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  1. I know on ships that have a Diamond Club that Diamond and up members can enjoy it every evening. What happens on old ships that don't have a Diamond Club (such as the Rhapsody, Grandeur, or Enchantment)? Do they still hold a nightly event somewhere else (Schooner Lounge maybe)? Thank for any input anyone can provide.
  2. Oh, okay. That's different. With Carnival CSRs and PVPs are different people. You can't be both at the same time. Thanks.
  3. You mean call customer service and ask for a PVP?
  4. My Carnival PVP has never made me jump through hoops and I haven't had to jump through hoops when using the RCCL website. Could change down the road but those are my experiences so far. So, how do I go about getting an RCCL PVP?
  5. Does RCCL have PVPs (Personal Vacation Planners) like Carnival? If so, can anyone recommend a good one? So tired of crappy paranoid TAs (tried to pay the deposit for a friend on a cruise we are taking together and they now expect me to jump through so many hoops to prove who I am).
  6. I was told by my PVP to not email it over a year ago (which I have mentioned here as well on several occasions). I use FreeFax (an Internet website) as I don't have a fax machine either and it works like a champ.
  7. If the cruise is for March of this year, then you are already past final payment date and in the additional penalties phase.
  8. Closed toed shoes or no ride. No exceptions.
  9. I've faxed it as little as 5 days from the start of a cruise and as far as 3 months with no problems. Anywhere in that range and you should be fine.
  10. I understand that the $19.95 laundry special is usually on day 4 but what if I need laundry done earlier than that (cruise is part of a multi-week vacation). What is the cost of a bag of laundry if not using the special?
  11. Wow, can't even congratulate Carnival for picking up an NCL crew member out of the water on an NCL board without someone getting their panties in a wad and deleting the post. Tough crowd. :rolleyes:
  12. And the clarity of the water is amazing. In chest deep water I can still count my toes. ;p
  13. I highly doubt I would have taken even half of my cruises taken if it wasn't for the dive-in movies. I don't like the shows and used to get bored in the evenings. With the movies, I can lay out under the stars and catch a new movie every evening. When we first started cruising we would take about 1 cruise every 2-3 years. Now we take 2-3 cruises every year and I always look for a ship that has a big screen on it.
  14. Most likely it's less expensive to use someone else's island than it is to buy and create one of their own.
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