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  1. I’m on it with you. I love the idea of getting on an empty ship. It will be so super ready for us!!! 😁
  2. Why exactly is she stopping in PC? Is it just for the inspection?
  3. Typically how much is it to book a taxi for the day? Fam 5
  4. Okay can I combine the wine and soda policy? 2 750ml bottles of wine AND 12-cans soda? Planning to carry on. Actually just planning to do a 4-pk Monster, ya know to help with the alcohol part of it. 🤪
  5. Check out the Roll call and you’ll get an idea of a portion of the makeup at least. We are early-mid 40s with 3 teens. But we know how to have a good time.
  6. Finally... the CC Forum App. No go. But I can use it online and follow along again. Woohoo! 4 weeks from our cruise and definitely need something to pass the time before I go crazy. Cant wait to come along on your vacation! See ya at the airport!
  7. Alright!! I got an email today- anyone else? It told me I could go reserve My Time Dining And has a RESERVE NOW link. Dining has always been an option but .. why not check. The site was completely different. And... full of bugs. Whenever I clicked somewhere it took me out of the planner to the find your reservation screen. But, for some reason I feel like this means progress. I don’t know. Maybe they are saving our open window for the shiny new Cruise Planner. I’ll check back tomorrow. Now I’m really more curious than anything Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Has anyone had success signing waivers? It always errors out. Is it too early? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Thank you!! We are on her in Nov for Thanksgiving. I know it will be so different once it’s sailing here so it’s very hard to compare sailings but it is great to learn about the ship. You did a great spreadsheet to visit all the dining venues, will you do an overall dining revue? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. It has been 4 or 5 years since we did the hop but I believe that was Rastas. Granted that is at the END of the tour and nobody is ever that sober by then. The entire tour is amazing!! We did the up straight soldier ‘hello port officer we aren’t hammered’ walk back to the ship and promptly slept thru dinner. THAT is what Cozumel is all about
  11. Sooooo late to the party but from Bradenton (live on the other FL coast now..) and OMG Yoder’s is the best!!! Nothing bad at that place. Always love your cruise reviews but love seeing you enjoy my old home too! Needing to plan a visit to see the ILs and make a trip to Yoders. ...
  12. As always, loving your lives. Just too far from ours and need entertainment so binging on your last cruises. Funny enough, we booked and had to cancel this cruise 😢 .. life happened. Anyway.. we are booked on Symphony it’s first Caribbean Cruise in Nov. Cruise Planner has yet to open entertainment reservations... I wonder if the kinks from Harmony’s 1st trip out might have taught them some lessons and they are being more careful and taking their time releasing the schedule for us to book. ...? I wonder? Anyway. Thank you for THIS and all your other lives! They help keep us all busy while we wait for ours.
  13. Thank you Andrew. Yes the weather is pretty terrible today. We live about an Hr north of FLL depending on who is driving. On the way home from church only 1 of the 8 traffic lights was actually on.. horrible lightning storm, but they warned us with this ‘wave’. It was an amazing review and today since we are stuck inside I’m logging in to check into our cruise in NOV. I think 76 days now.. maybe. Tomorrow will be shopping for some new swimsuits. Have a safe flight home and I’ll be waiting for Oct for another live to keep me busy until symphony gets her fin across the ocean. OH! I showed the cabin pic to my 6’4” 17 yr old son. He nearly fell over. This WILL be fun. We will take out the balcony divider and hopefully have great weather to use the balcony as an additional room. Cross fingers!!
  14. My daughter has a condition that could be well supported by a service dog. Due to the rigorous training required, the dog and training is very expensive. True service dogs are more than a pet they are investments and life lines. The abuse and rampent use of these emotional dogs (these pocket pets) has poisoned the waters for those who truly need service dogs. Those with visible disabilities won’t be thought of twice. Those with invisible ones like my Emma you have no idea why she would have it. Vets with PTSD (also invisible disability) even qualify for the full Service dog who wears the ‘I’m working’ vest. These highly trained dogs and handlers aren’t the issue and it’s sad when the whole concept is getting questioned.
  15. I hope so. I’m finally ready to buy and.. no sale! I hid the $ so hopefully one will pop up and I can snag it.
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