celebrate her birthday? Thanks for any help.
  4. We will be on the Celebrity Millennium this summer and was going to make specialty dinner reservation. What time do they usually have the evening shows and do the have two shows? Thanks
  5. If we get a 120 hour PCR test (because we are coming in a day before the cruise) to get into Saint Martin, Celebrity will do a second test at the pier before we board? So, we do not have to do a 72 hour PCR test before we get to the pier? Thanks for any information.
  6. If you breakeven or when can you then cash them in for cash? That is what I am think about with some of our $600. Thanks
  7. With Celebrity onboard credit, you buy Casino Slots Free Play and you breakeven, can you cash it in?
  8. We are booked in a royal suite on the millennium, and I was wondering what everyone tips, or if at all? I know its says the tips are covered, but didn't know if we should tip the butler and concierge a little extra? Thanks
  9. That would be our plans. We would fly from Dallas to Miami on the 26th and on the 27th to BGI. Where do you plan on getting the test done and how long will it take them? Thanks
  10. We are thinking about doing this cruise on December 27th and was wonder what the procedure is coming from the United States? Thanks for any information.
  11. Thank y'all for all the information.
  12. Sorry, I should of said prior to the cruise.
  13. If I buy the unlimited excursions, and we want to change one of the excursions we picked, can we pick another one? Thanks
  14. We leave on December 26th they have already allocated our cabin. I called my TA and she said I can be put on a list for a better cabin once the cruise gets close.
  15. The last time I cruised Princess you could get as many drinks as you wanted. I see now they have a 15 drink per day and was wondering do they really enforce this rule? I know y'all are thinking what an alcoholic, but what I like about the old way, if you didn't like a drink you could go get another one and you could try different drinks and not worry about how many drinks. Thanks for any information.
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