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  1. Nope. If anything the lack of cruising makes me want to go even more.
  2. My Feb Mardi Gras cruise got cancelled and I lost the OBC I originally had and got the new OBC when I rebooked so I have to disagree with you.
  3. You get OBC (if there is any) base at time of booking. If you (or Carnival) cancel a cruise, OBC for that cruise is gone. If/when you rebook, if there is a promotion for that cruise (such as new $600 OBC) you get that. I don't know why anyone would expect to get two different promotions for the same booking (the new one). One booking, one promotion.
  4. Simple answer, no. But John has been asking about it and the reviews of the Princess system is generally positive so maybe that will change in the near future.
  5. Considering people have been breaking cruise rules probably since the first ever cruise, why do you think they would start following rules now?
  6. Many people in the US don't wear masks because it's not a law and therefore we have the freedom to choose as to whether we believe the hype or not.
  7. If the US system is so bad comparatively, why do we have tens of thousands climbing border walls illegally. Many, many more than the dingys coming to your country. Those dingys are coming to you only because they can't make it across the Atlantic without sinking. I lived there. Two years. In Ipswich (Foxhall Rd). How long have you lived in the US? I'll take what "tone" I wish to take. If you don't like it you're free to move on.
  8. Go back several hundred posts to find whoever started talking about this subject. I'm not the one who went off-topic and I wasn't not going to let fallacies be stated without correcting them.
  9. Currently, kids under 16 can no longer be expelled for bad behavior because they have successfully used the law requiring every child to receive an education included kids that can't even tie their own shoes by age 16 but you think that failure to take a vaccine will change that and they can be denied an education? That would be a lawyer's dream suit.
  10. Obviously you have never been to, much less, lived in Germany. Or married into a German family. Or worked with a spouse who worked in the German health care industry. In other words, you are talking out the side of your mouth with no real knowledge of what you say and just prefer to bully others. Now that the facts are clear you can carry on.
  11. Yep. Mine was sent mid June. Check cashed about a week later. Nothing back yet.
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