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  1. Great information, thanks for sharing. We're on Celebrity Eclipse Feb 2021, a while away yet, but will keep Dewa in mind when over the next couple of months we'll be looking at booking excursions. Mary
  2. Thanks for Sharing, we're booked on Celebrity Eclipse Feb 20 2021, a while away yet!
  3. Great information, thanks for sharing.
  4. JayCrusing, What Lens did you use for that shot. I bought the A6000 last November and just bough a Sony 18-200, 3.5-6.3 Lens. Hubby will bring our old Canon 450D.
  5. Lovely photo everyone. Wow, hope I get to see Whales breaching.
  6. I took this photo of a Common Dolphin taken in the Straits of Gibraltar last April, with our old Canon 450D and a Tamron Telephoto lens 18-270.
  7. Hi Ginny Yes, its the Sony Lens 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 with Optical Stabiliser, which makes a big difference. I've only had it out once, I'm still getting to grips with the camera too. I'm pleased enough with the lens as I read the reviews before buying it as it cost as much as the camera. It is quite sharp, especially at the lower and mid zoom, it is sharper then the kit lens 18-55mm that came with the camera. The other advantage is I won't have to change the lens and it isn't too heavy. I had a 30 day return on it, I'm going to keep it. It is quick to autofocus. I'm hoping it will get me decent photos of Whales. I'm no expert, but I do like taking photos. Here are a couple of photos I took. Mary
  8. Hi Ginny I too have the A6000 only bought it last November, we had intended getting another Canon but changed our minds. Just bought a 18-200 mm telephoto lens a couple of weeks ago for it so practicing with that before the cruise. Will bring the kit lens but this new lens should do the job, it will save me having to change lenses. The camera is a lovely size and easier to carry than the bigger camera which hubby will now use. Just have to buy extra batteries, don't want to run out of juice halfway through an excursion. I too have a Samsung (S9) and they do take a pretty decent photo. See you on board OTS 13 May!! If you see a lonely figure hanging over the side of the ship, scanning the horizon for wildlife, it will probably be me. Mary
  9. Excellent spreadsheet, thanks. Before I bought the beverage package for myself, I added up roughly what the drinks would cost, then had to take the exchange rate into account (Sterling), definitely will be saving money and not having to worry about a big bill at the end of the cruise! This spreadsheet just makes it so much easier to see the savings or not!
  10. I phoned RC up and was able to book a beverage package for hubby and a refreshments package for myself as I'm not a big drinker. When the prices were reduced slightly, I phoned up again cancelled the original packages and booked a beverage package for myself, thinking well I'm on holidays might as well try out some cocktails etc and not have to worry about a bill at the end of the cruise. As previous posters have said they prices would certainly add up with the 18% on top of every bill.
  11. Hope everyone keeps well!! See you on Ovation in May John & Marilyn.
  12. Great, I'm going to keep watching in case there is another reduction, here's hoping.
  13. We're on Ovation to Alaska 11 nights in May 2019. I had booked in September the beverage package for hubby @ £39.50 + 18%= £46.61 which worked out at £512.71 & myself the refreshments @ £20.54 + 18% = £24.43 = £266.61. It is a lot of money and I deliberated over booking it, but looking up the drinks prices on-board, thought it would be peace of mind and no shock bills at the end of the cruise. I'm not a big drinker, but totalling up a couple of drinks, coffee, water per day, it soon adds up. Don't forget if you are looking at prices per drink in US$ there is 18% on top of them. Saw the price reduction especially for the refreshments @ £13.43 don't forget the 18% gratuity on all published prices = £15.85, this is definitely a bargain. The beverage package had also reduced to 37.13 + 18%=£43.81 a saving there of £30.80. So phoned up RC a couple of hours ago and cancelled both, then re booked both of us the beverage package. It's about the only thing in the UK that we can cancel and re book!! As i had asked when I originally booked the drinks package in September if it is reduced can I cancel and re book, they said yes. On the phone to them this afternoon they said if it is reduced again, don't forget I can cancel and re book again. Mary
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